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  1. The broken area is that rubber material that comes from the unit to the antenna. I dont think it could be repaired. Other than that the unit is in good condition. Steven
  2. I have forsale a Garmin 60CS. I have since upgraded to another unit and don't need this one. This unit has very minor scratches on the screen from common use. The light scratches are only visible if you put the unit under a light and look at an angle. The rubber gromet that is attached to the antenna is broken. I work for the highway patrol and this unit was used 99% of the time riding on my dash for directions etc. There is nothing else wrong with the unit. I will take 100.00 for the unit. If the buyer prefers I can put this item up on ebay, so they will have a secure transaction. Paypal is the only form of payment. First person that responds to this email with the money will receive the unit. I will ship it priority USPS from 29470 for an additional 10.00. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks S. English Charleston SC aceteamk9@comcast.net
  3. Hello, had a battery leak in my gps. What should i use to clean out the acid. One of the spring contacts has come loose also. I think once I get it cleaned out I could solder it back together without too big a problem. Just need to get rid of the acid. Thanks in advance Steven
  4. we dont have a selection of surplus store in the charleston area, if we do they want like 20.00 plus a box. thanks for all the info
  5. I was hoping along the lines of 10.00 a piece or so! lol thanks
  6. There is too much bad language and trash on CB, take the time go to www.qrz.com learn your technician license and join the real ranks of quality, proffesionalism and just plane fun of amateur radio! KG4WNL
  7. Hello southcarolinahwypatrol here from Charleston SC, looking for a source on the smaller ammo cans. Need about 5-8? Can anyone help? Thanks Steven
  8. Where can I find the spreadsheets? Thanks
  9. KG4WNL Steven from Charleston S.C. screenname "southcarolinahwypatrol"
  10. Hi, just curious how long it usually takes to get a new cache response. I got a non-reply email but cache has not been posted yet. Thanks
  11. Believe it or not, every trooper in South Carolina has a GPS in there car as of last year. Its a etrex I believe, but they use it to log the coord of the collisions the investigate. Might make come good conversation. Well my wife and I hid 3 more caches today on the way to edisto beach. Found the two that were already down there. Hope this forum takes off this weekend and people email us with there info so we can put you on the lowcountry geocache club list. stop by to see us but we are under construction. www.lowcountrygeocache.com
  12. Hello all, we are starting a Lowcountry Geocaching Club for anyone who wants to join, but mainly for those "geoholics" that live in the lowcountry of South Carolina. We feel that this is a great hobby and more inter mingling between the geocachers should be done. There will be no dues for the club but meal donations will be appreciated. We plan on have quarterly and "special" meetings, with the great lowcountry cuisine. Our first meeting is planned to be a oyster roast, but a concrete date is not set yet. This club is still under construction as we are doing all the work with two people for now. But when up and running fully, our web page www.lowcountrygeocache.com will cover everything that a geocacher needs. Please let us know if you are interested in joining our group. Thanks SouthCarolinaHwyPatrol
  13. Posted in wrong place by accident, please check www.lowcountrygeocache.com for more info on south carolina region. sorry
  14. Hello, I am fairly new to geocaching and have been asked by a local ham radio club to do a presentation on geocaching. Does anyone have a power point presentation or otherwise useful information I can use for this class. This would be in front of a group of about 30 potential geocachers! Thanks in advance
  15. Hello all, and thanks in advance for reading this. I am new to Geocaching and want a map that is detailed of the eastern section only of South Carolina that has the Lat and Lon grids, where I can chart caches and other waypoints on the map, then look, at it on the wall. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks Steven
  16. Looking to order a Garmin 60CS and need to find the cheapest place. Thanks in advance for the help. Merry Christmas Steve
  17. Hi all! New to the hobbie and on my second find I noticed that my GPS seemed to be almost drifting in signal somewhat. Also, I was off around 50-75ft, is this normal? Is there a way to calibrate the GPS? I have a Magellan 310. THanks in advance.
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