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  1. OK Serious now. I have noticed two of the caches have the same clue???? is this possible or must I revisit them? TRADE I am willing to trade clues. There is no way I will be able in any series to travel to all parts of the country withing one year. Are there any teams in the other provinces who will do a trade in clues? I would realy like to see everyone attend the event and not limit it to the one or two people likely to have visited all the sites. Regards Brian
  2. Count me in. I like the idea of a trash log. Perhaps we can create a new page where cachers log the volume in weight removed from each cache location. Statistics would then be live and we would be able to show by area the volume removed and thereby the impact made. I would not limit this to events though events could serve to boost the numbers. This could be eye popping.
  3. I must add that I have quite a time trying to make the over eager children and friends that cache with me understand that rocks must be moved with caution and returned to their original position after doing so. Sometimes I get the horries thinking that the next rock or hole will contain a snake that will put paid to their enthusiasm. I am trying to contact the friends of the Smuts property to get more details of the damage and to determine if it is perhaps limited to two specific areas. If so then we know who the culprits are and need to post warnings on those listings. I agree that we need to put warnings on all our sensitive listings to fellow cachers reminding them to take care when approaching or looking for hides. But most of all we need to manage ourselves. I also am responsible for adding to tracks. Perhaps if you notice that tracks are forming or could form take more care where you step or approache the hide from a different angle. This I have been able to do quite successfully. A torch at hand could help to spot resting fauna, in holes or amongst rocks, that do not like being disturbed. Winter is approaching and we are likely to find a lot more than we barganed for resting in these places.
  4. Hi All. I have just noticed an article in a local newspaper that is asking the public for information regarding stones that are being turned over in the smuts property in Irene on the nature trail. Their concern is the possible damage to the fragile fauna and flora, the possible collection of specimens and that the lose stones that could affect hikers. Somehow I wonder if the impact of Geocaching is not being felt by the environment. There are two hidden on the property that I know about within close proximity of each other. Whilst cacheing I have noticed new pathways being trodden to some sites. The turning of rocks is prolific. Another concern I have is the possibility that someone is going to get hurt. There are all types of creepy crawly things that bite hiding under rocks and in crevices and holes that we use, or basking in the sun. The last thing I would want to hear is that some cachers sprog got bitten by an adder whilst retrieving a cache. I am sure that these issues are raised somewhere else within this site but feel that we need to keep these matters in the forefront and inform our cachers of the possible dangers and threats to themselves, their families and the environment. If we take care the impact will not be felt at all. Just an idea.
  5. Hi I tried the geocaching ranking but it will not send my mail. Can I be added to this site? my mail address is brian@molapo.co.za
  6. Welcome to new cachers, Woody Walker, Earth Seeker, Quad 4 and Goblins. May you and your clan have many fun filled adventures traveling vast distances on your quest. Your mission is clear, now go forth and enjoy! And should we meet beside a rock, in a quite place or near a stream be shure that time is made for the telling of the tale.
  7. Hello. Thank you for the concern. The problem is the Telkom mail server. Validation mails from Groundspeak are filtered out. I have to use my work mail address instead which works fine and does recieve the validation mails, but for obvious reasons is less than desireable to use. I will gladly sent you my contact details so that you can see the problem for yourself. Regards Glider Slider
  8. Sorry Cincol that is the problem. If you change it to the preferred address I do not recieve the validation mail from Groundspeak.
  9. Hello There. You have me hooked. But I cannot see myself being able to reach the far off places. What now?
  10. Thanks all. I already have a handfull of addresses and do not need another. Perhaps Groundspeak can send the mail to my mail address. I have sent them a request, BUT, you guessed did not recieve a reply.
  11. Hi Did all that somehow the validation mail does not reach my new mail address. I have had the same problem with the sa weather service. It is something to do with Telkom I think. The mail address is brian7@telkomsa.net
  12. Thank you for the links. I will look soon. Next question. I am using an archived email address. I have tried to change to my current mail address but do not recieve the confirmation mail and have had to change back. I have sent mails to contact but to no avail
  13. Hi I would like to know if there are any local support groups? Like all other interest groups you need to get in to get in. Perhaps this is the start of an open forum for those hyperventalating people in PTown. I must congratulate the cachers around here. The finds have been spectacular and well planned. I hope to find a lot more having just reached 25
  14. Hello Help Registered in 2004 found 1 cache and have hibernated since then. My topic! I do not like my login name. How do I change this? Been quite active recently "Last Two weeks" I have into'ed at least 10 hopefulls and realy love the idea of geocaching.
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