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  1. thanks - looks like i have some puzzles to solve
  2. I have a question regarding saturation that someone may be able to clear up for me. I placed a multi cache the other day but it appears that the final two locations are too close to another cache. The problem is that the cache that is located near mine is part of another multi cache and the start location is around 2.5 miles from any of mine. Does this mean that to place a cache you must complete all others in that area as they may be close to yours? Trojan
  3. Thanks for the replies Guess I'll wait and see how the Garmin goes - I found a cache today and while I was sitting filling out the log at GZ i looked down at my phone and saw that my phone was telling the cache was 11 metres south of me lol
  4. Hello Everyone - joined up last week and have so far found 11 caches am are having a heap of fun Been using my iPhone but decided to upgrade so I ordered a Garmin etrex H ...... but have since changed my mind and ordered a new Garmin Oregon 200 as I found this connects up with geocaching.com Trojanknight (Beau)
  5. I recently downloaded the geocache app for my iPhone, now when I am looking for a cache alot of the time I will get to a spot and app will tell me the cache is 5 metres on my left, but once I move towards this all of a sudden it will be like 14 metres to my left. Then if i take a few steps towards this all of a sudden it could be 8 metres behind me. The first time this happened i was under a lot of trees so I thought this might have been causing this but I have also now had this happen on a number of occasions in super clear conditions. I have noticed on the app down below the compass there is a accuracy bit might read something like 17 metres or even 21 metres. Just wondering if anyone can help shed some light on this for me - I'm in Australia if that helps Thanks Beau *NOTE* I have just ordered a Garmin Oregon 200 so hoping that might make things better for me
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