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  1. I have a notification set for all new events published within 80 miles. I get about 7-10 events published a week on average within 80 miles during the summer, and about 4-7 a week in the winter. I check each page for a geocoin. If there is an event within 80 miles that has an event specific geocoin I am there. That is the number 1 criteria. I break it down into sections for events. 1 - 10 miles I am 100% there unless it is snowing or raining. 10 - 25 I will probably be there, assuming it has something more than (Lets go eat some ice-cream or pizza...) Anything more, even if small. 25 - 50 Must be pretty spectacular, a raffle, caches to find, big event, BBQ. The works. 50 - 80 Best better have a geocoin. The issue is, there is no way to do a simple notification for these, I have to physically check them myself. Which is quite tedious during the summer months when I get 1 - 2 new ones published a day. I mostly just want the geocoin one. Caches with geocoins or within 10 miles are the only events I go to, even if I didn't feel like doing an event that weekend. I think we need attributes like this. unique trackable cache hunt geotalk trackable trading raffle flashmob food included (I've been to quiet a few events at a pavillion where food was not provided) And much more. If I am feeling the strain of checking the 7 - 10 events a week, can you imagine the strain in an event prolific area? I sure can't! Anyone agree this is needed before I put this on the feedback? Any suggestions?
  2. wait a minute....where's Coldgears gone? I've been reading this thread. Just haven't had much I wanted to inject into the conversation of my own. I saw the post, and I agree. Quoting it and saying "QFT" or "I agree" won't help much. Within only 15 miles from my home location, this is definitely a local issue, even if it is not in my state.
  3. That will show them! They'll have to settle for your id showing up on their cache page when you log it! The audit logs count the number of times you look at it. Sometimes this can be intrusive, like when the CO feels the need to post a comprehensive list of the people who viewed it and how many times... For EVERYONE to see.
  4. Actually.. The cache is "Lady Victory" at the New Jersey capital. Honestly? Every single Occupy Protester I have ever met are among the nicest people I have ever met. You go into Center City and people don't want to talk, don't want to be bothered. You go up to an Occupy "protestor" and they make you feel like you've known them for 5+ years. I've had a few of them actually *HELP* me look. Couldn't find The Lady Victory cache, even with help. This is my third DNF though...
  5. That's the biggest issue. When cachers can't find a cache, they will do stupid things. Don't hide a cache that is hard, near something delicate. This is something the CO should start to do.
  6. Not at all. What I'm opposed to is people advertising those "other ways" as being the "solution" to the problem that the lack of a particular feature poses. Or, in other words, it's like saying: There's no need for a bridge, because you can already take the ferry! That doesn't help those who can't or don't want to take the ferry at all. Tell you what, while your waiting for the bridge or driving around I'll ride the ferry and be happy I have an imperfect way to get to the other side. What if you were paying $50 a year with the intention of them building the bridge?
  7. I want to do this. Geocaching is all about getting my stats and find count up. IMHO.
  8. I think you need to apply for it. You also need to have a reason why you want it when you apply.
  9. A short excerpt from one of my favorite logs. That pretty much explains it. I've never cared about stealth. Been "caught" for a drug deal because of it. I thought it was actually pretty fun explaining that the little bag was not used for drugs. The conversation went like this. "What are you doing? I got a call someone was drug dealing here." "Err, I was geocaching." "What is in that bag?" "Clearly drugs, everyone knows the best idea for selling drugs is to put it outside a church on a Sunday, in the middle of a snow-storm, with below freezing temperatures." He got a little POed, but I calmed him down. It was quite funny. Another time. Mall cop comes in. "What were you doing by that fence?" "Err, I was admiring the octagon tessellation..." "I saw you pick up something over there..." "Oh, that was a geocache." "Show me it." *I go over and pick it up* "Here it is." "Blaaah, no permission, blah blah, remove it, blaaah, I had to get a job as a mall cop because I didn't go to college and I am taking my frustration out on you blaaah." All of that is true except the last sentence. He was nice about telling me to remove it.
  10. Were you holding the "Found Ir" sign? Or was that the earlier webcam? We had people ask "What did you find?" They're every bit as friendly as anyone else. Possibly more so. But, with the number of people, one can keep his/her sphere of privacy by ignoring everyone else. Once, a lady was leaning against the sign the cache was hidden on. I dropped my back pack on the ground behind her, palmed the cache. Returned a few minutes later, dropped the back pack, tied my shoe, and replaced the cache. I was a foot from her! She paid me absolutely no attention. It was the Times Square Webcam I live approximately an hour away. I'm leaving now, watch the webcam... I am knocking that cart!
  11. Might be a problem for a 12yr old. I sincerely hope you didn't just imply I am anywhere near the age range of 12. I'm afraid you are closer to 12 than 21. I don't want to de-rail my thread. I just think that geoBain either was trying to agitate me, or was clueless. Either way, I felt compelled to say something.
  12. But I'll bet they aren't as much fun. I only visit there when I have a question. The members there have been very helpful and respectful. Are these people geocachers? I can't imagine someone who enjoys Waymarking but doesn't geocache.
  13. It's odd. I think the date should automatically be set to the date you list the cache on the site. To stop people from listing their cache as from 2001 and to stop people from keep updating it.
  14. Yeppers, This has been burning my butt for the last couple of days. Today was the last straw though. Someone was removing caches from the Medford NJ area, which is a short drive from me, and I have cached their a few times. Over the last few days, caches were dissappearing... "Did a maintenance check today, only to find three of the four stages missing. The hollow log hiding the final was also missing - that's not some kid finding the cache, that's someone's deliberate act of removing a cache. I think I know who, but why bother? It's just a game. Well, it was 8 years of fun. Archiving now." "This cache was removed by someone with an ax to grind. Too bad. Some people just don't know how to have fun. Arching now." "Yup. It's gone. Not sure why somebody would take a fake sprinkler head. Maybe we're another victim of the cache bandit, maybe they re-mulched. Our apologies to those that hunted in vain." That was okay. But now the guy is PUBLICALLY showing his displeasure. He writing Needs Archived notes, and saying, in his logs, that these are trash. "This piece of garbage has been disposed of. I am disappointed to discover that there are many who play this game and TRESPASS without any regard to the residents." "How does one come to the conclusion to TRESPASS though other people's backyards? IT should be OBVIOUS that it is only open to local residents." "THERE IS A SIGN WHICH READS: CRANBERRY LAKES CONDOMINIUMS PRIVATE PROPERTY RESIDENTS ONLY ANOTHER SIGN WHICH READS: PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING, SWIMMING, FISHING, BOATING ALL OFFENDERS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW. THESE ARE NOT NEW SIGNS. HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT TO READ? DO ALL YOU PEOPLE ROUTINELY TRESPASS? PERHAPS I SHOULD REQUEST TO THE TOWN COUNCIL THAT THIS ENTIRE ACTIVITY SHOULD BE BANNED IN MEDFORD." "I have removed several pieces of trash from this game hidden on private property without permission and there will be more." From my understanding, there WAS adequate permission gained. It was explained IN THE DESCRIPTION of the cache. This guy has not read it, and seems to assume that it is trespassing. It would be a SHAME to have geocaching abolished in Medford. Is there anything that can be done?
  15. I think I am going to go with a NM. I don't just want to notify the CO but other searchers as well. The cache is hidden in what I consider a small rural town. In a nice park by a manmade lake no less. No bushwhacking either. It screams to be a kid friendly cache. I would hate to do that to the child or parent. And if it was their first cache this might deter them from looking for another. I didn't remove it myself because it was a micro so I would have to rip off half the log and other peoples log. I don't think what the words means matters. And I don't know how to let you guys know without nearly saying it. I can email someone/anyone if they want to see the picture or feel they can explain it better.
  16. I found a cache recently, and on the log-book some local kids decided to write curse words, including the "P" word, the "W" word and said, "This is stupid" on the log-book. Would using a needs maintenance be okay in this case?
  17. I think you pretty much ignored my entire post. When you learn a game as you go along, if you do something wrong, you obviously fix your mistake. Others, who know the game, will tell you. The post I was replying to was saying there was not a valid excuse for logging a multi as a find unknowingly, I was disagreeing with that, nowhere, not one place, did I say I disagreed that the log is valid and should stand. In fact, if you can comprehend these words, may I direct you to this sentence.
  18. I dunno. I geocache in Philadelphia nearly a quarter of the time I go geocaching (One half in rural/suburban neighborhoods farther than 20 miles and other cities) and the other quarter my own suburb. I've geocached in New York once, i've geocached in Baltimore once. With Philadelphia being less than a half mile from me (5 minute bike ride...) I can't really say for sure what city I like best. I've had good experiences in Baltimore in New York, but i've had good experiences Philadelphia. On the flip side, i've had not-so-good experiences with Philadelphia along with the good. That being said, my not-so-good experiences were in the bad neighborhoods. I didn't go to harlem. I drove through the bad neighborhoods in Baltimore. I can't comment until i've spent more time in another city. Enough time to see, and experience the whole city. There is more to a city than the center where all the skyscrapers are at. You have to keep that in mind.
  19. Keep in mind, this is a game done for FUN, and ENTERTAINMENT, on your LEISURE TIME. If someone ENJOYS the GAME by going out and finding it. Does it MATTER if he/she didn't sign the log? NO! This game is meant to be FUN, and sometimes IT IS MORE FUN to learn the rules AS YOU GO ALONG. How many times have you played a GAME (ANYTHING, a board game, a real life game, a video-game, a sport or a card game) and just FOLLOWED ALONG with it FIGURING IT OUT as you go along? Probably a few times. This isn't a JOB. He HAD FUN, REGARDLESS of whether he found the FINAL. That is ALL THAT COUNTS! I DON'T agree his log should stand, but I think there is a VALID EXCUSE for not SPENDING ALL THE TIME LEARNING EVERY INTRICACY.
  20. Use an old pair of sneakers you don't care about, that way, if something happens, such as mud, you don't mind. You might want to invest in a pair of mud boots. I hate losing an old pair of shoes because they get sucked into the mud.
  21. I fixed my guide. I wrote it at 2 in the morning. I didn't convey some-things the way I would have thinking clearly. Now it should be a much better guide, with good information.
  22. First, pick what type of cache you want to hide. A nice park cache, with an ammo box at the end of the walk which is found moderately. An extreme 5/5 which is rarely found, or a lamp post and guard-rail which is found all the time. The harder the cache is to find, you'll get much better logs, but they will be infrequent. The easy caches you will get tons of logs, but they will mostly be cut/paste and a sentence or two. I would suggest a park cache, even if you can only use a micro. There is a vocal group who really like swag, but i'm going to go out on a limb and say most only care about finding the cache and signing it. That's not to say you shouldn't hide an ammo box, in fact, I only hid ONE micro out of all my hides. I actually have 3 more ammo boxes waiting to be filled. Why please 90% when you can please the other 10% also? How do you find a park? Easy. Go on the geocaching maps and look at parks, if there isn't a cache there, or it looks like there is a spot that has .1 mile space open... Get in their and place the cache. Try to go to the untapped parks, these tend to be in the not-so-good neighborhoods in the city, or parks in area's without many geocachers. This may require you to drive 10+ miles, but that really only takes a half hour or so. Plus, you'll be able to get a whole new set of cachers. Many people will not start caching if the closest one is a 5 - 10 miles away. Once they start though, cachers will go hundreds of miles. After you place your cache, get the coordinates on your GPS device. Then list it on the site, write a few sentences about the area/history, and your experience in this area and/or the hiding of the cache. If it is a suburban/rural park, you'll probably want to get permission, How do you get permission? Go to the website, and email them, they will usually foward it to the right person. If it doesn't really have owners/maintainers, and are maintained entirely by the community, and not with tax-payers/donation dollars, I honestly don't know what to do. I just hide them there, because there is a local park i've gone to for nearly my whole life, but I have no idea who owns it. It is suggested though, you get permission. This can be tricky. As for the guidelines? They are mostly common sense. Do you really need them to tell you not to deface property, put it near a terrorist target, or not to promit a nearby buisness? Not really. It's generally a good idea to skim through them once though. After that a reviewer will review your cache within about a week, if they don't, do it within a week don't sweat. If it's more than 10 days, and you live in Texas, than you might have a complaint. But that's about it. It'll probably be reviewed within days. If not that day. Than? You just wait for the logs to start coming in. There will be an intial rush of FTF hunters, and than another rush of people in the area who found most local caches and search for the new ones. Than you'll get a much slower, steady stream of finders from all over! If there is an issue with the cache you'll need to fix it. That's about all I can say.
  23. I just wanted to thank you 1000X I just found a nearby night cache, I didn't realize there was a time without attributes. The cache is from 2004. I can't wait to do it!
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