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  1. This worked! Yipee! Your "inserting graphics" link was VERY helpful and worked perfectly. Thank You! My cache is in the approval que. PS Your bar code cache looks very fun!
  2. This is exactly what I want to do! Thank you!! OK... so... I've saved my puzzle as a .jpg (and even uploaded it as an attached image). But how did you paste your puzzle to the main page?? Something about .html... I'm sorry, you lost me there. Also, how do I make the words "The cache is not at the above coordinates!!" red and large font (in the short description)?? Thank you again!!!
  3. Ok, we're pretty new at this, and pretty computer illiterate... so please keep your responses in as simple English as possible. We have created a crossword puzzle cache and we are having trouble copy/pasting the puzzle into the cache page. The puzzle is a Word table. I think I even tried saving the Word document in .html format and then copy/paste, but all that appeared were the numbers from the puzzle boxes and no visible box lines. Any hints or suggestions? Thanks!!
  4. The 4 of us will be out there on Saturday too, but probably an hour behind y'all! We're in the beige SUV with a big crack in the windshield.
  5. Are all of those wire connected to our TT tracking devices? [i planned a little trip to the In-Ko-Pah area with the guy who placed a cache up there called Paxton’s Vacation Villa (GCHK89). There were a few people who tried to find the cache but came up empty. So Gershon and I talked about going up there and checking on the cache. ] The trip to In-Ko-Pah sounds very FUN! We would be game for a road trip, but since we're traveling with kids it might be smarter for us to meet you somewhere along the way (so we don't slow ya down). Yeeee haw!
  6. Yummm! Pizza! Count us in too! We're excited to finally put faces with the names!
  7. Ok... drag and drop sounds really good to me. A quick look on ebay showed me PPCs by HP, Compaq and Toshiba. Any preferences? Caching is all that we'd use it for so the extra bells and whistles are unnecessary. They seem to be a little more $$ than pdas, but if PPCs as easy as it sounds, it may be worth the difference!
  8. Thanks! That's great advice - I'm glad we don't have to invest too much $$!
  9. We'd love to go paperless on our cache adventures. I heard handheld PDA units are the way to go. Is the Palm brand considered to be good? How much memory and speed is enough? How much memory does the typical cache page use? We'd like to download LOTS of cache pages for road trips and camping trips this summer. We are pretty techo-illiterate, so any advice is gladly welcomed!
  10. Wow! I didn't know a bone could fracture into that many pieces! What cache were you seeking? We want to stay clear of that one! Hope to see you on the trails soon!
  11. I'm glad this came up. I asked my husband this week if he thought we should always leave something even if we don't take anything. Kind of a "tip" for the cache adventure. We're still under 100 - so this "tip" idea may get old. I'm guilty of the TNLNSL, without realizing that that might be seen an an offense to the creator of the cache. Sorry.
  12. We found our first Calif geo coin today and are not sure what to do now... please help...
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