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  1. When I click at pencil (edit final coordinates of multi, mystery, ...), editing dialog do not appear, link leads to old search. Tested in FF, Chrome.
  2. Reportage by Czech Television (start at 24:20 Tunel smrti) http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10117034229-168-hodin/218452801100617 Spokesman of the Police of the Czech republic answered the question "Is the entry forbidden?" No, but the visitors have to take the risks.
  3. Problem is, that gc.com is not the only website, which "advertise" the place. So if you remove the geocache, not all the visitors of the place will be eliminated. And is this geocache the only geocache in underground place, where situation can occur again? No. So my opinion is to leave the geocache on the place, but add story as part of the listing as warning for future. But let the final decision is on local reviewers and HQ.
  4. Posting link to two interviews (in Czech), one with responsible official from municipality and one with geocacher. Most important ideas from first interview. "There is a security overhang of about four meters high and it must have an open drain. If anyone goes down there, he carries all the risks. From a security point of view, it can not be closed anyway." "It's definitely not a public space. But I do not remember that we would tackle unauthorized entry through the city police. " "I went there several times and it's a beautiful building, but in such a situation I would not go out there. It has always been ensured that somebody waits somewhere and is sure of each other. In 99 percent, nothing happens, people go through it, take a shot, and safely leave." His opinion is, that the geocache should not be there, because it attracts the people to go there. Most important ideas from second interview. The cache has 4 stars terrain nad red link to the page which describes security in underground places. And was under review and in the time of publish according to local rules. And also stated, that the weather forecast had not been suitable for underground trip.
  5. The place, where the cache is hidden, is not sewers. It is a brook which flows in the tunnel under the city. The place is not closed for public (it does not mean, that it is safe place, none underground is) and by the way geocachers are not the only persons, who is visiting it. The others are e.g. urbex explorers. If you want to see, how it looks like there, see this video on news server Idnes. You can make your own opinion, if it is safe or not. Weather forecast had predicted local heavy rain. Not exactly in Prague, because exact location is not easy to predict, but somewhere not so far. This incident is a big tragedy, but behavior of group of geocachers was risky and unfortunately they had bad luck. The second missing geocacher has not yet been found. The chance, that he survived is almost zero.
  6. I agree with you, the old system was well-arranged. New e-mail format has only disadvantages (for me). Please, GS, bring it back or offer us to choose it in Options. Maybe there are some cachers, who like the new format. But I hate it. bejcci
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