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  1. We own a few earthcaches and a couple of them get tons of logs everyday . We try to be adaptable with people logging in a group , as in one e-mail will do as long as the e-mail states the identities of the people wanting to log it as a find. However due to the high traffic nature of the caches in question We do require that the found log does not come before the e-mail that was sent . Lately we have been getting a lot of people trying to log a find and not send the required e-mail " until a later date " . If we receive no e-mail , we delete the log until compliance is met. This has sometime resulted in some rather rude e-mails after deletion, however we feel we have to keep it fair to everyone. Some have even accused us of being unsportsmanlike because there find was deleted because they had not sent the required e-mail . Yet having deleted their log for non-compliance they sure were fast to send us an e-mail telling us how terrible and unsportsmanlike we were ! LOL

  2. Hey there all you great and wonderful Indiana Geocacher's Had a FANTASTIC time down at Geo Woodstock X , was great to see you all again ! We hit our 3000th cache find at the Flash Mob at Church hill Downs in Louiville KY this weekend !! Hope everyone is having a marvelous spring !

    Love and Hugs

    Star of Team Tigger Int'l

  3. Oh! One more thing!

    We'd mentioned the Belle Isle event as a lovely reason to make the drive to Detroit and raise your finds by 80ish and it's now listed.


    Belle Isle Event


    Maybe I can talk the Mrs. into going


    Estimated number was 83. 45 new caches, was a cold day but worth it. Maybe next year?


    Also, the spring picnic is going to be at Prophetstown State Park in Lafayette in May. Another great time to meet some folks, cache, camp and generally have a good time. That listing is GC2JAW9.


    Again - welcome!!


    Mrs. Car54



  5. An easy way to keep on top of upcoming events in any province or state is to visit your own profile page and click the link for "Newest Caches in {place}" under Search Options on the right hand side


    Ontario would be here


    B) CD


    Thank you for that information, but telling everyone about events here will also let anyone coming to the area from other places know about potential events during there visits !

  6. Just a reminder to those Indiana Cachers , that like to go to Canada once a year for an event . Petrolia is this weekend ! Should be fun fun fun ! Would be great to see some new faces there to !


    Discover Petrolia Geocaching Event - V


    Gonna have to skip out on the event this year. Too much other things going on. Have fun up there


    Not you to Jeff *sigh* seems like you all are skippin out this year ... oh well maybe next year then .

  7. I'm going to be back in IN for a short vacation and am looking for some caching suggestions in the Huntington area. I would like fun, challenging (but not too hard), kid-friendly (9-15 years) caches that take us to interesting places and would be good to introduce another family to geocaching. Puzzles or multis are welcome. Looking for that WOW factor. Any help would be appreciated.










    Great suggestion!!.....we brought the friends we were visiting and they were amazed that this rock was here. They had never heard on it. It was fun to climb and we even found the cache! Definitely the WOW factor I was looking for!! I think we have some new geocachers. Thanks again!!


    All that needs is a lawn chair, some cavier and wine.

  8. My daughter and I started caching just under a year ago. In that time I have gradually increased my searches. She on the other hand has grown tired of it. I know it can be expected of pre-teen/teens, but we talked about what she does and doesn't like about caching. When she told me she really liked this series and would do more of these or any that make you figure something out, I started looking for some. Unfortunately it seems most of the series I find, some of the traditionals are archived and you can't get all the info you need for the bonus cache. She also said she likes multis where you find need to add something from the first stage to the coordinates and get the second stage and so forth. I'm asking for help finding anything of the sort in SW Michigan. We live in Battle Creek, but don't mind going to Kalamazoo, GR, Lansing, Jackson, etc... I only have her on weekends, we'd like to be able to wrap up the series in one or two days.


    I guess to boil it down to easier to understand language, she's bored with traditionals and straightforward multis.


    I appreciate your help.


    Jackson has some really tough puzzle caches , if she really wants them , but I just click a link from the one you posted and got a whole list of them ( link was "find all nearby caches of this type") , here is what I got :Mystery Caches from "series"

  9. What's going on Indiana? Forum kinda slow lately.


    Well, we've been sidelined since right before Memorial Day weekend, when I (Mrs. Car54) tripped over a gas hose while filling up the truck. I dislocated my shoulder and chipped a chunk off the rounded upper part of the humerus (sp?) bone. When they fixed the dislocation, the bone chip floated back into place, but I have to keep my shoulder virtually immobilized till it heals so I can avoid having a plate & screws. I should get the all clear - on the bone, anyway - tendons/muscle outcome still unknown - next week, 2 days befire we fly out west on vacation. I'll still be in a sling, but I'll be able to move my shoulder and cache!


    Now - aren't you sorry you asked? B)


    WOW I sure hope you are better soon !!

  10. As far as the maps go, I'm not overly concerned about them at this point. My main concern right now is what do I 'need' to use this thing for caching. I want to load my PQs and go caching. If I'm going to have to make a major investment, I'll return the unit.



  11. Picked up a used PN-20 last night and trying to decide if it stays or goes. I have no cable, no software, no manual.

    I have no problem with $20 for a cable and I can download a manual, but software looks like it's an issue. I see they sell a caching app for $10. Will that be enough for me to get out and hunt or am I looking at dropping money for X-Maps or some such?

    I'm looking to use it as a backup unit so I'm not planning on making a major investment.



  12. Team Tigger is moving all operations to Canada , in May ! :surprise: , If anyone is interested in Adopting some of our caches in Indiana , please contact us . Star is going to be moving !!


    Wulf is in a union and tries to move as little as possible. :ph34r:


    Anyways....anyone coming to play with us at the Belle Isle event this weekend?

  13. Just a not to those of you that know Big Mama D ... She was in a car accident and is mending . She broke her leg in 2 places (at the ankle , and at the knee) her shoulder and her breast bone . She is really bruised up badly , her eyes were swollen shut for a couple of days but she can now open them . She is currently in Parkview Hospital main , in Ft Wayne, room number will be given to those who ask. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers .



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