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  1. Woops It would seem as if the three places are taken already. Regards Brian
  2. With trepidation I have a Ssanyong Musso (Samuusa) and am considering the trip. Anyone want to twist my arm into going? My wife will not even consider the cold so she is out and the leaves 3 places spare. Regards Brian
  3. Service Unavailable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. HELP sometimes it lets me in then it won't does searches then it won't verry iffy and cannot get in for the last twenty minutes. Regards
  4. Good Morning In all if my records are correct there were over 160 people involved between 8am and 9pm. 35 Geocaching teams managed to attend the morning activity or the event or both. Thank you to the teams who helped in the morning placing caches, Red Globe(1), Cache Fan(7), HeinG(8), W@lly(10), Leon St(3), Woody Walker(6), Earth Seeker(2), Goblins(5) and Quad 4(4). Without you the event was a non starter. Thank you to the teams that joined us during the day and at the published event afterwards for their support. I wish I could give you the ten smiley’s for the caches that were hidden and found. Thank you to the ladies and helpers of the Molapo Staff Association who ensured that there was enough food and refreshments for all. They provided morning and afternoon tea, a lunch braai and sweets, chips, fruit and chocolates for all. Thank you to the child welfare team who ensured that all the legal aspects were covered as well as extending the invitations and follow up with the foster families and transport to and from the event. Thank you to the caregivers foster parents and children who attended the event. The vote was unanimous; a great time was had by all. The children were not sure what to expect but as the pace warmed up the excitement grew. The guests really enjoyed the activities and I even had requests that this happen much more often. I on this Monday morning am still trying to recover my energy but feel grateful, privileged and awed by the support and well wishes that I received.
  5. PROGRAMME for Caching Day and Spring Bash Activity Geo Teams 08H00 Set up camp 09H00 Team Briefing (Swag Bags and rules) Collect Swag and prepare for teams 10H00 Welcome and Tea Mingle and choose teams 10H30 Hide the Treasure Teach GPS basics and cammo 11H30 Publish your Treasure On paper Treasure forms 11H45 Seek the Treasures Grab a form and find it 12H30 Lunch Grab a roll on your way past feed your teams Hurry there are more to find 13H00 Seek the Treasures Keep your teams interested, teach some basic veld skills, include CITO and conservation. 14H45 Closure Debrief 15H00 Spring Bash Cache Dash, Trade and discover. 17H00 18H00 Braai 19H00 Social
  6. Hi All Thank you for the support. If you are going to be there for the morning Activity please let me know the numbers of people attending so that I can cater correctly. Regards Brian
  7. First Aid for Snakebite • Keep the patient still and reassure them. • Maintain vital functions, if imperilled (e.g. "ABC") • Immediately apply a pressure immobilisation bandage. • Try and maintain the patient as still as possible and bring transport to them. • Always seek medical help at the earliest opportunity. • If the snake has been killed, bring it with the patient, but do not waste time, risk further bites and delay application of pressure bandage and splint by trying to kill the snake. • Do not wash the wound. • Do not use a tourniquet. • Do not cut or suck the wound. • Do not give alcohol to the patient. • Do not give food and only non-alcoholic clear fluids may be used for drinks. Basic Principles There are several important principles of first aid for bites and stings that should guide decisions on what is, and as importantly, what is not good first aid. · First aid should do no harm! · First aid should be practical and achievable. · First aid should be supported by both clinical and scientific evidence of effectiveness. Older "first aid" methods for snakebite are classic examples of techniques with the potential to cause the patient harm. Indeed, the use of tourniquets and "cut and suck" have resulted in numerous cases of permanent and severe injury to patients, even deaths. The Pressure Immobilisation Method This important first aid method was developed by Dr. Struan Sutherland and colleagues at CSL and first published in 1978 in the prestigious international journal, "The Lancet". It is based on knowledge of the structure of important snake and spider toxins and previous clinical and experimental experience. It has been known for many years that the lymphatic system plays a key role in transport of toxins from the periphery to the circulation. In the case of snake venom toxins this is easily explained by the large size of these toxins. Clinically, adenopathy in nodes draining the bite site is often an early sign of absorption of venom, and in those tragic cases ending fatally, Sutherland was able to show high concentrations of venom in regional nodes. The aim of this method is therefore to retard venom transport via the lymphatic system. This is achieved in a dual approach. Firstly the lymphatic vessels at the bite site are compressed by bandaging, extended to much of the rest of the bitten limb as possible. Secondly, proximal movement of lymph in the vessels is slowed or stopped by splinting the limb, thus also stopping the "muscle pump" effect of muscle movement. Correctly applied, this technique can virtually stop venom movement into the circulation until removed, up to hours later, without any threat to limb tissue oxygenation, which is just one of the major problems in using tourniquets. It must be remembered, however, that this method is only first aid. It is not definitive medical treatment for envenoming. Once in a hospital equipped to treat the bite with antivenom, if necessary, then all first aid should be removed after initial tests and precautions are taken. The details of these may be found in the following section on "Medical Treatment of Bites and Stings". In summary, the pressure immobilisation method of first aid is: • Apply a firm broad bandage or similar (even clothing strips or pantyhose will do in an emergency) over the bite site, at the same pressure as for a sprain. Do not occlude the circulation. • Apply further bandage over as much of the rest of the bitten limb as practical. Ensure fingers or toes are covered to immobilise them. It is often easiest to go over the top of clothing such as jeans, rather than move the limb to remove clothing. • Ensure the bitten limb is kept motionless by applying a splint and instructing the patient to cease all use of the limb and any general activity. The pressure immobilisation method of first aid is ideal for Australian snakebite by all species, as well as bites from suspected funnel web spiders and mouse spiders, and for bites by the blue ringed octopus and cone. It is not appropriate for bites from the red back spider, other spiders, scorpions or centipedes or stings from venomous fish. Extracted
  8. I have been using the software that shal not be named for a few months now and find it amazing. Every now and again the software goes ape after GS changes something on their server but have found that the latest version will already be published and ready to go. I do not think there are any functions available that are only available to premium members. I have found that I am using FAR less paper that is a good thing and a lot less browsing time on the web.
  9. By the way I met with the social welfare and they suggested that I refocus the occasion to Foster care families as they do not seem to have as much support from the communities as the childrens homes themselves. By the way I am aware that three of the cacher teams who will be helping on the day are foster parents themselves.
  10. Hi all The occasion has been set. We will get together between 10am and 3pm to entertain foster children and their families by staging a geocaching activity. Each team will recieve a cache box that they need to hide and these will be "published" back at the staging post being the Jamborally Lapa at the Fountains Vally Nature Reserve. These teams will then have the opportunity to hunt for the other caches hidden by the opposing teams. I will ensure refreshments and vitals for all participants, their families and our helpers for this activity. All I need you to do is commit your help on the day in manageing one of these teams. I am trying to publish an event after the the day's activities where we "the cachers" can relax and socialise around the fires. I am calling it the 2009 spring bash, keep your eyes peeled. Regards
  11. Geocachers (Urban Hunters) do it on the run. Geocachers (HeinG) do it in a cloud of dust. Geocachers (Bad Ballie) do it in the rain. Geocachers (GS) do it to their cache-mobiles Geocachers (Fish Eagle) do it just for fun. Geocachers (GS and Bad Ballie) do it dangerously. Geocachers (Eatin Coal)do it because they can. Geocachers (Quad 4)do it to their friends. Geocachers (Batsgonemad) do it to other Geocachers. Geocachers (Redglobe earthcaches) do it to the world. At each one of the above I fondly think of those teams that fit the description. and realise they are all true for myself as well.
  12. Hi Sky and FE cool to C U
  13. Greetings Cincol and diconbob=ulated
  14. What If you inro'ed yourself by googling the topic? as in my case!
  15. Hi all I intro'ed a new team in your area called Bad Ballie. Make them feel welcome. Thank you to Sky Juggler and others I was recieving your mails untill they activated their own and forwarded them on so if you did not get an imediate response you know why. BTW Sky Juggler I did my Radio Licence with you guys in 1999 and am now stationed in the GT area. Regards GS.
  16. Hi-jack Ve haf ze space shuttle eef you not moof ze Mrs GliderS racer or haf cashfan place ze numer sebe racer ve vil nots lets ju go Ha ha ha.
  17. OK 29th of August it will be. I will arrange for the donation of refreshments, hot dogs, cooldrinks etc for the children and their helpers. ========================================== Hi Brian. Your idea is perfect and supported by my Department. The reserve Manager at Groenkloof is supportive to this Geocaching event. Will arrange the booking with him. Kind regards JOHN COOPER Deputy Director: Resorts Agriculture & Environmental Management ===========================================
  18. good morning cache fan
  19. Hi All How does Saturday or Sunday 28 or 29 August look? The way forward, from Fish Eagle, is doing an activity with the children in the morning with those that want to help, and an event for cachers afterwards or the other way round.
  20. Thank you Cincol for your sentiments. I was beginning to regret having had the idea.
  21. Thank you Andy This is not an Event Cache. I will not apply for an Event Cache. I want to have a group hunt on existing or temporary, published or not, caches within a predetermined area with authorisation from the area owners, the gardians and other permissions I am made aware of. I have asked for help from the caching comunity as the more adults that get involved the more fun can be had by more people. Are the Cachers that indicated their interest still willing to help? There is no pressure and do not feel obligated. I think that I will arrange the outing towards the end of winter. Regards
  22. An "Event" event is not important to me. I just need help on the day to manage and entertain the children and have some fun. Regards.
  23. Taken rule 7 are the Urban Hunters doing pongo a favor or not?
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