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  1. Yeah, maybe. but again, who knows what his day was like. been there done that and wish i had been more polite, but then again sometimes being more polite can get you hurt - goes with the territory. can't feel guilty over all the feelings you've hurt, ask my 4th wife. Just smile, answer politely, and all will be well, my liberal friend(s). Cops die because of innocent people in dark parks.
  2. i play with Sallie (the dog).
  3. i am lurking because i have a mental problem..........i NEED to geocache and cannot get enough info. this is my 5th wife, and if she doesn't buy into my need, number 6 is waiting in the wings!! Priorities.
  4. well, it is now a freezing fog kinda Christmas out here in the eastern Oregon desert. called out the sanders. no caching tomorrow. Merry Christmas and Happy Caching everyone. Thanks for the great site, and for all the fantastic participants. cole
  5. i am finally 61 and didn't expect to reach this far along. looking forward to retirement in 5 years and then daily caching!!
  6. yeah, figured laser was the way to go. thanks folks.
  7. is there a way i can use my gps to measure a straight line from a to b and run a fence line? would it be better to use a compass? thanks
  8. dc 2804, sent it in and got it back in three weeks (holiday involved) with an extra belt holder. no problem with customer service. satisfied.
  9. Amen, Vagabond, well said. I admit i am relatively new to this delightful sport, but i find great pleasure in the hunt. if i could go directly to the cache with no trouble time after time it would take away from the sport and the thrill of finding the darn thing after some pleasureable work. my gps gets me close enough to find it time after time and as far as dnf's, most of them were stolen or removed by the owner and not reported as such. love this thing we do.
  10. i am sorry but i have been in this business for a long time, and a tactical secure area,is not a place to be playing games, especially if it involves hunting thru the area for a cache. all it takes is one mistake. there are so many variables involved with securing an area and keeping it that way, that if you want to keep it tight, you have to limit movement. just my opinion and i am used to not having the popular one so flame on. safety first.
  11. hey, chill. i love alabama. just got back from anniston. great place, great caching, and great people, it is just little compared to 'out here'. can't help that. what has this got to do with anything anyway? geographic issues?
  12. ahh whadya expect when alabama is probably smaller than harney county? this is all relative. i have been with the government 30+ years and am very familiar with govspeak and govthinking. some people are afraid for their little jobs, and when they finally have a safe chance to bitch about something that won't undermine their position and possibly make themselves look a little bit good for their next fitness report they complain about something like geocaching, ignoring the obvious such as has been mentioned atv's, trail riders, etc (honorable pursuits all, just talking about possible environmental damage). i have personally fought it out and lost with environmentalists here on the army depot (26 miles around) over training army troops off the hard ball roads. they will not let me take them off the roads into the brush to train (army must train like it fights), because of the valuable steppes. well, they forgot that this whole darn thing was bulldozed over in the 40's and 50's and has since overgrown again with sage, juniper, etc. anyway, i sent some guys to iraq whom didn't get off the road and still feel bad about that. i guess my point is to keep plugging away at the government agency in question and possibly sooner or later you will reach a reasonable ear (best case scenario). i do not advocate caching when it is banned, as that will further inflame some plush bottomed self important bureaucrat into plugging even more rules into the system. we (cachers) need to become somewhat subversive in that we learn to speak their language and approach it from that side. as in the wise suggestion to involve scouting groups, youth activities, senior groups, homeless groups, inner city folks (makes some government folks look good, and that is very important to them) and so on. there are a lot of bright minds out there amongst the cachers, so i am sure we can come up with a strategy to overcome this developing situation. cachers unite!!
  13. what is the issue other than your issues? muggles, smuggles, it just means someone who might steal or destroy the cache thru spite, ignorance, mean-ness, unfamiliarity with the sport, etc. it also means (to me)a probably good person who has not be initiated to geocaching. where is the offense other than in the personal interpretation of the word that you are trying to lay on me? i like it. it is less than profane. and kind of cute, harry potter be darned.
  14. you know, kolar bear, maybe a few years ago i would have done that, but now, i believe i will just let it lay. something tells me this situation will take care of itself sooner or later anyway. he will meet someone just a little bit crazier than he is and that will be the tragic end of that. lot's and lot's more caches out there. i mean look at chemfed, he goes underwater for caches for goodness sake! my wife, who is Canadian, and i go up there 3 or 4 times a year. that is a whole other country to hunt in, and they don't pack guns up there!! of course, neither do i, and that is ok. cole
  15. i must be lame. i don't see the problem. i am new and have yet to be turned down with a 'dumb' question. there are some very knowledgeable folks here and they seem willing to share. if you act dumb, you get dumb back. courteous and polite begets same. and for those few who don't have a clue, ignore them and drive on. i really enjoy this forum - this is a big world and there is room for all, even the rude ones (whom i perversely enjoy).
  16. this was not on his property, it was on an abandoned county road leading to his property. sturgeonator has said his property is well marked and i did not go on his property. this is getting ridiculous. his rights were not infringed. he has a problem especially with the government and the army depot in the area. he is convinced the army burned down the local spud plant putting him out of work and saw me as a representative of his misfortune. since you (mopar) are an old timer on this site, you have probably seen this before. let's just put an end to this and let it rest. i am sorry i ever brought it up. another lesson learned. never too old, eh? oh, by the way, this guy also called the cache by name. he is fully aware of geocaching and what gear is used. he just has an axe to grind and i was dumb enough to enter from the way i did, still not on his property but in his view.
  17. no, i came in from that road just before the sisters. it has a sign that says unimproved county road, proceed at your own risk. which i did, obviously. but that is the guy, that is the only house up there. like i said, lesson learned, plan better.
  18. he is hiding in area 51, can't say any more than that........
  19. i am a federal not private officer, and the weapon was not actually concealed, altho MOPAR is right, and i also have both oregon and washington concealed carry permits to forstall any weird jurisdictional problems. you had to be there to feel the dynamics. i am not going to hike those hills again. sturegeonator says i should have gone in from the north or east, not the west as i did. even so, it was not posted where i went in. i guess i could say i should have scoped it out better. lesson learned.
  20. no thanks. you would think with negotiating skills i could convince my wife that geocaching for a living could be a 'good thing'. not. hey, one bad experience does not a lifetime make. badge-us army mil police. also oregon police academy grad (retired), now working for the army in civilian status. hooah. 5 more years and they can have 35 years of my life.
  21. i went out to wallula gap and looked for sturgenator's 'back from iraq' cache he dedicated to his son. this is a rough haul over rugged territory. took me about two hours to hike the trip - little over a mile -. when i came back down to the truck i noticed a guy walking up the dusty road about 50 yards out heading my way, talking and cussing at the top of his lungs. he was ranting about how many ^&$#@ no trespassing signs does it take to keep you sonsa)*&^%%$s out of here. there was a sign about 100 feet up the road, and i did not pass it. i noticed he had a very large revolver strapped to his leg, tie down and everything. he kept getting madder and madder, i put the bed of the pickup between us and tried to calm him down. didn't work. so i pulled my badge out hoping he wouldn't get antsy with the revolver, and he got even madder, saying he saw the government decal on my window and that just proved i was crooked (i have mixed feelings about that). so i thought i had better dig down into my rarely used army and fbi hostage negotiation training and try to get the hell out of there gracefully. about then he noticed the .45 i had under my vest peeking out for which i had a washington concealed permit. i thought we were going to have a gun fight right there. then, which was really spooky, he said - since you work for the government do you know who really killed JFK? Ok, now i get it, this guy is nuts, i mean really nuts. i told him no but as sook as i got back to base i would call him and tell him. he said ok have a nice day and tell whoever put that cache up there to get it out of here. i got the hell out of there and still feel kind of a funny sensation in my back-i think he was watching me before i saw him. anyway, anyone else had something like that happen? i have emailed sturgeonator and told him. i have edited this from a previous version to hopefully clear up intent and jurisdictional questions.
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