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  1. I realize they are against the guidelines, but I would LOVE to find a cache like them. They are so creative! I don't see 2 and 3 as bad. 1 because of vandalism and 4 because of the live tree. But 2 is hidden in an already dug pipe, and 3 is in a dead tree.
  2. The amount of Caches hidden in lamp post are ridiculous. The first one was creative, the second one was meh. I keep seeing more and more. I found 4 caches today and HALF were hidden in lamp post. I personally think the whole fun is finding the Cache, if it's going to be in a lamp post every time you aren't really "finding" it. It's more like walking up to it. I could understand one or two in my area, but why can't people be more creative? Oh, and the worst part is I seen an ingenious mystery cache, and after solving the puzzle it was hidden in a lamp post...
  3. I have only found one pill bottle so far. It was hidden in a lamp post... How original. Anyway, it was completely dry on the inside and had a few tradeable items, a mini flashlight and a toothpick.
  4. I assumed they would be run immediately by pressing "Run this query once then delete it". How should I go about making it email as soon as it's done since that doesn't work?
  5. I usually get my PQs within minutes I'm so confused it's been fifteen minutes and I still didn't get an email...
  6. I'm running two pocket queries. How long does it take for them to finish and get sent via email? Thanks for the help guys I set up my notifactions!
  7. For those of you who don't know I started geocaching last week. I've found 10 geocaches so far and recently bought a 3 month membership. I wan't to find some member only geocaches in my area. How would I search for that? EDIT: I just wanted to ask about another premium member feature. How do I get it to notify me of new geocaches?
  8. I bought premium member ship now! WOOHOO!
  9. well the reviewers don't know where exactly the cache is, so they have no way to verify how accurate the coords are. only if people end up not finding it, or finding it WAY off and saying so in their logs, and you don't do anything about it, the cache will probably get retracted. of course that shouldn't be an excuse for giving bad coords. you should always do your best to give good coords. I'll give the coords to the entrance on the dot. Going inside and finding it shouldn't be a problem, getting to the entrance is the hard part.
  10. i forgot to mention that in all cases i've seen where the actual coordinates were given, the coordinates were still pointing to public areas. in your case i would rather opt to go for option 2. if you go for option 1 (if it gets published at all), i would strongly suggest giving at least an additional waypoint on where to start off from. Okay, that seems like the best option. I'll put a picture in the note to the reviewer showing why I moved the coordinates slightly. I'm definitely going to add an additional waypoint showing where to start hiking in, it's quite a long hike in, (about 15 minutes). I wana make sure people know how to get in. Thanks for all the help! Out of curiosity how picky are the reviewers? Is there a low chance of it being published with the coordinates slightly off?
  11. Okay, I'm stuck between posting the exact coordinates, and telling people that it is underground; or just posting the entrance coordinates and telling them to go inside to the first clearing. Option 1 would be more fitting to the guidelines but runs the risk of people not reading the description. Option 2 would be a little less fitting to the guidelines but there wouldn't be much of a risk of people going on private property. I'll take a few pictures of the spot inside and outside once it stops raining. It should stop on Monday afternoon for sure, there is like a 50 - 70 percent of stopping on sunday... Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to take a picture sooner. I'll try my best, if I find a period of about an hour with no rain I'll try to get a picture of the area.
  12. I recently found my first cache. I've heard about Geocaching before but never had a GPS to do it with. So, when I saw an app of my Android that allowed for Geocaching I was more then ecstatic to finally try it out. I found my first one on 3/7/10 and it was my favorite find so far, the view was beautiful. I have found 8 so far now and I'm still looking. I want to hide one, I think I have the perfect spot. I'm going to hide it on a rain drain pipe. You have to bend your back and slowly walk through it and about 20 feet in you get to a clearing. I'm going to either A find a ledge to place it in, or more likely, B use industrial glue to place the lid to the wall so you can detach the contained and place it back on the lid. Maybe, I'll hold it down with rocks. The real issue is when it rains the water would wash it away... Another issue I have is that the clearing is that the "cavern" you have to go in is in the woods, but the clearing is actually under someone's backyard. It shouldn't be an issue because technically you aren't in their backyards, but if I post the exact coordinates maybe people would think it was in the backyard and you didn't have to go into the cavern and "crawl" to the spot in the ground. Could I just mention that in the description? I personally think this is more creative then throwing out the window of my car and into a guard rail. Oh, and here is a picture of the beautiful view of my first cache.
  13. I have never laughed so hard at a comment on the internet until I read this. It is so true, the basically do throw them out the window and into the guard rail as their driving by and getting the GPS coordinates without leaving the car (or slowing down).
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