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  1. Stirring wooden spoon! Bang Flash! Sparks and fire works. No not realy! Fish Eagle thank you for the guidance. I am planning an event for GeoCachers. The fact that there will be children, from less advantaged backgrounds, is irrelevant! I have almost 10 teams that are interested so far. I enjoy caching with the youngsters. I do not always have my own to join me. This does not mean that I am caching illegally when I have other children joining my team for the day. Your point 2 stands! It is a social event. I cannot save the world nor will I try. Taken at about 4-5 children per team including the teams own ofspring, we will not have a huge turnout. I have made contact with the welfare in Tswane. Taking DamhuisClans proposal for a few temporary caches, that would be OK?(your point 3) I will try and get all sponsored. That is 1st tea lunch and 2nd tea for the participants. I am thinking of teams that will compete on the day to be the best cachers! We may even end up with a new cache posted after the day who knows at this stage. Your point 1 is true. But this is not an agenda. This is an event! I do not have links to any, race, denomination, cultural society or the likes. FE, with your great knowledge of the GC rules, please help with the details.
  2. Planning, planning ..... Watch this space!
  3. OK People time to speed up this forum are there any other interested teams to help on the day?
  4. Hey Anton I think you need to make a wee trip to the Groot Gat. I left the coin there.
  5. Hi I want to arrange a caching day for underprivileged children. Is anyone interested in helping? We could do it at one of our parks in Pretoria. Groenkloof Nature Reserve springs to mind as there are a number of caches in the area. We could even make an event of it. What are your ideas?
  6. From the records of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - FAI Out-and-return distance : 620.66 km Date of flight: 28/12/1967 Pilot: Y. LEEMANN (South Africa) Course/place: Tempe - Deelfountain (South Africa) and return Glider: Bölkow Phoebus Registered 'ZS-GFB' HOWEVER---------!!! I now own ZS-GFB, Number 7 as she is known, and am quite proud of her achievements as she was one of the first glassfiber aircraft. She is a dream to fly. So the record was for an out and return distance of 620km by a female pilot. this record still stands as a South African record for a female pilot in a single place glider 40 years later. Two years ago I entered into the Gauteng regionals competing against pilots from all over SA and the world. We achieved a 4th place overall. Wow for a plane her age? OK Carbon you have the Batton.
  7. Flight and Woman and Speed are correct. But you need to be more specific on all three counts.
  8. In 1967 Yvonne Leemann set a new world record in a Phoebus. This record still stands unbroken as a South African record. What was it for?
  9. Ok I've got racers. Cincol I will bring them to the event. I will activate them and post you the listings.
  10. Sir, You are a Diplomat and a Gentleman! But that I am sure is the nature of a reviewer. As recently experienced you need to deal with over eager cachers that think they are the best, that their ideas are soo good that the rules must bend. Respect! Thank you for all the help so far Andy.
  11. Man o Man can it realy be this difficult to get my grubby paws on a piece of numbered aluminium? I get no replies to mails in this regard. I might have to cut my own from an old Black Lable can and bliksem my birth date on it or something.
  12. It is also the first time since 2001 that Australia has played an entire series without winning a match
  13. Yissie SakKie ek was daar! Dankie vir die clip dit het die tog die moeite werd gemak. Redglobe count me in for next year again. regards Brian and Elmarie.
  14. HELP I think i need a few racers here. Where can I get a few bugs? Regards
  15. Well done to all the organizers. We would just like to say thank you for the history lesson and allowing us to see these places. We will definitly complete the series. Congratulations to Redglobe, I just hope the Queen is satisfied now. Gerhardoos and Urban Hunters deserve much credit as well. I am sorry we could not stay untill the wee hours of the mornin. The mampoer was lekker. Regards Brian and Elmarie
  16. Hi, as a newby that I considder myself, as I only became active halfway through December, there is already quite a lot of barriers to this game. I would not dream of taking anything away from those that will manage to get all 18 clues. But this does preclude me from joining in. I will still have to log the caches when I get to them! I agree that those that do attend and do not have all the clues are penalised. I would rather see that all the clues are shared at the start, That will result in a race to the finish. The prize will still go to the FTF who has all the caches logged. Just an idea
  17. My offer is two Winegums a FizPop and a Wilsons toffee for a clue
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