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  1. I like Harry Dolphins post...if you don't like micros, don't hunt them. I like the quick and easy micros just to stay in the sport, but the real traditional caches are what I think it is all about. I drive a lot for work and it is nice to be in a new area and find a "Publix Enemy" or "Off your rocker" that I can grab in a few minutes just to say I was there. But my best finds are still the ones that require a hike or at least a nice walk in a park. That said, there are some really cool micros that take you to a great view or area.
  2. I have a pocket query that runs every Friday and Saturday. On Friday, I get unfound near me results that I can make a run on Saturday morning if they are still there. On Saturday, I get a lot of new hides that I can try for on Sunday morning. Also, if you have a local Geocachers group, you might find that they have a forum where caches are listed before they are officially posted at Geocaching.com, which might give you a little head start.
  3. QUOTE (PandyBat @ Feb 18 2005, 03:45 AM) I am a complete Survivor addict! In all the seasons, I've only missed two shows. I've never missed one! I have a record, I have never seen any part of any show! But I always put $10 in the pot at work. I got Angie this season. Sounds like she just hung on on the first show. I guess she will probably not last long. I missed the first show, but doesn't look like anything else on I like, so maybe I can catch some of it this season.
  4. This has not happened yet, but I can see myself telling my brother to go to "Tool Time" and turn right, when you are beside GCxxxx take the next left, once you pass "Lost in Cobb County" turn right at the light. Go north until GCxxxx is directly to your west. The resturant is on your right. See you there tonight for dinner. If I used real landmarks, he would navigate to exactly where I wanted to meet.
  5. Try this... http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~gurwitz...5/nav2tool.html
  6. Ordered mine on Jan 24 and still have not seen them.
  7. Hey eagle, I think that depends alot on where you are searching. Try being a 40 year old male wondering around a small playground park in a neighborhood, specially if kids are around. I have always felt uncomfortable and even abandon the cache to come back later. I agree with those that say have kids with you. We did a Geocache theme birthday party for my nephew at a local park and my brother hid several "private" caches for us to find. I never even thought twice about wondering in the woods looking like an idiot with 3 kids heading out in all directions around me. Just today, I was hunting a cache listed as a lunchtime cache at about 9am on a Sunday. It was in the middle of a quad of buildings with lots of Brinks trucks around. I pretty much new what I was looking for as I just found a "partner" cache about .2 miles away. But I felt funny sitting alone in a smoking area of a closed business. About that time a local police car came cruizing through the area and circled around me. I didn't know what to do, I thought look over, smile and wave, but then decided if he had questions, he would look over, smile and motion me to get on the ground. I just acted like I was supposed to be there, and he didn't stop (maybe he knew what I was doing), but I really thought I was going to have to explain this hobby that I am still very new to.
  8. I would echo IK. Repairing is one thing, but if you REPLACE a container, I think it should be the same type container and not affect the discription on the cache page. I have not placed a cache yet, but if it were MY cache, I would prefer the finder just let me know. I would only place a cache I could maintain and would rather fix it myself so I can determine if maybe I chose the wrong type container for the situation or a way to better protect the cache.
  9. How did I know I would get that reply? I guess I started with Mobi as recomended on GC, but the more I read the more I see I should probably change. I will switch to GSPsonar and see how that works.
  10. I have a Mobipocket .prc file that keeps crashing my iPAQ. Never had this problem in the last month of using Mobi and have downloaded others today with no problem. I tried redownloading the same file and it still locks up about 25% into the transfer. It really does not surprise me that a file could be corrupt and if that is all it is, I'll get it in a few days when the PQ runs again. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. Like I said this is the first problem, and once a month is no big deal, but has anyone had serious problems with the .prc files?
  11. I am also new at this and having found 2 of 6 searched for, it is not as easy as you might think. I have watched my DNFs and noticed that they have been found since I was there, so they are there. The "rules" say that caches are NOT buried. But they are hidden so as not to be found by muggles. I'm not giving up and actually heading out on some hunts today. I think experience will teach us how and where the caches can be found. I have done a lot of reading on line and (although unlikely) you may have been unlucky with muggled caches. How many have you hunted? I found my first cache last weekend and it was so exciting and fullfilling! Keep it up and when you do find the first one, it will make it all worthwhile.
  12. Hey Shibby, You think that WAAS causes some of that flakiness when you get down close? I knew it ate up batteries, but I thought it was supposed to make it more accurate. I guess if you are just barely getting a WAAS signal, as you move and it finds and looses it, it would really jack up the accuracy. I will try turning it off next time I'm out and see if I can confirm your opinion.
  13. I learned about Geocaching from my brother, camdawg, and decided I wanted a GPSr for Christmas back around Thanksgiving. Guess what, I got it! Got a legend for Christmas last weekend and found 2 of 6 caches the day after. Can't wait for this next long weekend to go again. Camdawg has an awesome multi not too far away that I can't wait to hunt. I had no idea that there would be so many great hunts so close by. I got in the area of a virtual last Sunday, didn't find the plaque as required, but there was this view that I had no idea was just a few miles from my house. I will go back to finish the hunt and claim the prize, but you can bet I will be back there from time to time just for the view. I could say more about what I saw and learned that day, but maybe on another topic. Thanks Camdawg and RC and CB!
  14. How many new Geocachers will start tomorrow? This is a great sport/game/hobby. I am excited to be part of the growth of this community.
  15. I'm getting a Legand in the morning as well. Can't wait! I have already found three caches, but did not log them as I did not use the GPSr. Will start on new one's tomorrow as soon as everyone else has finished opening gifts. I already have Signal for the truck antenna, GPS sticker, and license frame. Will put them on tomorrow as soon as I am official! Merry Christmas to anyone who is still up!!
  16. Ok, it's late and I'm slow. But, nothing is theft proof and the thugs out there will steal and destroy anything. Stealth is the answer in these situations. I was born in FL and decided as a memory to put a pink flamingo in my yard. Now maybe it was my neighbors that didn't like the eye sore , but it was stolen overnight. Who would want it and who would take the time to walk up my side walk and pick it up? You can mark it urine, chain it to a tree, or explain what it is, they will still mess with it if they find it.
  17. Sputnik 57, Agreed, great site for the acronyms used in GC including a few relevent Internet acronyms.
  18. Robert, perfect anaolgy. Isn't that always the case?
  19. Thot, Your beginners guide is fantastic. It was a great addition to the info found on geocaching.com. Thanks for the great work!
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