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  1. I was very disappointed to discover that even lists downloaded to my iPhone won't show up without cell service. I took two of my grandkids caching today where there was no cell service. The downloaded lists would not load. Finaccly I got one bar of service and the three lists I had saved to the phone showed up - with all the caches. We started off for our first and went down into a valley. We were fine and we found the cache. However, while I was signing the log with the kids and looking for something to trade, my phone went to sleep. When I opened the phone, the lists were gone and we could not reload. End of day! We could have done another three on the trail we were on. I hope this gets fixed. I have been a member for over 10 years. I maintained my premium membership for years, but let it lapse. I saw the new app's ability to create and download lists for non-cell caching. Now I have two set of grandkids that I've been out with and they love it. Unfortunately, most of the caches we go after are on forest trails with no cell service. I guess that we'll have to look for other alternatives. Is this going to get fixed soon? Summer is almost here. Mark
  2. I recently got my notebook blown out by a lightning strike. I am reloading all my software. I had loaded my Mapsource Topo maps to hard drive before, so that I didn't have to carry the CD's with me on the road. I did a search here but can't find out how to do that again. I have copied the Topo maps to the hard drive but it still asks for the CDs. Can you help? I know its a simple tweak somewhere, but can't rememer.. At least CitySelect let's you install direct to the hard drive!! Thanks Mark
  3. I purchased National Geographics South Dakota topo maps along with the version 4.0 3D and Streets Expansion pack. When trying to print to my HP Deskjet 882C I'm getting a lot of blank pages if I try to magnify the maps. I select the print to a full page option and end up with blank pages. If I don't expand, it prints fine, but I would like to magnify to get a better view of hikes on a smaller area. Has anyone else experienced this? Have a solution? Great program, but having some problems with printint - and with importing waypoints as I posted in another topic.. Thanks Mark
  4. I purchased the National Geographics topo map for South Dakota, along with the 4.0 3D and Streets Expansion pack. Now I need to know how to load waypoints into NG's software. GSAK and ExpertGPS exports to .tpg files, the older NG version. The new version file format is .tpo... If I export from MapSource in .txt format, NG says it cannot import it. So, the only way I have of bringing waypoints into NG is though my GPS. Which means I have to download all of the waypoints I want to see into the GPS.. then import them into NG. I'd like to be able to bring a lot of waypoints into NG from Mapsource or GSAK to look at them grouped on a topo map before deciding which to load into my Garmin GPS. Any ideas? Thanks, Mark
  5. Thanks for your help. I keep a databases for areas I'm traveling to around the country. You've helped me figure out a way to keep things updated, keep a longer log of finds, and get rid of some of the clutter that has found its way into the multitude of files that I have been keeping on the computer. Thanks a bunch.. And - Merry Christmas!! Mark
  6. After you run the queries, do you just import them as a new file, or is there a way just to merge and overwrite the existing file so that you don't have tons of .gpx files hanging around the computer? What's the best way to use GSAK to keep sites updated with new finds and caches, etc.? Thanks in advance for your help.. Mark
  7. I guess the disappointing thing about the Garmin, again, is that it shows you off the road on major streets and highways - and it doesn't have to do with number of lanes. I can use my Navman/iPaq combo and it rarely shows me off the road - and the times it does is when I'm hitting new construction areas where traffic has been diverted or altered. The "snap to road" feature is implemented much more effectively on units designed for road use. The Garmin 60 series and 76 series are not designed for that, so they are not effective as road routing GPS's. On the other hand, my Navman will not allow me to enter anything other that addresses, intersections or POIs, so it is worthless as a caching/hiking/biking GPS. I had hoped to replace it with the 60cs, but the 60cs is not in the same class when it comes to road routing and directions.. and on road placement.
  8. I would add that what MisterNixter is experiencing is not limited to the basemaps. I have a new 60cs with CitySelect 6 and experienced that drifting off the roads today on several roads - roads that have been here forever. I was also extremely disppointed by how it routes.. I looked up some waypoints I had previously set and hit "Go To" and the routing was just plain wierd.. sending me (if I would have followed it) several miles farther along minor streets, rather than major streets, including state hiways. I am experimenting with the routing, thinking that this unit could replace my iPaq w/Navman that I have used for the past 1-1/2 years. While I got the Garmin 60cs for primarily biking, hiking and geocaching, I had hoped I could use it all the time on the road - for regular use and picking up a few caches as I have time on each trip. I travel to 3 or 4 different cities per month, so rely heavily upon my GPS. Right now I would say that the 60cs does not make the grade with its wierd routing schemes. I have it set to lock on roads and it drifts significantly. I am experimenting with faster time, as opposed to shorter distance, but it has disappointed me so far. I have heard great raves about the 60cs here, which is why I bought it. I still think it's a great unit, but maybe not quite comprehensive enough software for the frequent traveler. It will eventually get you there, but not nearly as accurately as my Navman does. Anyone else have experiences to relate.. positive or negative?? Mark
  9. Upon recommendation of several here.. and a friend that I spoke with today, I have ordered the NG state map for South Dakota along with the 3D and expansion pack. It will take a few days to get here, but after I've had a chance to work with it a bit, I will post my thoughts here. I appreciate all of your input.. this newsgroup is very helpful to someonw just starting - and I'm sure will be valuable down the road. I hope as I get "seasoned" that I'll be able to contribute to others, as well. Thanks again Mark
  10. Where are you finding version 4.0? I don't see it at the NG site, 4x4 Books or elsewhere on the web. Thanks Mark
  11. I have read several threads that touch on mapping software, but I still don't have specific direction for what I'd like to use. I'm demoing ExpertGPS and Topofusion. Topofusion is very confusing and it won't imprt tracks correctly from my Garmin 60cs. ExpertGPS is nice because you can download maps and aerial views across the courntry, but the quality of the topo maps is not good. I have hear others mention National Geographic state maps, MapTech and DeLorme maps, as well. I am not looking for mapping to use live in the field with a GPS hooked to a computer. I just want a quality topo map that allows me to upload tracks, and to print those tracks for others to use. Also to plot waypoints or caches and print them to get a lay of the land. 3D would be nice but is not necessary. I'd like to be able to view trails and forest service roads so that I can plot some courses on the map, print them, and then download the track to my GPS. Quality of the maps for viewing and printing is important. Care to share your experience with these types of programs for a novice like me? Thanks Mark
  12. I'm using a Garmin 60cs. I have a couple saved track that I would like to export individually as gpx files. That would allow me to e-mail them to someone else to load into their GPS. Using ExpertGPS or Garmin's MapSource software, I can't find where I can pull an individual track for export. Can you help? Thanks Mark
  13. I'll give this another try with html this weekend and see how that works.. Thanks for all the info.. Mark
  14. My Bad!! I am a Garmin user and use MapSource, not MapSend.. so I am incorrect in my post.. got confused.. are all of Garmin users that way??? Can you forgive tjhis lowly Garmin guy???????
  15. I have an iPaq 3950 using PocketPC version 2002, so I can't load gpxsonar. I did load the older archived version, but the interface was very weak. GPSView could load, but it wouldn't load any file that I modified with GSAK. I do a pocket Query, then load it into GSAK and eliminate the caches I don't want to go after and then upload it to my Garmin 60cs. I could load that same file into Cachemate on the Palm. GPSView will open the Pocket Query, but will not open any file modified or saveb by GSAK. That means I have tons of cahes on the PDA that I don't want. You also can't delete or modify (add notes) any of the files. Looks to me like this is a case of the PocketPC being far behind the Palm platform.. A real pity.. my Palm doesn't operate well in cool weather - and has no backlight to see in dark or dusk situations. Any other solutions? BTW, Spinner did the same thing. It would convert Pocket Queries, but nothing that had been modified by GSAK - even when saved in the gpx format. Thanks for your suggestions...
  16. I asked this earlier on a different thread and did not get a response.. I have an old Palm that I have installed Cachemate on, and it's great. I like the menu it displays for the logs, description, etc.. and the fact that it allows you to decode a hint if you need it. However, my main PDA is an iPaq Pocket PC. I have it with me all the time on trips, etc. After a recent trip to Nashville, I figured "Why carry 2 PDA.s?".. So, the question is - is there a Pocket PC equivalent to Cachemate that gives you the info and would allow the hint to remain encrypted unless you really needed it? Would love to eliminate one of these beasts!! Most of what I can find on paperless is specific to Palm PDAs, so I'd appreciate input. Thanks, Mark
  17. Please be advised that the Topo maps do NOT give many street names. The streets show up, but are labeled simply as "Road." I have both.. like the previous poster I prefer topos for hiking, biking and geocaching, but need the CitySelect for road navigation. Both do what they do pretty well, but are completely different. Topo detail is 1:100,000 so it's not finely detailed, but it is very helpful as you look at your coordinates and the kind of land you'll be traversing. Mark
  18. I have an old Palm that I have installed Cachemate on, and it's great. I like the menu it displays for the logs, description, etc.. and the fact that it allows you to decode a hint if you need it. However, my main PDA is an iPaq Pocket PC. I have it with me all the time on trips, etc. After a recent trip to Nashville, I figured "Why carry 2 PDA.s?".. So, the question is - is there a Pocket PC equivalent to Cachemate that gives you the info and would allow the hint to remain encrypted unless you needed it? Would love to eliminate one of these beasts!! Thanks Mark
  19. I bought the training DVD for the 60cs and thought it was worthless. It doesn't get into any details of what you can do with the Garmin. Just the very simple basics that you'd pick up in 10 minutes playing around with it. I felt it was a waste of money. They spent more time on their fishing video promos - and that offended me.. FWIW - keep the money in your pocket! Mark
  20. Just wanted to mention that for about the same price (with the rebate currently offered) you can get a Gramin 76cs, which will give you 115mb of space. Lots of the same features, but the size of the 76cs unit is a little bigger, although the screen is about the same. If you are going to be using it primarily for driving, the larger size will not be a problem, and you get more than double the memory.. so you can put all of CA in at once.. The 60cs is a good multipurpose unit, but if I were primarily buying for the street mapping, I'd buy the 76cs in an instant... much more flexibility with double the memory.. not so much map swapping.. FWIW!! Mark
  21. My 60cs arrived last week with Topo maps. Figured out the paperless caching thing with my old Palm. Went out Friday and Saturday and logged three caches each day in our area. A great unit. I'm headed to Nashville this week and have uploaded a number of caches in the Brentwood area. I'm hoping that time will allow me to run around a few of the parks in the area. I have been very impressed with the 60cs.. can't attest to the accuracy because each unit may be off a little bit, but it has done what it says it will do. Battery life is good even with the compass and WAAS enabled. I've been in some pretty thick tree cover and a few deep ravines and it has held up well. It took me awhile reading the posts here and reading the reviews.. ended up getting it through Amazon for $366. A great investment. I have a son-in-law that is very interested in mapping mountain bike routes here in the Black Hills of Dakota. I bit the bullet and bought him a 60cs with a bike mount, as well. Was going to get him a Vista, but this one is so slick I wanted to give him a great one to get started with. I'll make sure he maps some moderate trails for my wife and I. I'm very pleased with the 60cs.. Mark
  22. Thanks for the tip. It works like a charm. Much faster and much less hassle. Now, my topos load up fast. However, I can't get any waypoints off the included Trip and Waypoint Manager CD. I installed it before and couldn't get anything off the CD.. still can't get any waypoints to show on the hard drive install either. Thanks again, Mark
  23. Does anyone know of a way to install Garmin MapSource maps to the hard drive so that you don't have to constantly keep inserting the discs? I have the US Topo Maps and CitySelect is on the way. Even when I just want to look at a couple things, I have to insert one of the disks.. and I am using maps from both the East and West CDs. Would love to have a workaround to save on the hassle of loading CDs all the time.. Thanks Mark
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