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  1. The reviewer for our area is usually very efficient. Unfortunately I got the short straw and my most recent cache was assigned to the other reviewer in our state. Currently I am at just over 2 months of waiting...
  2. I was scouting a location for a cache once in an undeveloped area of a local park. I followed a trail to a fork. On the right side of the fork was a p0rnographic picture of a man. I turned right and followed the trail to a site where someone recently had a bonfire. Besides the beer cans strewn around, there were many p0rnographic images of men. Seems like there may be something going on back here at night. Ultimately I gave up the idea of placing a cache back there.
  3. If you know the GC code, its easy to find. Usually I don't. If you know the geocacher who hid it, you can access it through their profile. Often I don't remember the name or the GC code but I can usually remember it as one of "so and so's".
  4. 2.0 D and 2.14 T for me. I like puzzles and long walks in the woods. I ignore most PNGs.
  5. GCVZ08 seems to be on of the caches in question. Reading the cache page explains the name so there is a point to the name.
  6. Full of hope TOTALLY made me laugh!!!! :laughing: Only 4 more months for me!! Of course, it's also a lot warmer in the southern hemisphere and other locations closer to the equator. Passed up a shot at FTF?? You must *really* dislike cold weather! I may have passed up the shot at the FTF because it was a P&G, not because it was cold out but that's just me...
  7. 1. Visit some new parks I have never been to. Of course finding caches there is part of it but experiencing the natural beauty of the area is also a goal. 2. Solve more puzzles! I like them. 3. Find the last 3 D/T combinations I need for a Fizzy. Not my most important goal though. I'd rather find interesting caches than ones that satisfy the grid. This will probably take most of the year to accomplish unless I happen on ones I need. 4. Make more puzzles to torment people. I was successful in this last year and have some ideas for this year. 5. Have fun! Certainly my top priority...
  8. The Vandal Project This is one of mine. I have released three versions into the wild. People that find it generally think its a cool idea. I had one cacher ask for permission to copy my idea, which I have no problem with at all.
  9. How about an anagram? Something like "Bacon Lank" or "Canal Knob".
  10. There isn't a hiding slump in my area (which I think is near Yuck's outer limit). We may be talking about the same dog. At least once a week for about the last 3 months I get a new notification of 10 new caches. A very keen hider with a wide caching zone and a sack full of pill bottles. I live in a cache dense zone and had no idea there were so many spots still left around here. But there will likely be a slump once he's finished covering the area, because then there really won't be a place to hide a cache. I too am from the same neck of the woods as Mr. Yuck and am familiar with the cacher and dog in question. I ran into him a couple of weeks ago in a park. Real nice guy. His dog was nice too. I spent a considerable amount of time last winter finding most of his caches along the canal. I enjoyed myself so it's all good to me. I have noticed fewer new caches in WNY while the number of new caches in So. Ontario has not suffered. I agree with Mr. Yuck's analysis that some of the long time cachers have abandoned the game for bar codes. I think another reason is that many of the cool parks in the area are mostly full. Certainly there are areas left but finding them takes work, especially when multis and puzzle caches are factored in. This may prevent newer cachers from placing caches in those area. With most parks full of caches, some newer cachers may not see the need to place more. Just theories, I know...
  11. I still get out in winter to cache. I may not get out EVERY Saturday but I still get out often. Sure, I find less caches in the winter. My stats do show some winter months with lots for finds but most of those are due to visiting the in-laws in Florida so that doesn't count as winter caching. I usually don't head deep into the forest during winter but switch to areas that are muggle laden in the summer but deserted in the winter. Last year I grabbed a bunch of caches along the Erie Canal Towpath. It gets a lot more muggle traffic in the warmer months but on a snowy Saturday, the place is mine.
  12. If I have a question about private vs. public lands, I look at the area on our county GIS website. The counties near me (near MR. Yuck...) have a mapping website that shows land ownership. When in doubt, I'll check there. If it looks like its private, I'll inquire with the CO to verify that permission has been granted. I also have no problem erring on the side of caution. I'll stay away from a questionable cache until permission issues have been worked out.
  13. GCEO - Also's Andover Geocache. One of the oldest geocaches in MASS (Dec. 2000). It's in the Ward Reservation. There are plenty of other caches to hike to. It's a nice forested area. i enjoyed my visit there a lot. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCE0_aldos-andover-geocache
  14. I do not use nor have I heard anyone use this term in geocaching. The term is used in letterboxing. It is pretty much the letterboxing equivalent of a travel bug.
  15. I have The Vandal Project. http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/track/large/2607c484-0c6d-4709-a889-2edf818b7806.jpg It started out as a 3" x 5" piece of wood that was primed. The idea of the TB is to let it travel the world and let everyone who finds it write/paint/decorate it is some fashion. It has been stalled in a cache in Kansas for a while but I am hopeful someone will move it along in the spring. It currently looks like this. http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/track/log/large/f2195ab3-a98c-4717-8925-601a10c7b6a7.jpg The Vandal Project: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2455001 I plan on releasing two more just like it. People who have found it have though the idea is cool and have been enthusiastic in decorating/defacing it.
  16. Looks like it may not be a Groundspeak issue. It may be further up the line. According to InternetTrafficReport.com, there is a problem in the Seattle area. I tried to visit Microsoft.com and got the same error as visiting Geocaching.com. It looks like this one is beyond Jeremy's control.
  17. Maybe this has been done before, maybe it hasn't... The Vandal Project The bug is a small piece of flat wood (approx 3" x 5") that has been primed white. All I ask is that each finder in some way, shape or form deface the bug. Sign their name, have their kid paint a picture, what ever. I also ask that they post a picture of what they have done so I can see the results. Ultimately the goal is to have it totally covered with paint, marker and ink. If there is no more room, write over the existing graffiti. I mentioned my idea on a local board and many people thought it was a cool idea. Some even went out, found it and moved it along. It has been stalled a bit over the winter (which is to be expected in Western NY). I am considering launching a second version of this. IMO, it adds an extra dimension beyond merely tracking its travels.
  18. Eternal Flame is great. In Niagara Falls, NY anything along the lower Niagara Gorge is awesome. In Niagara Falls, Ont, there are a bunch of caches in Niagara Glen park. Again, these are along the lower Niagara River Gorge. Toronto, Ont has a cool virtual at the Old City Hall.
  19. New log. There is probably some useful info in the DNF. Also, if you edit a previous log, the CO will not get an update and will not know that you did eventually find it. There is no shame in a DNF so there isn't a need to edit them when you do make the find.
  20. Power Trail. 500 or more film canisters every 0.1 miles. Add in some 2 car Monte or other shenanigans and 1,000 in a day is possible.
  21. There's some value in scanning electron microscopy too. But it ain't geocaching. Didn't claim it was. And this is probably the entire problem with Challenges. It ain't geocaching. I think that its great that some mom took her kids out to fly a kite and had a ball. The fact that Gof had to lure her into doing it is somewhat alarming. I know Gof has been a big proponent of Challenges. However, I personally feel I know my kids well enough to pick activities that we can have fun as a family with out his help. (No offense meant towards Gof.) And I don't need a smiley or a point or what ever to do it. Today, for instance, we went to a University of Buffalo football game (Go Bulls) with some people from our church. Afterwards, we (wife, kids and I) went out for pizza. My kids (both girls) had a blast! We had a great day. I don't need a smiley for it. And it certainly isn't geocaching. Last weekend, I took my daughters out to get a hard cache 35 feet up in a spruce tree. I usually cache alone and felt it best to have someone capable of dialing 911 on a cell phone when I fall my fat arse out of a pine tree. Both girls loved the trip and eagerly climbed. My oldest got the cache and my youngest and myself put it back. We had a blast and it was caching. IMO, much of the negatives surrounding the challenges is due to the fact that it isn't caching. It's the same reason why Waymarking is not appreciated by the masses. Just my 2 cents. Not trying to call you out Gof. Peace.
  22. Ok, I am not terribly of afraid of snakes. Respectful, yes. Terrified, no. But that picture was just plain creepy! I think I would soil myself if I ever happened upon that! Fortunately we don't have much in the way of poison snakes in western NY. I'll take 6" of snow over a 6" pile of snakes any day. Somewhat OT... I have a friend that teaches English in Taiwan. His hobby is "herping". Him and his friends go out and try to catch snakes and photograph them. Then they let them go. He has sent me some photos of some fairly nasty snakes. Asian Pit Vipers and the like.
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