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  1. 6 days to the MIDWEST GEOBASH !!!!!! .... Is Everyone ready !!
  2. Outstanding I know both those INDIANA GEOCACHERS in the article !
  3. This Indiana Geocacher went caching in WV this past week , let me tell you about Terrain ... yep they have it and lots of it LOL ! Good Luck finding a 1 anywhere in WV .. just remember if you happen to find yourself that way ... There sure are a LOT of REALLY big HILLS !! ( we call em mountains but the locals told me once a few years back that "them aint mountains thems Hills !) Star
  4. wow , 2 years without a cache ... that sucks dude .. you need to get back up on that horse !
  5. WOw a week without a post ... where is everyone !! But then the weather has been prime for GEOCACHING in INDIANA !!!
  6. Its Going to be a good weekend for GEOCACHING in INDIANA .. but wait ... isnt it ALWAYS ! Star
  7. It may not be too late before you're addicted... That's ok! I'll just replace an old addiction with this new one! At least this addiction gives me some exercise! LOL Welcome to the Addiction ! Star
  8. Please add 4 more finds to our ISQ count !
  9. Welcome! Hope you are having fun with your new obsession, er, I mean "hobby". Next weekend (May 9) is the IN Spring Picnic - would be a great time to meet some other cachers and get some pointers, not to mention to find more caches! Mrs. Car54 I will be there. TTI - We had an event today down at the new ball park. Where were you?????? I guess I missed it because I wasn't aware of the event for some reason ... hummmm Sorry I did miss it though hope you all had fun ! Star
  10. We have been Caching. Saturday I went to the spring Fling on Mackinac Island and roadtripped the U.P. with a group of cachers. We got every county and delhorme page in the U.P. We did the western most cache and the northern most cache. We climbed the highest point in Michigan and got the cache up there. While in the U.P. we decided to head over and add Minnesota so we got all the counties along the top of Wisconsin and then found I think five caches in Deluth, MN. We seen so many wqterfalls and scenic areas and had an awesome trip. Plus I think we found over 200 hundred caches. Heather and Lexi went out this last weekend and did a few in Indiana while I was gone. So yeah we have been caching in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota this week. Outstanding , sounds like you had an awesome time ! Star
  11. Has anyone in Indiana been GEOCACHING ? or has everyone still been sleeping ?
  12. Weather this weekend is gonna be awesome for some GEOCACHING in INDIANA!!
  13. and there was an Easter Egg hunt , a new kind of game called furthest from the pin and plenty of rootbeer as well .... Star & Wulf (the ride of the l BAGO Weiner dog she missed Patrick ..was pretty upset that he didn't show)
  14. You can add 4 more ISQ finds to our ISQ tally making it an even 220 !! Star & Wulf
  15. We would like to say to one very small geocacher with an outstanding achievement !!!! CONGRATULATIONS ALI KAT ON 2000 FINDS !!! We know you and your parents are Wolverines .. but we consider you HOOSIER's and INDIANA Cachers just the same . Fantastic job for such a little cutie ! Star & Wulf
  16. Looking forward to this event gunpowder !! We love the Park and it has been awhile since we have been there! *just hope the snow goes away by then * Star
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