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  1. I like that idea! Would be great to plan your geocaching-trips by train. Yes, and helpful for SEPTA's bus routes, and trains. It can be a pain to find the route yourself. This would make it much easier.
  2. I sort of did this with the grandkids. Cammoed eggs and hid them, no coord or GPS, but it was a blast. With a little imagination, I bet youcan have some fun. Yeah, my parent's did this for me when I was a child. They'd hide eggs allaround the house, and in the backyard, and I had to find as many as I could. It's not really geocaching by any stretch though.
  3. I live an area with the highest concentration of Lyme disease in the country. I know a lot of people with it, and many of them rarely go in the woods. This, however, does not stop me from geocaching in the woods. Or does it stop most people in my area from going in to woods for any reason. Be smart. Check for ticks. If you see a bullseye, get to the doctors ASAP and kill the disease before it's too late. Yes, there is a gross factor involved, but you'd probably swallowed a few gnats, and have had more than a fair share of Daddy Long Legs crawling on you. Not a huge deal.
  4. Ridiculous argument. "The few unavailable shows asside, the Netflix gives you simmilar feature to cable, allowing you to watch a large list of TV shows on a screen. Befor Netflix, the only way to do this was with cable subscription, and changing the channel. Netflix have been allowing serious TV watchers to watch TV without a cable box. Before Netflix, people without a subscription had to go over a friend's house or sit at a PC a long time pirating the shows, putting the various shows into correct folders. So all serious TV watchers either had a Cable Box. No, not so much. So Cable Companies are just trying to get back there somewhat, increasing their Subscription revenue stream. Can't say I blam them... However they should have mentioned this when you spent $10 for Netflix. I suspect that when it was relieased they had not planed that far ahead."
  5. Forks township is a rural "suburb" of Easton. A good 10 miles from Allentown/Bethleham.
  6. There is no official FTF. Everyone has a different view of FTF. The fact your are questioning whether it is a FTF or not? Don't log it. If you question it, you have your doubts. Go with your doubts, they are your stats, nobody else cares about them. Personally? I'd count it as FTF.
  7. I think the big issue is determining what counts as city. Do you consider just the tourist area's? Do you consider the Inner City where all the crime happens and nobody wants to visit (People forced there by poverty)? City borders are another issue. Some cities borders actually include the "suburbs". Look at Los Angeles, there really isn't any suburbs of the city. The suburbs are included in the city. Other cities only include the extreme center of the city, where all the skyscrapers are. Like Baltimore City, extremely small area, pretty much all the work buildings and the tourist attractions like the waterfront. Not many houses. The actual housing is in another county. Most cities meet on a middle-ground; workers place in the middle, inner city housing surrounding, and possibly a little "suburbs" in the extreme corners, with the rest of the 'burbs being outside the "city-line". It's just too hard to compile a list without adding a lot of specific criteria.
  8. This seems to be quite on topic.
  9. Please tell me, what hobbies do you have that are cheaper than $30 a year? All my hobbies cost much, much more. In fact, geocaching itself can, and has, cost me about $50+ in a day, just in gas and eating. Fly model airplanes? Hundreds to thousands for the vehicle, hundreds a year for gas. Play video games? $300 for the console, $60 per game. Like to Garden? $100+ easy for seedlings, seeds, and upkeep. Like to Scuba Dive or Rock Climb? Thousands for equipment. Hunting? Hundreds. Woodworking? Hundreds. Collecting? Hundreds to thousands. Yes, I would love, absolutely love to know what hobby I can have for under $30 a year. Geocaching doesn't even cost that, considering the price of gas, and eating out. Geocaching probably cost me close to 600 - 1000 a year. But, yes. Everyone of my hobbies has cost me hundreds. I have yet to find one under $30. However, since you can't afford it. I assume you have multipule hobbies under $30 a year. I would LOVE to be informed. As I have been searching for years for a cheap hobby... So I can have extra money too... Crap! In fact, I spend all my leisure money on my hobbies! Who'd guess?
  10. I'd really like to see both my thread and yours merged into one, seems really counter-intuitive for two.
  11. I beat you by SIX MINUTES! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=292228
  12. I just don't get it. I really don't. Is a gay geocacher and different than a hetero geocacher? What is the point of this thread?
  13. I thought Groundspeak had a close relationship with GSAK?
  14. They are, generally, the best containers going for our pastime. However, they ain't cheap and are not always appropriate for every location. Yes, I'm using a lock and lock to replace an ammo can. I have 3 ammo cans in my closet at the moment, but why replace an ammo can if it's just going to get stolen again? I don't want to throw more money away, but it's my best cache I've hidden. It's a catch 22, so I think a lock and lock would be a great middle-ground. I need to find a single one. Not a whole set. I am having trouble...
  15. For like, $3 or less. For a good sized one?
  16. I'm not sure it makes a difference, but which part of the "chris and annie" team was it? I sure hope it wasn't the "annie".
  17. The shortened link on my screen says, "Montgomery.PA" took me a while to realize that it wasn't the Montgomery county in PA (Pennsylvania) but that the PA was part of Patch shortened...
  18. Mah drug deala gives me dem 'lil bags.
  19. I spent $30 actually. Itunes Market, Windows Phone Market, and Android Market. Bring it to the blackberry, I'll buy the phone just so I can say I spent $40 on apps.
  20. Hi As I've explained below its been the whole sarcastic way its been commented on that has really got my back up. E Oh, I read your post wrong. I thought you meant that she found the cache using the map. Not that she managed to log the cache using the maps. The back-door is intentionally left there by Groundspeak.
  21. Yes. Happens a lot in urban caches (not so useful in the middle of a forest.) A friend of mine actually managed to get me a find. The cache was in a lamp post, but my phone was out of battery. Luckily, as a non-premium member, he memorized the location of the lamp post on the map. Wohoo a find for me. Not a big deal, really. People have been able to get to premium member caches through various back doors, since, I presume, there inception.
  22. Here's a thought. How about getting permission. Better yet... How about, if you don't get permission, grow two brain cells and DON'T use a PVC pipe. And, don't put it at the gate of a presumed terrorist target? I wonder if this thing even got published...
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