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  1. Flicked a few out the window caching up Sarnia way. We used to see some real monsters when we cached the back forty of Stony Creek Metropark outside Detroit. Wulf
  2. Sadly, you can't. The only way to get all the found caches off is to load a new GPX without them. Wulf
  3. No canoe or kayack here either , so we would be out .... Its Meet and Eat day in Auburn , IN for those GEOCACHING in IN.!
  4. I see Team Tigger was front Row next to a Husky puppy!! Yes we were, and a nice lab too. Wulf
  5. Has everyone recovered well from the MWGB yet ? Star
  6. Same goes here Deermark ! Was fantastic getting to spend time talking to you, as well . we think you and Daggy are pretty cool as well . Thanks again for the pathtag . Star
  7. and the ISQ logs from Bashers just keep rolling in ...I have lost count on ours and Mystery Dog says her little head is about to burst from all the logs on hers !! Star
  8. HOLY COW Bret was there?!?! See what you miss when you spend the entire event drunk? Yep Bret was there gave him a hug and registered him myself ~! Star
  9. So sorry , We have been rather busy, placing a couple new caches , vacationing , and well Caching of course ! We were at the meet and greet last week Rick ... where were you ... Your Brother missed you !! Star
  10. We have been busy , maintaining caches , finding caches and vacationing while caching ! Oh and we have placed a couple of new caches in the area of the geobash as we have been working with Sara from the Noble County Welcome center she had a couple of requests for new caches from land owners in the area. We have been working with the area people for over a year now. Geobash hopefully is shaping up nicely. Star
  11. As long as they don't conflict with any of the caches we locals are placing, I've got no problem with it. Wulf
  12. Happy Birthday Cybret ! Was good of you to make another event in Indy ! Star
  13. Our Favorite one next to the Hanging rock ISQ is one of our very own ... I just love the story of Crissy ! Crissy the Skunk Woman Star
  14. I think I will go buy some defective thongs from Victoria Secreat and put them in Caches in Indiana so we can all sue em and become Rich !!! Star
  15. I'M IN LOVE!!!!! She's a little young for you isn't she Patrick ... and I recall you sayin roughly the same thing about a certain lil Doxie you met once or twice ....
  16. City police looking for small, uppity dog June 12, 2008 A woman was walking her pit bull around noon in the northern section of Waryas Park Wednesday, when she was approached by a small-breed dog, possibly a Jack Russell terrier, City of Poughkeepsie Police said. The woman tried to get between the small dog and her own dog and was bitten by the small dog. The dog was possibly with a young white boy , possibly 11-12 years old. The dog was unleashed. Patrick strikes again? Wulf
  17. Thank you very much Shadow !!! Star & Wulf
  18. It was just that one time we went night caching with Awsome Ev and she DID manage to drive the full mile in reverse. Wulf
  19. All the time. Just look for an event in the area, like the one next weekend (Fri) in the Irish Hills. Wulf
  20. Ahem... I am offering my opinion and experience here only because you have asked for it, but I am warning you that you will not like what I have to say! Here goes: First, you should be aware, if you are not already, that the vast majority of the links which you have provided for cache listing pages are useless to us, because the caches have not yet been published, and thus cannot be viewed. Next, in several cases, you fail entirely to tell us the exact reasons cited by the reviewer(s) in refusing to publish your placements, and instead you usually simply offer vague and unsettling statements along the lines that you tried to get the cache in question listed, and that the reviewer nixed it. You have failed entirely to tell us what issues were raised and how you addressed them or if you even tried to address them. Moving on, to ask your question about my experiences, no, although Sue and I have successfully placed about 35 caches, many of them extreme terrain caches or insanely difficult high-terrain caches, and in fact, despite the fact that I have placed such extreme caches in four states (two on the east coast, and two in the upper Rockies), the summary fact is that we have successfully placed (and seen published) 35 caches in five states across the USA, with our cache placements reviewed by a total of eight different reviewers across the country, and have never had one submitted cache listing refused by any of the eight reviewers; I should qualify that statement by iterating that for a very few of the really extreme caches, I needed to tweak the listing page or the rules for prospective finders before the reviewer would publish the cache, and in one case, I needed to prove to the reviewer that a railroad line shown on his/her map as intersecting the cache site was in fact an abandoned and obsolete railway that had long ago been removed and paved over, but that was all accomplished easily and in quick order. Overall, judging from the overall tone of your note and your admitted self-imposed limitations (i.e., the fact that you state that you will only place geocaches in your own (admittedly small) town and nowhere else), and based upon the sheer number of complaints which you have cited, this all suggests to me that you may have a bit of a sense of entitlement and have a concomitant habit of always harping on the negative instead of appreciating the things you do like. I hate to get all "spiritual" and metaphysical on you, but you did ask for my opinion, so here goes: it has been my personal observation in life that when someone has as many complaints as do you, and sounds as helpless and victimized as do you, and sounds as unhappy as do you, there is usually a lot more to the story, and there is usually a rather major attitude problem, namely, a sense of entitlement along with a lack of gratitude and appreciation, and also inability to let go of things and move on with grace and ease. How ever do you get approval for caches in 5 states and moreover how do you prove they are not vacation caches ? You must have some kind of special pull or something . Star
  21. Welcome to the obsession timcr and moobeat !!! Star
  22. Great Job on the Spirit Quests for ND Totom Clan !!!
  23. Hey Rick ! You can add 3 more ISQ Finds to our count! We found them on our way to and from the Spring Picnic !! Star
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