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  1. @ elsinga

    Thank you for this beautiful dutch geocoin, it will soon start moving around in germany ;) .

    I will send you one standard german geocoin (not activated) and one german worldchampionship 2006 gold edition (activated).


    Thank *you* for all the trouble you are putting into this. ;) The 2006 gold one will go into a cache nearby, the standard german one will be activated soon and placed in another cache.



  2. The phrase used in the log doesn't bother me, but I do like the idea of a seperation between "seen" bugs/coins and "moved" bugs/coins. I would really like a stat that tells how for I have moved bugs. That way it's a win-win situation: you can have all your nice icons and you can see how active a cacher is at moving bugs/coins around. To each its own. :lol:

  3. Suggestion: in filters when entering invalid dates but with valid months, the date is reset to today. This happens to me often (when not thinking clearly...) with the last day of the month, e.g. 31st of jun (which should be the 30th of course). I think it would be more appropriate to change the date to the nearest valid date.


    Ofcourse, months over 12 would make no sense, but days up to 31 would.

  4. I also complained to Groundspeak about this auto-disabling PQ's unless you click a link. I don't like it... at all!


    My opinion: I pay 30 bucks a year to become/stay a premium member. Paying has certain benefits, for me it's only the pocket queries that count. You get a maximum of 20 PQ's, of which 5 can run every day (in the order that the most recently run PQ's are running last in the queue) and every PQ can have at most 500 caches. And, because I'm paying for it, I expect to be able to get exactly that!


    I understand the need to disable unneccesary PQ's which are no longer used and/or going to mailboxes that are no longer read. For that, you only need one run of auto-disabling PQ's. But Groundspeak seem to keep this feature enabled for much longer. And they don;t need to, since all unneccesary PQ's are already disabled now. A (quarterly) mail to the gc.com listed mailaccount of premium members to acknowledge they are alive would be enough for the future.


    It can also be a financial matter... but... a new server would cost Groundspeak at most 5000 bucks, so every 200 members could have their own PQ server. I guess you can handle much, much, much more than 1000 PQ's a day on one server, since now two servers seem to handle all PQ's. So not the complete 30 bucks are needed to buy hardware for the PQ's.


    But, because the answer of Groundspeak was (to say the least) of a non-cooperative kind (some would say it spelled "bug off!"), I found a technicall solution to their technical solution. :wub:


    I now run a scheduled retrieval of the links in the mails every week on thursday, a day I don;t use for PQ's any way. Easy from Internet Explorer, menu Tools -> Synchronise and/or by editing the properties of a favorite and enabling "make this page available off-line". That way, every week my PQ's get enabled automatically again. No need to click links anymore. Easy import of PQ's in GSAK again. Life is beautifull. :(

  5. Clyde, I'm running SpoilerSync at this moment and it grabbes all pictures from the cache pages. :anicute: Now I want them to be in the GSAk database...


    Is there a way to do this automagically? Can a macro do a directory listing, find all images (all in JPG, AFAIK) and add a link to the images into the cache description, just like I would do manually? Or would I be wasting my time if I went to study the GSAK macro language (since I never needed it, it would be my first attempt...)?

    My best advice is to wait until version 5.7 (sorry I can't give an ETA at the moment)


    Version 5.7 has a whole swag of macro enhancements that will enable you to do this.


    Even then I would not worry about having to write the macro. I know there are already others users wanting this, and there is a good chance such a macro will be shipped with the install, or at the very least find its way to http://gsak.net/Macros.php

    Thanks! I only hope 5.7 and the macro will arrive before I go on vacation (which is in a month). :blink:

  6. Clyde, I'm running SpoilerSync at this moment and it grabbes all pictures from the cache pages. :angry: Now I want them to be in the GSAk database...


    Is there a way to do this automagically? Can a macro do a directory listing, find all images (all in JPG, AFAIK) and add a link to the images into the cache description, just like I would do manually? Or would I be wasting my time if I went to study the GSAK macro language (since I never needed it, it would be my first attempt...)?

  7. GSAK does allow you do add pictures (open up a user note and click on the "picture" button) and these will display in any offline HTML that GSAK generates.


    Unfortunately the hint images are not included in the GPX file so GSAK does not know if a cache has hint images or not, so If you use this feature you will need to download manually.


    However, right or wrong, many users have been getting around this by using the Spoilersync utility


    Please do not ask me to put the same functionality as Spoilersync into GSAK as I have been told it violates the Groundspeak TOU

    I know I can add pictures into GSAK, and it's that feature I want to use. :blink:


    It also doesn't surprise me that the hint pictures aren't (mentioned) in the GPX file. So that makes it hard for GSAK to find out if there are pictures in the cache description at all... except for the HTML image references in the cache description. After all, they are also downloaded (when online) on the offline cache page.


    I'll look into Spoilersync... and hope I don;t get my IP banned. :P

  8. Clyde,


    in preparation for my upcoming vacation, I filtered my GSAK cache database for the region we are going to visit. The result: 389 caches waiting to be found! :ph34r:


    Since GSAK gets its database contents from GPX pocket queries, there are no pictures in the database. But some caches do contain pictures, which are important for finding the cache. Either they are used in a puzzle or in a hint.


    Does the PQ contain any hint of pictures in the cache desription? If the cache description contains a HTML IMG HREF part, that would give a hint, but some cache owners only provide pictures by uploading to the cache page.


    What I ultimately would like is an easy way to know if there are any pictures in the cache description. Not in the logs, only the cache description. A special column would be great. That way I could open the cache page and download the pictures myself, so I can add the picture to GSAK myself.

  9. I found a bug in 5.1.2: I cannot get the export GPX/LOC icon to go into the Speedbar. In my setup it isn;t there and dragging it from the Customize Speedbar window will not move it, I get a forbidden icon instead. And no, the button isn;t already there. Checked again (brainwave...)... and found it *under* another icon... hmmm.... maybe you could avoid that? :D

  10. For the reason whey the GDB format is not supported please see This post


    However, MapSource 6.5 does support GPX files. So to get around this problem set up your icons how you would like using the "GPS=>Send waypoints"


    Now Generate a GPX file and remember to tick the box "Make symbols same as last GPS send"


    Now load this generated GPX file into MapSource 6.5

    the GarTrax program seems to load the GDB file... IIRC. Maybe mailing the author will help?


    And: the "make symbols same as last GPS send" does not appear to be a feature of the GPX export screen in 5.0.4. Now downloading 5.1.2 to see if it is in there. :D Yep, it is... Going to test it! Thanks!


    Tested and working. :D One minor bug: exporting does not use the priority setting for found/placed/archived. Mine is set to placed prio 1, found 2, archived 3 and the rest as 4, but the exported symbol for a found and archived cache is the archived symbol... not the found symbol. :D


    Now if only GSAK would show the xImage bitmaps for the custom icons, or 9as suggested earlier) could use a description for the custom icons. :D

  11. Clyde,


    I'm trying to export all caches in my region to Mapsource, using custom icons for the caches. I have the GarminOther.txt file set up with "Custom 0" up "Custom 63" (I have a Quest, with 64 custom waypoints) and the export is using them in the way I want. I export to mapsource version 6, but Mapsource 6.5 is complaining that the file is not a valid Mapsource file...


    I guess the export is somehow not producing a valid file when custom waypoints are used... probably because the MPS file format doesn't support them. Is it possible to support the GDB file format and thus the custom waypoints?


    (yes, I know the custom waypoints get scr*wed up when transferring them from mapsource to my Quest... and I know I can use other symbols and do a multi-edit, but then I need to use a conversion table and I don;t like that)

  12. I maintain a GSAK database of caches in a fairly large area, to use when going on vacation or a work-related trip. When I look up a cache page off-line, sometimes there is a note a TB is in the cache. I like TB's, so I go out and find the cache. I take the TB, but only to find out when logging it that it has to stay in a particular area/country/whatever and I (ofcourse...) did the wrong thing.


    Is it possible to get the decription of the TB in a Pocket Query? Or a way to query for TB's seperately (using one of the five queries a day and 20 total)? Logs are not that important to me for this use... only the goal of the TB.


    If it is not currently possible (this is what I expect), I would suggest that a PQ with a TB in it automagically gets an extra field per TB present, with the description of the TB. The GPX file format is quite flexible, so this should not be the biggest problem. :) And any GPX enabled aplication (like GSAK) can pick up the extra fields and display the description(s).


    This would not require extra queries or query options and looks not all that difficult to add (but boy could I be wrong here! :)) Just an extra iteration per cache where TB's are present, to fetch the TB description per TB present. :blink:

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