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  1. I do caches of all sorts, from micro's to multi's, from events to locationless. And of all diff/terrain ratings (although terrain=5 is not one I normally do...). Filtering on that, won't help. And I sometimes leave for bussiness in under 5 minutes, with just enough time to pack my laptop (with GSAK database on it ) and suitcase. And then I tour around... going to places I didn't know beforehand. The same applies on vacation, but even worse. If the PQ filter "Change the last 7 days" would work as expected, I would be a happy man already. The rest is nice but I can do without.
  2. And for the Netherlands: Friesland Groningen Drenthe Flevoland Overijssel Gelderland Noord-Holland Zuid-Holland Utrecht Brabant Zeeland Limburg
  3. I see that the PQ limitations hit everyone. My situation: I have a database of all caches in western Europe. This makes planning a vacation so much more fun. I built it with the current limitations, by filtering on country and placed date... the Netherlands uses 4 PQ's at the moment, Germany 11, etcetera. One the database was filled (which took me 2 weeks of daily queries, all within the PQ limitations and stuff), I want to keep it up to date. At least the cache description, since getting all logs is a bit over the top. I can do this within the PQ limitiations, if the filtering would work correctly... My problem, as stated in this thread, is that the "Changed in the last 7 days" also takes logs into account... so it is "logged or description changed". If the filter was on "cache description changed" only, I would have no problems keeping my database up to date. And for those wo want to know why I want a database like this... it is because I like to travel and cache on a whim. If my work takes me 400km's away into a hotel, I like to go caching in my spare time instead of lying on the bed (no good chaires in hotels...) watching television (no good tv in most cases too...). And I don't have the time to do a PQ for the specific area, since it is not specific anyway. I would like to have the filtering do what it should. That means that "changed" is not "changed or logged", for logged there is another filter. And doing one PQ that would count for more PQ's if it produces more than 500 results found be nice too!
  4. I would like to invote all (wannabee) Quest users to visit the Garmin Quest FAQ page. Lot's of FAQ's and HOWTO's, like how to use multiple tracks on a Quest or how to project a waypoint (both features are not in the current Quest specs). Additions or suggestions are welcome!
  5. So what parameters do I use to get caches where the description has changed then?
  6. No, I don't want to share pocket queries. The quote you inserted was about sharing the parameters used to create PQ's yourself (the last sentence does look a bit questionable... but IIRC the rest of that usenet thread explains more). I actually ran them myself, to create a database of caches of whole western Europe... and now I'm running into problems of keeping that database up to date... Why I want such a database? Well, on vacation we do quite a bit of traveling and I want a database on my laptop which is up to date... so when we stop somewhere, I know where the caches are. I know I can use the list of PQ's I now have to get all caches in the countries mentioned, but that is quite overdone... not only because it uses more than the 20 available PQ's in the first place. And since I only need the cache description (at least for now, I run extra queries for the logs for area's I will visit on vacation, etcetera), I only need caches of which the description is updated. But I seem to run out of space in the PQ's I use... see OP. Less reluctant now? BTW: I know I should not share my database with non-members... but I am uncertain about sharing (part of) my database with (verified) gc.com members. I witheld from those requests, but since you feel so strong about the subject, you must have more knowledge than I have and you might clarify this for me?
  7. Hi! I have a couple of PQ's, that run every week, so I have all geocaches in my surroundings (and way beyond ) available whenever I need. As an example, I use 5 PQ's to get the details and logs of all dutch caches each week (so I never miss anything in GSAK). When I run an update query for Germany with "Updated in the last 7 days" active, which has 6000+ caches listed, it almost always seems to create 500 caches in the GPX file. I cannot imagine that cache owners of over 8% of all caches change the cache description each week. This happens (almost) every week... not only now when the new cache attributes got added. What exaclty does the "Updated in the last 7 days" checkbox filter on? Is it only "cache description changed"? Is it "the generated page changed", which implies there were logs added? If so, why is there an additional "Found in the last 7 days" checkbox? Is there a list/document somewhere that explains all these filters? Most are quite easy to grasp, but when doing complicated filtering, it's all in the tiny details...
  8. Not if you use %smart %code (or any other nice combination).
  9. Do you actually know if the address can be found on the maps you loaded? You can verify this by panning around the map for that address if you know its location.
  10. Not with me. But... we don't have forests here in the Netherlands that require me to hike for more than 10 hours.
  11. The Quest is great for caching, even more when you upload special goecaching icons. Be aware of two things though: - the distance number is rounded, until below 15 meters. From 15-50 meters it is in 5 meter increments, over that the increments are even greater. Not much to worry about, but when the accuracy is at 20 meters it can get a bit difficult. - the Quest doesn;t have a "project waypoint" feature, which can be nice to have for some caches. You can do without though... many GPS owner do. Just travel in the approximate direction with a GOTO on the starting point and try to get to the spot where the distance is what you should project and the bearing is exactly the opposit. I am spoiled though... I kept my V. =8- )
  12. And have a look at the GPS V FAQ at http://www.elsinga.org/gps5faq for even more info.
  13. Clyde, I would really like support for the custom waypoints on my Quest. I know, even Mapsource can't get them to the Quest right yet... but it would be nice to export geocaches from GSAK directly with the right icons, instead of changing all waypoints in Mapsource after importing them. Most annoying thing is that there are only so much (Garmin) icons to choose in GSAK that have any geocaching association, so you can change them to the right custom waypoints afterwards without using a looooong conversion list. Not top priority, but if you would have some spare time and the right info...
  14. If you have some sort of USB capture program I can run while transferring waypoints from mapsource, I'd be happy to do so. Mail me privatly for that.
  15. I'm not very into the micro scene, but if they are close... Mother Lode sounds nice. 46.7km's from the hotel is doable. And there are some caches on route which look nice too. Thanks!
  16. A lot of the caches mentioned are now archived... Any new suggestions, maybe even close to the Kissimee area I will be staying in January?
  17. Thanks, will read that thread closely!
  18. Ah! I already mailed Garmin that Mapsource 6.3 didn't use the custom waypoints correctly, but it indeed seems broken in 6.5 also. I even copied the bmp files over from the xImage dir to the My Garmin\Custom Waypoints subdir and renamed them to match the naming convention used. No luck... And I use the 1st to 36th symbol, but none of the 1st to 5th show up... So, we wait for the next Mapsource and/or firmware update for the Quest.
  19. My Quest has 64 custom waypoints... but mapsource only supports 8 (the first 8? It looks like the *last* 8, since I have over 30 already edited and none show up in Mapsource). Already mailed Garmin about this... I want all 64 covered. =8- )
  20. Hi! I am likely to attend the Citrix Solutions Summit in Orlando FL around jan 16 2005. Will probably stay in Kissemmee, a little south of Orlando. Besides the conference I will have two days off and hunting a couple of caches would be fun for this european cacher. What caches would you recommend? Not inside the Disney complex please, since I will probably not go there. And not that difficult or long, since I'm unfamiliar with US caching and terrain. Is this area safe to cache? Is walking around with your GPS okay? Any areas I should avoid?
  21. My observations on custom icons on my Quest and mapsource is that Mapsource reverts all custom icons to the black dot waypoint icon on read. Inside mapsource, no support exist for custom icons... but I got word from someone at garmin that might just change in the future. I suggest either just naming custom icons Custom00 to Custom63 (or higher?) or display them in the same form xImage saves them (from a user dir).
  22. But xImage only downloads one... edit: stupid me... I only selected one...
  23. And you might appreciate the GPS V FAQ at http://www.elsinga.org/gps5faq too. =8- )
  24. You would be getting the European City Select maps with it, and would have to buy US City Select seperately. Add another bunch of dollar notes...
  25. You might want to read the GPS V FAQ site at http://www.elsinga.org/gps5faq to start with. And the Garmin Quest looks like a real GPS V successor, with only one thing missing: horizontal/vertical support...
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