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  1. You forgot one very special little doggies has hidden about 4 ISQ's herself !!!! Where is mention of Patricks friend ~Mystery Dog~ !!!! ????? Star
  2. Heather if you get round to it . We would appreciate it if you removed our one cache in the area. Then we will archive it as soon as we know it has been removed . .... See previous post for link to it . Thank you , Star
  3. Sorry Heather , I would love to join you , but I am still working for now so thursday wilst you are enjoying a lovely day caching , I will be sleeping . So I can go to work that evening. Hope you have lots of fun though . Star
  4. We will be archiving our one cache that is in that area . We are willing to wait till after the spring picnic is over to archive it . But beware , it will be picked up and archived on that day . It was our small tribute to Sixdogteam . He challenged us to place a cache he and Patrick could find and he has helped maintain it ever since . It started out as an ammo can that went missing and is now a Peanut Butter Jar. Cache name is For The Dogs, Thank you Sixdogteam Star
  5. It would have been nice if we'd been given that opportunity when they first discussed writting policy. Wulf "If we'd been given that opportunity.."??? Well, my experience tells me that the DNR has a pretty fair open door policy. You can't sit back and wait for an invitation. You've got to get on the offensive and go to them. If you think about it, we've had this opportunity to discuss it with them for the past couple of years, since most of us knew about it, but yet did nothing. We have only ourselves to blame for the policy being what it is yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sorry, I should have editted my quote better. I was refering to the ACRES "We're too polite to just say no" policy. The DNR policy isn't bad, just time consuming. We could have got the old Michigan DNR policy that asked for $25 per permit. Wulf
  6. It would have been nice if we'd been given that opportunity when they first discussed writting policy. Wulf
  7. We're talking about a fair bit of paperwork to permit all the affected caches. Then we have to deal with moving them all once a year and repermitting. I like the free part tho, but we're going to lose alot of caches. Wulf
  8. Not sure exactly what the smelly dog uses to shoot kitties, they tend to squirm alot so maybe a cannon. Anyone able to verify "Upper Wabash Reservoirs" as a ligit DNR account, trouble maker or Leaddog? Wulf
  9. Did you really have to shoot her Rick? Seems a bit extreme to me. Wulf
  10. Geeesh We just noticed and wanted to say : CONGRATULATIONS TO DOOBIES It seems he has reached the 6000th find mark as of April 23 !!! This is the cache he reached it on ! Famous Indiana Series :Red Skelton Star
  11. We are spending the weekend with our dear geocaching friend at Parkview Hospital in Ft Wayne. For those of you that know her , we will let you know that Big Mamma D had heart bypass surgery yesterday . She is doing well and is already off the breathing machine. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Star
  12. Ali Kat for a small cacher you ROCK in many ways !! WTG Little blonde cutie ... Star & Wulf
  13. Just Adding our Congratulations ! Thats a lot of miles logged and a lot of caches . Star
  14. Here ya go, 6DT ... in your honor. I am not so sure that is a "Burn" Star
  15. 324 trackables (well the ones you track here) 2018 finds. I know, we're just not keeping up our end but we try. Wulf
  16. hope my count is correct : 196 Indiana Spirit Quests 14 Michigan Spirit Quests 3 Ohio Spirit Quests ... Team Tigger owns 6 ISQ's and 1 Ontario Spirit Quest .... Our geodog Mysterydog owns 4 ISQ's Star
  17. 3% April 20, 2003 by Team Tigger International (2012 found) #1 of the day. not familiar with the roads we ended up parked at the gas sub station on Manning Rd (i think) long walk, but it was a nice day. took the photo left a hotwheels car Above The Trees April 20, 2003 by Team Tigger International (2012 found) #2 of the day. we searched everywhere and then we saw the rope wish someone'd left a knot tying book. lol. took the little car, left a bigger car There's our first 2 !
  18. WOW Fantastic location , a huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to you from us ... We are very envious , that would have been a fantastic milestone cache for anyone ! Heck forgo the milestone even , we are envious that you even got to go to such an Awsome place . Very nicely done indeed ! Star & Wulf
  19. Patrick we seen this little cutie on the Regis and Kelly show yesterday and was wondering if she is any relation to you , plus do you have the same talant for popping ballons ? Anastasia the Balloon Popping Jack Russel Star
  20. Nope , no greif between us . We just tell each other good job , and if it is an amazingly good cache we just may go back and visit it again together . Star
  21. Spring is just around the corner ! Time to turn our thoughts to GEOCaching not that we ever let it pass for long !! ( just now with nicer not so cold weather everyone is going to be really busy soon I suspect , even if it is doing a lot of cache maint. because of the very wet cold winter ) Star
  22. Congratulations on reaching a truely awsome milestone Mark . Star & Wulf
  23. Yes, it's quite true we were gone for a number of your earth days. The Mother Ship took us on a long, long journey, awesome in scope, and their was no internet access. Now we are back. There's no place like home. Tomorrow is another day!--Lead Dog and Patrick hummm Patrick you look like you are a little under the weather there or else SCARED !!! Star
  24. for ????????????? Star for ????? ok Shydog what gives none of us can figure out what you are on about. LOL
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