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  1. Ok so I'm a total newb and all of this information is a little overwhelming, I wanted to comment on the "Too wordy" Post... I was thinking about getting a toy dragon and putting the travel bug on him and then sending him on a mission to say, California. I was also thinking people post their experience when finding the cache would it be crazy to try and create a chain story log? An imaginative fantasy adventure about where the dragon has traveled? Is the goal to eventually get your TB back? Is there some way to get memorabilia from my TB's travels? I just think it would be nice to feel like I went places that I'm not physically capable of going to myself and travel vicariously through my TB... OK so I bought the kit, I got the Travel bug which comes with another tag that says "Keep me" is that something I leave in the cache that the person who finds it keeps or is it something I keep? I got a travel coin with a code on it from my starter kit, is that the same as a travel bug? Now since there's no chain or way to attach it to something else does it travel alone, do I give it a goal too? Where do I write my goal? I know I've got to sound retarded I wish there was someone in the area to help me get started
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