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  1. What I want to know, will 2016's leap year souvenir be the same? I could wait 4 years if it is, if they are different though, I'm making sure to get this.
  2. I wish, within 50 miles, only one is not between 7 AM - 2 PM, and there's a good 7 - 8 events! That one is in the middle of a forest too...
  3. I have school that day, and I can't miss any more school without accruing a fine. I was planning on finding a cache that day, but according to an event listing Groundspeak is giving a souvenir to anyone who attends a leap year event. I might be able to hurry along to an event and get in the last 30 minutes. It will really be quite ridiculous so I want to make sure my logic is sound. Where did Groundspeak officially announce this?
  4. Okay, comic sans has to be the worst font ever (It's the only font people have ever actually tried to boycott.) Anyway, thanks for helping me prove my point. I mentioned this in my second post (Before I had to clarify it). But I didn't do a good job explaining what I meant completely. Thanks.
  5. I didn't look at the username, and I certainly did not say "the other guy" as some sort of disrespect. I don't really look at username's unless it's important, an opinion is an opinion regardless of who it's from. Either way, you guys missed my point. Groundspeak doesn't ban railroad caches for danger, I get this. However, the reason railroads are considered trespassing (IE: you are banned from going there) is because of the danger inherently there. It is indirect. You missed the point.
  6. Coldgears didn't provide the best example, but I don't think he's lead the OP astray with bad information. I'm assuming that Coldgears meant caches can't ordinarily be placed within 150 feet of train tracks for safety reasons (cachers might wander onto or walk along the tracks) and for permission reasons (the tracks are private property), but they can be placed in a safe place as long as permission is given even if that place happens to be within 150 of railroad tracks. A better example than Coldgears: there's a tourist attraction in Craigellachie, BC where the last spike of the CPR was hammered in. There is a gift shop and a monument there, which is only a few feet away from the tracks, separated by a fence. A cache near the gift shop or on the monument would probably be allowed with permission from the owners of the attraction, even though it would be within 150 of the tracks. My friend went there with his family a few years ago and let me use his photos to help illustrate this. The gift shop is in the background of the first photo. Yes, you are exactly correct, and your example is even better than mine! And unlike the other guy who quoted you, I disagree with safety to playing an issue. Most lamp post and guard rail caches, are on private property without permission. The difference? The railroad people will arrest people for trespassing, because of the danger, and shopping malls don't care less because there is no danger. It may not be direct, but it does play a part, indirectly.
  7. Yes, I live in an area with plenty of public transportation (Actually on the edge, as any further away from my point and the area becomes too wealthy to make money off of people on buses). I can take a bus to anywhere in Philadelphia, than I have trains and The El. I generally take a bike and put the bike on the rack of the bus. The issue? I found every cache in Center City, and I found everyone in Northeast Philadelphia. The rest of the places in the city are crime-ridden, not somewhere I would go alone. Good news? There is always new caches being hidden! EDIT: Of course a car is a much better choice, as many suburbs I would feel comfortable alone. It's just that, a car is too expensive, I can get free rides when I need 'em, and public transportation satisfies my need for going it alone.
  8. I think the big issue is the way the picture is set up. The one the OP provides doesn't ring a bell that says "BRAILLE!" But the picture that proves it is braille does.
  9. Is that what the Guidelines say? No, I don't think so. B. No, but the guidelines are that. A guideline, not a set in stone rule. I've seen a few caches in my area published like that. Every reviewer interprets them differently.
  10. It's a case by case basis. If you put it in the woods 30 feet from railroad tracks... Probably not. But you could presumably get past the 150 ft guidelines. For example, hide it 80 feet away in the parking lot of a train stop. It would be very unlikely for someone to think it is on the otherside of the fence that they put up at all the stops (Which are too costly to put along the entire railroad line).
  11. You're right. BTW, why doesn't a "needs maintenance" count as a found it? I would assume that you'd have to find it to know that it needs maintenance. Someone could be returning to the cache to drop a travel bug, or just out with someone who hadn't got the cache yet. Could be they found the remains of what they are sure was the cache, and log a DNF, and a needs maintenance. (that could be iffy. I've seen that, and the CO goes out to check, and the cache is just fine.) Not every visit to a cache is a found it. Therefore the usual practice would be to do as you did. Log a find, and a needs maintenance, both. Without trying to open up a bag of worms, finding the remains of a cache could count as a find, if you found a log-book. I've found a destroyed cache which was promptly archived. (You could even log a find on the remains of a cache without log book, but many people here twist the guidelines around to fit there needs so let's say you can't...) A better example might be if you found the cache previously, and checked up on it with a friend and it was gone. Maybe there is an exact spoiler picture and it isn't there. If it's an indoor cache, maybe the place is closed for renavations for a month. There is a slew of reasons. A better name for the log would be, "Needs Cache Owner Attention", since sometimes it's not just maintenance it needs (which implies replacing log book, making the container waterproof ect.)
  12. I only see 13. Because he was looking at "All logs" not "All finds". He didn't know that a needs maintence did not play a double roll as a "found it". He'll log it soon, i bet.
  13. Ive never used gsak ill take a look thankyou. The FindStatsGen macro for GSAK does a nice job of doing this. No, what he is saying is for stats of his hides, the kind of stats nobody has asked before! You know what they say, no stat is too obscure for someone to want to have! Anyway, there is no way. Um, the FindStatsGen macro for GSAK does exactly what he's looking for. That's why jholly suggested it. You can look at my profile page or jholly's to see a couple of examples. Thank you, didn't need a vacation. FindStatsGen only does stats on caches you have found. Not ones you have hidden.
  14. Yes. 50 miles. There goes my plans to buy a seperate geocaching account tie it to an e-mail of someone I hate and do a 3000 mile radius of all logs on every geocache. DANG IT!
  15. Depending on the reviewer and how the cache description is... It might not be an issue. I've seen a simailar series of aches based on the 5 different Boy Scout motto things. Though in the description it just said it was hidden as part of so and so event for the boy scouts merit badge, and talked about the location and the cache. It didn't really have an agenda, referencing something != promoting something.
  16. yeah if you like "taco bell at 58th ave and thomas, take picture of yourself in front of the restaurant holding a double stuffed cheesey burrito" I think this is the third time now I have in a literal sense laughed out loud on these forums. Thanks so much.
  17. Yep, in fact, you only get the souvenir from that archived APE. This really POed a lot of the old members who actually found an original ape cache that wasn't the only one which seemed to stand forever. From what I recall Groundspeak's stance was pretty much this, "You get the APE cache icon for doing an ape cache, and the souvenir for doing the APE cache in washington." Yeah, you can never get that souvenir, it's pretty much expired. And so is finding an APE cache to most people. South America is so far out of the way.
  18. Yessir, this guy knows his stuff. This site is just a listing site; albiet, the largest and pretty much the only one for many geocachers. But a geocache is not made from being listed on this site. You could have just as much fun doing that as a group only, the only thing you'd be missing is a smiley, and potential finders...
  19. Ive never used gsak ill take a look thankyou. The FindStatsGen macro for GSAK does a nice job of doing this. No, what he is saying is for stats of his hides, the kind of stats nobody has asked before! You know what they say, no stat is too obscure for someone to want to have! Anyway, there is no way. Your SOL unless you go through each one individually. If you plan on creating more caches, or checking/updating these stats often and were infinity crafty you *might* be better off creating some javascript code that parses the current web-page for specific information and copy and paste it into Excel to create a custom graph. Than you could just compile a list of links to your caches and have a seperate browser from your own start up with 70+ tabs open. Than Ctrl V your javascript code into your url on each one, and press enter, then copy and paste the information into excel. Pretty much, you have a lot of work to do either way. EDIT: Alterantivly, you could just download the .GPX file of each of your caches when you wish to update, and then put them into gsak and create a gsak macro to get the information rather than a javascript code, and than from there copy/paste into excel. This might be a little more efficent. If not, at least much easier to get the information from a .gpx than parse a web page.
  20. Is it even possible? I had just renewed my three month subscription last week. I don't need any premium member features. Stats aren't that big of a deal. I never go out to find new caches in a FTF run, and I don't use PQ's as I have two phones and an Ipod which I spent a combined total of $30 for the apps for. (android, WP7, iOS) The only reason I continue to purchase premium membership is for the maps. I'm not even kidding. I have no use for my membership now. In fact, I base everything I do in the geocaching world on the maps. If I want to know if I can get a cache on an errand run, I load up the maps, use satellite view, look for nearby caches around the locations, and make a decision based on where it looks like they are. Regular maps just don't show if it is in a small woody area in the middle of the parking lot, or a lamp post. I plan entire trips using the maps, I have one planned for this weekend, a 6 - 7 hour tour around New Jersey to get about half of the counties. I made a custom route in google maps, and compared it to the same google maps on geocaching, and refined it until I made the perfect route. I wanted to finish it up, and it's been a tremendous pain, the maps are simply too different for a quick comparison. Especially without a high quality satelliete view. In fact, one of my favorite ways to pass time was stolen from me. To look at the maps and see all my smiley's. It is just simply too hard to understand the information on these maps, map quest is horrendous. Basically, I have no use for my premium membership anymore. Not that the maps were taken from me. Can I request a refund? I have literally no use for my premium membership.
  21. Simple, beer. So you were drunk? That's your reason? Are you judging me? Stop your PUI.
  22. Alternatively, you could plant a tree at the location and wait 70 years than cut it down and have a perfect tree stump in the ground you can use.
  23. I logged an event cache twice. However, in my case, they were two different events, two different times 5 miles apart, and 4 hours apart. Just listed under the same event cache.
  24. Well, the forums seemed to be overhauled. Took me a good 3 hours to find the Off Topic forum. Even with Ctrl-F.
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