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  1. I loaded up a PQ onto my new Oregon, I checked that it had loaded by bringing up a few caches on it. I didn't however check the map facility. When I looked at the map, the Oregon was only showing one cache at a time, once I'd clicked 'found -> find next closest' the found cache didn't change to the gold found colour, it just disappeared. This made it really hard to navigate round a series anbd find other caches that could have been near by.

    I tried the PQ on my Dakota and it all worked fanastically- the 500 caches I'd loaded up all appeared on the map. I then tried a smaller PQ of caches and also firing across individual caches, yet still, only one cache is shown on the map at a time.

    I cannot find anything that needs changing on the menus.


    Any ideas.

  2. This morning myself and TurnerTribe headed off to the Badger series. We were joined part way round by Misty's Musketeers.

    I have to say, this was an excellent walk and one that we all thoroughly enjoyed. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating this series.


    Plus points for us (no particular order and from the 40/61 we found today):

    Several Starting points all with easy parking

    Easy to follow route

    No livestock

    A mixture of cache containers from test tubes to small (beaker size) to 'novelty' hides.

    Decoy caches added that extra fun factor.

    Very buggy-able in that there weren't any stiles or kissing gates to lug the buggy over.

    Great views

    No sight of the dogs mentioned on the cache page

    Caches not every 0.1miles

    Variety of terrain.

    Tractors, diggers and excavators for my 2 year old to watch.


    Negative points

    The layout of the series means a long (2 mile) dog-leg section

    It was dadgum cold today!


    This was a series where I will dole out quite a few favourite points. It's well worth the trip over.

  3. I'm rather pleased with my 110 finds today...I left the kids at home with Mr QC and set out to try and do 100. I stopped at 5:30 pm as I needed to get home to put the kids to bed! I have to admit, it was hard work especially on my own the whole day; I'm completely knackered and have no desire to ever try it again! :rolleyes:

  4. I did my first 1000 caches without realising you could input co-ords into the GPS :unsure: ! I had a basic e-trex and just thought you followed the numbers of the co-ords counting up and down! I got lost a fair bit and drive bys were non existent as I couldn't watch the numbers and drive...I didn't have maps either on the GPS! I became an expert in reading co-ords, even my 5 year old could naviage by knowing the numbers went up/down to get to caches.

    Finally at cache #998, I got shown how to input co-ords and wow, lo and behold, an arrow to follow! Life was even better for 50 cahces and then the unit broke, so I upgraded and haven't looked back!

    However, I have just discovered 'field notes' which have made life so much easier for logging...that took more than a 1000 finds to discover that little feature! :ph34r:

  5. My 6 year old has her own account, she got it at the start of the year...then she made me backdate all her previous cache finds!

    Now she writes the first log and I cut and paste them for her if we are doing a trail. She is just about to hit 1300 finds in 18 months of caching. My 1 year old is not getting his own account, he would be close to 3000 in 18 months and I am not backdating his finds!

    My 6 year old has her own cache hides now, she writes her own cache pages and designs her own puzzles...she is hooked!

  6. I had a similar reaction to Graculus in that I had a very bad reaction to a hawthorn thorn, I got caught on the shoulder though and it left me unable to move my arm for a few days.


    Right now I have 2 large thorns in the buggy wheels...so 2 punctures to mend this evening!

  7. Google Images has a lot of stock photos you could use!

    Makes a complete farce of the idea of a challenge.

    I'm off caching this morning with my kids, we'll be walking, not photoshopping! My 6 year old thinks she can boost her finds number with these challenges...she is a numbers girl though!

  8. We did the BMC walk earlier this week...we had a few hours to spare so thought we'd find a series. it was an excellent walk with some fantastic hides...read the cache pages before you head round it though, we got caught out on a few. We were completely unprepared for some caches as we did the series on a whim. Have a great walk round, we really enjoyed it.

  9. Welcome! We started caching in March of last year as a family...it didn't take us long to get addicted!

    I had no idea I could get an arrow on the GPS...I found my first 1000 just by watching the co-ordinates count up or down....I got lost a lot! Then I discovered I could put the co-ords in and up popped an arrow; caching got easier then!

    Have fun!

  10. I've biked round most of (except footpaths) the Temple Bottom series (8miles/38 caches) near Swindon. Last weekend I was in Windsor and went round 2 series (Great Park (5 miles/ 15 caches) and Virginia Waters (5 miles 17 caches) series by bike, the latter though had a section where I had to push the bike.

    Etchilhampton near Devizes has a circuit all on byways. I think we clocked 5 miles and 30 odd caches. There are quite a few bikeable routes in that part of Wiltshire.

    We (Cache and Cake Club) have just put out a Chocolate Series near Wantage that is completely on byways. It is 4 miles and 24 caches...and not one gate or stile!

    ALong the Kennet and Avon canal, there are loads of caches that you can ride to, it is a beautiful area.

  11. Female!

    I am the main cacher in The QCs. I cache every day with LittleQC (20 months old) whilst Mr QC is at work and BigQC (age6) is at school. As a family, we always go out once a week for a series, the 6 year old loves a good walk...and lots of caches. She has her own account number and just hit 1000 recently.

    I plan the routes, load the caches, navigate, hold the GPS (unless the 6yr old want to make us follow the arrow directly... makes for an interesting walk)

    The only thing Mr QC does is pay for my geocaching habit, accompany us on a walk and do the GSAK stats.

  12. Has anyone placed a cache abroad?

    We go to the same part of France several times a year and my mum lives out there for months at a time. How would we go about placing a cache in the surrounding area? Would we need to contact a local cacher to maintain it, or can I get my mother to check it when needed...she isn't a cacher, yet!

    Many thanks.

  13. I have a Dakota 20 with OS maps on. I really like the touch screen and the ease of use with it, my 6 year old can work it easily when out and about. The battery life is good, I cache daily so get a lot of time from the batteries. I use the Duracell rechargeable batteries but they will last a day of full caching.

    The only downside of the Dakota is the screen size, the Oregon screen is much bigger so in hindsight I should have saved my money and gone with one of those...next time!

  14. I have to say a huge thank you to Graculus for publishing my 6 year olds puzzle cache so quickly. She (Sophie World) got the notification through at breakfast so went to school a very happy girl! She put a lot of effort into her puzzle and is very proud of it. I think we had a 9 hour turn around on the cache being published.

    Thanks again.

  15. I bought my 6 year old daughter an ammo can today from the Army Surplus Store. She is going to use it for her 1000th cache celebration cache.

    It has been used and is a little rusty. It is also quite hard to open...however, my daughter is delighted with it!

    How can I give it a good overhaul before placing out?


    Many thanks.

  16. I have placed one of these hides. So far, I've only had very positive logs on the cache. My kids loved making the 'micro' and placing it. We aimed the cache at kids so that a bit of extra fun was added in for their caching walk. Our cache is placed in some lovely woods; my kids have spent many an hour kicking leaves, collecting sticks and stones, hiding, seeking etc. It hasn't been found by many kids yet though, but the adults who have logged it all seem to have enjoyed it.


    Go for it! PLace the cache, it will be enjoyed by most!


    PS We only have 30 micros in our Micro, so not too many for people to go through.

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