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  1. I've been extremely sick the last week. Didn't go to school, I have bronchitis, I'm taking anti-biotics and cough medicine. I have tons of mucus coming out of my throught, fever, constant cough... The works! However, I really wanted to drive 40+ miles to get the closest Wherigo cache to my house. I really want that Icon! I really think I am going to go tomorrow, but I know it'd be better just to rest. Have you ever geocached while being sick? Is it ridiculous to do?
  2. I found a $7 gift card to Red Robin's inside of a cache outside Micky D's... I had assumed it was used up. Hmm, i'll find it. Maybe i'll have a good dinner tommorrow...
  3. Clearly, this is the most efficient way from cache to cache. There simply is no argument to be had.
  4. Since when is danger an issue? There are no rules on danger. If you have permission to hide one in the middle of an electric death trap. You are, by all means, legally allowed to do so on this site...
  5. I'm pretty sure the guidelines state that they are not allowed... Even with permission. You could've fought it with Groundspeak. Whether it would be worth it though... That's another story.
  6. A souvenir for every state in America... But not one for the entire COUNTRY of france? I mean come on, not to hate on any specific state, but the Eiffel tower is world famous, and more renown than anything in West Virginia or Kansas. Shouldn't be that hard to come up with something for the souvenir!
  7. Yep. I found over a dozen in one day! A whole series of caches nailed into tree's! I find about 1 in every 15 is drilled into a tree. You could probably get it through the reviewer without issue. If not, than you are doing something wrong. You are supposed to get the land owner's permission, more likely than not, the land owner is NOT stupid and will not think it will damage the tree. If you don't get permission... Well... That's your fault.
  8. Look at the dumpster below. The fall would probably not be deadly. Maybe a broken leg/arm, but doubtfully deadly. I'd be more worried of the lawsuit.
  9. He sued for monetary compensation. I believe the motive is obvious.
  10. If you'd like to continue participating in these forum discussions, I will thank you in advance for refraining from applying pejorative labels to other states or countries. People from the Great State of Texas read these forums, too. This is especially true because you come from Pennsylvania, whose laws on attorney fee recovery are no different. Consider moving from that crappy state to a "loser pays" jurisdiction like England. I didn't mean the state was crappy. I think the state is beautiful, I meant the legal system was "crappy". I retract my statement however. Seeing as pretty much every state, including mine, has the same law. I still disagree with it though; maybe seeing it's success in England states will follow and add that law?' One can hope... Still, when all is said and done, I believe he would have won the trial. It's in the TOS that you take all responsibility for your actions while geocaching. He agreed to the TOS. The only one who should be sued is the land manager, and it was public land... So... Honestly. Sometimes there is no one to blame. Crap happens, if you don't have insurance, you can't just go around suing people. For example, a cousin of mine nearly died. She was getting a root canal... And then... Guess what? The Virginia earthquake happened. Her jaw is ruined, beyond repair. She could attempt to sue the doctor for not taking every precaution in case there was an earthquake, she could attempt to sue the company that hires the doctors for not putting up warning signs that there *could* be an earthquake. However, these would be ridiculous lawsuits. There is no one to blame. Stuff happens. I think that it should be self-explanatory that stuff can happen at any moment. He could have had a heart attack because he set his alarm early to get to the cache. He could have gotten injured slipping on the ice on the way out the door. He could have gotten injured in a car crash on the way to the cache. He could have been shot during a robbery of Dunkin Donuts while he stopped to pick up breakfast. Can he sue over these? If no, than why not? If the cache had not been placed, he wouldn't have gone out to get the cache. He presumably would not have been hurt. Same goes for searching for the cache a half mile closer. He wanted cash, plain and simple. Maybe he deserved it, maybe he needed compensation for his injury. I don't doubt that, nor do I blame him for it. However, in that case it is HIS fault for not buying insurance.
  11. Uh... Are there any states in this Union where the loser is always required to pay the winner's legal fees? If you don't mind, could you expound upon that pearl of wisdom? Since you appear ready to render a verdict, I can only assume you know all the facts of the case, as well as the applicable case law regarding each facet of the incident in question. Since you do know the facts, and presumably are not under the same gag order which the OP claims is keeping him silent, could you tell us what happened? As to Texas law not giving him a chance, can you explain that concept as well? If this case was resolved in the manner TGC claimed, it was settled out of court. The CO would have had to be a willing participant in such a settlement. How, exactly, did Texas law strip the CO of that particular right of due process? If he had lost the case, he'd have to pay the lawyer fee's, which is presumably a few thousand dollars, plus the compensation money. If he had won the case, he wouldn't have to pay compensation, but he'd have to pay the presumed thousands in lawyer fee's. Sometimes it's cheaper and better to settle out of court. If Texas wasn't such a crappy state, they'd make the defendant pay legal fee's assuming he lost. This would prevent "abuse" of the system. (I stated how it could be abused in my previous post). The way it is now, you make the defendant lose before it even begin, "winning" the trial means nothing. What matter's is how much money you'll have to pay. It that case the previous statement is correct. Nobody wants to prove a point (And spend thousands doing so) people just want to move on the quickest AND cheapest way available.
  12. I think Texas is messed up. If the plaintiff "loses" he should ALWAYS pay the other person's legal fee's. Otherwise, it makes it so easy to abuse people, just come up a lawsuit of any semblance of having a legimate reason, and charge someone with a good amount of cash (Enough to settle out-of-court) but not too much (Could prove a point with legal fee's) and you essentially win by default. The CO should have won this case. Texas law didn't give him the option to.
  13. I hate to play the devil's advocate... However... Many muggles convert to geocaching after finding one on accident, most sign their name in the log and find the whole thing interesting. Very few steal the container. If a muggle has enough interest to follow a series of fire tacks to see where it leads, and looks around the area of the final fire tack after a 20 - 30 minute journey to find a container they didn't even know was there... I seriously doubt the same person would be one of the very few muggles who would muggle the container. Rather, this person must love adventure, and go out of his way to do it, even if there is no tangible reward (He had no idea where it would lead, and that there would be a cache). This is the kind of person who would convert to geocaching.
  14. Yep, I've been debating archiving this one. This thread is really satire. I never meant for this cache to be so bad. Stupid mistakes all around. I used the Smartphone rather than the Magellan to take the coords out of laziness. I didn't heed my father's warning when he told me that it used to be a place certain individuals used to hook up at. (I thought it couldn't possibly still be one so many years later... I was wrong) I should've realized not everyone likes the broken bottles as much as I do. I shouldn't have hid it inside a vat of 7 minute itch poison icy and stickers. Great park, terrible placement. I've been taken to much worse parks in the city though, this is definitely one of the tamer parks. That's not saying much though.
  15. http://coord.info/GC2X1YE I love these logs. Start from the bottom, work your way up. People also forgot to mention the "glass bottle" road on the way to the cache (No dirt, only broken glass on this part of the trail) You decide! I think this hide is great, and I plan on hiding a cache in a park in an even worse part of the city, with coords even more off, and than wait for someone to fix them for me again! EDIT: And it will have even more posion ivy, and stickers, and 7 minute itch. I'll chuck it.
  16. Why would "geotalk" or "trackable swap" ever be on a cache listing? These attributes are only going to be on events... If people choose not to put these attributes on their events, I don't see the problem. It's better than no attributes at all.
  17. There already are attributes for "Parking/entrance fee" and "Kid friendly." Perhaps we could replace those with Ice cream served Pizza served Event-specific trackable coin available to help Coldgears with his automated decision making. To help others, why don't we also add: Sandwiches served Cookies served Potato salad served Soda pop served Vegetarian options Vegan options Kosher options Event-specific non-trackable coin available And let's break out the attendance numbers: >5 expected >10 expected >25 expected >50 expected >100 expected >250 expected >500 expected Or, people could take two minutes to read the event listing, which most probably will want to do anyway before making a decision. You could make the same argument with geocaches. 5 found 10 found ect. Food could be replaced with "golf ball swag", "Dollar store swag" Starting to see how ridiculus your arguement is?
  18. Sadly, no. I e-mailed the guy a couple days ago, and he said the coin is not trackable. It's a 2 hour ride, and not really worth it.
  19. This could be the issue. Is there a distinct lack of .1 miles to place a cache?
  20. Can the christmas ornament function as a geocache? That's what I thought, and I was thinking about buying it. But rereading it, it says nothing about being hidable.
  21. Since the town is quite small, you might want to mention that there is so and so many caches within 10 miles of the town. This will accomplish two things, it will help establish that it is not just in that town (I've had muggles ask me, "So this is done all around Philadelphia?" No, it is done around the world. More importantly, it will give people a better estimate. If a town is two square miles, that doesn't really give you much leeway, with most people living close to the border, it makes sense they would cross the border to find a cache. They probably cross the border daily for everyday things, such as tanning, food shopping, and haircuts. Maybe you could have it worded like, "There are 20 caches within are small town, and about 200 within 10 miles!" If you are the one being interviewed, answer the question like this, "There are only 20 caches in this town, but keep in mind, the town is quite small. In fact, within the short driving distance of 10 miles, there is over 200 aches!"
  22. I disagree. I have notifications for caches within 80 miles that are night caches, I have one set for high terrain/difficulty, one set for abandoned structures, one for private residence, one for team work required. All these caches are usually too far, I would never usually go past 40 miles to a cache. I am willing to go to 80 if it interests me. If I can set notifications based on what I like in a geocache. Why can I not do this for an event?
  23. To purchase an event specific coin. A coin only available at the event, usually relating to the event. These show up about once a week. This week is lame for them though, one isn't trackable, and the other is a pathtag. Usually though, there's an event with a geocoin every two weeks or so within 80 miles.
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