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  1. It appears they are doing this now that they have gone to Navtec data. City Select 6 came out about a year after City Select 5. The problem is no matter what even the latest software will be a year old due to the time involved in updating all the maps for the entire country. Thanks. So...does that mean you can down the updates for free? I couldn't find a link on their site. Maybe I'm blind.
  2. Why doesn't Garmin (the website) offer a yearly download to update their Mapsource data, especially City Select? The new City Select version which I recently bought is already outdated due to alll the new roads in my area. It would be nice if you could download an update every year which includes all new roads, highways, points of interest, etc.
  3. When you download a new map to your unit, it erases any existing maps which are on the unit. In fact, while the unit is loading, it will indicate, "Erasing previous mapset........." To load multiple maps, you will need to indicate and select them individually on the Mapsource software, then download all of them at the same time to the unit. Even though the maps are 500 miles apart, you can still select and download them at the same time. You can even download maps from different software versions, i.e, Topo and City Select at the same time. ------------------------------------ www.JackieandAlan.com
  4. I read on another thread that the reason Garmin doesn't have memory cards in their units is because it will compromise the waterproofness. ------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  5. A question for you folks in COLORADO: How do you get rid of all those mine icons which appear on your map. There are hundreds of them and they are annoying. Thanks.
  6. Last month I flew on United from OKC to DEN, then DEN to Oakland. On the first leg, the flight crew would not let me use my 60CS, saying that "it was against regulations," which is not correct, but I didn't argue. On the second leg to Oakland a different flight crew let me use the unit. I usually just ask the flight crew as I pass by the flight deck. Sometimes, the flight crew wants to see the unit. However, on the flight home, I decided not to say anything, and just used it at will. I waited until they announced that it was "ok to use portable electronic devices" (after takeoff) and had no problems. The flight attendents saw me use it and said nothing. I also turned it off during the descent when they announced to "turn off all portable electronic devices". That's how I'm going to do it from now on. Also, I've never seen GPS units listed in the "prohibited electronic devices" section of the airlines magazine.
  7. Mine was the same when it arrived. The knob/clip was used to secure it to the inside of the box. No plug.
  8. Sorry....not a download...but you can hit the "print" button and get a fairly good map. It's not USGS, but it's free. I've never used a password. That must be something new.
  9. Agreed. I've used the Mapsource topo since it was introduced and hike/climbed all over the Western U.S. with it. However, it is best used WITH a 1/24 quad like MapTech, or better, National Geographic Topo. A great free map website is Topozone.com where you can download free 1/24s all day long for the entire U.S. What I do is plot waypoints on the paper 1/24 map at the same time and place as I plot them on my Mapsource. That way, you always have a larger paper map reference (with more detail). Using both in tandem is much better than trying to scroll your unit all day long. Anyway, just my .2 c. ------------------------------ www.JackieandAlan.com
  10. Yes....I can add routes and waypoints all day, but can't add a new map without erasing the old ones. Oh well, the 60CS is still a great unit. --------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  11. Agreed. I've emailed them several times about this to see if they have plans in the making, but I get no response.
  12. Thanks for the responses. My suspicions were correct. I have downloaded Topo and City Select at the same time. The purpose of my original post was that I would like to keep my local area on my unit all the time, then download other stuff when necessary. Looks like I will just have to reload my local area every time. I got a new Topo after my old one quit working. I tried to burn a copy to keep in my RV. The burned copy worked, but the original discs would not read in any CD Rom afterward. Anyone else had this experience? ------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  13. I've used Mapsource Topo on my GPS III+ since 1999. Mine is the old V 3.0. When I got my new 60CS, I also got a new version of Topo. Anyway, one feature I've never liked about Mapsource is that when you download maps to your unit, it erases the old map set. I was wondering if there is a way to download a new mapset on the 60CS without erasing the old mapset. Suggestions are appreciated. Alan ----------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  14. Alan Ellis

    Good Deal?

    I had the GPS III+ for years and it is a great unit. It DOES support map downloads and I could download more maps than I could hike in a week. However, I must agree with others on several points plus here are my thoughts on the III+: 1. There are much better units for the outdoors. The antenna is somewhat fragile and I had to fix mine a couple of times. 2. The PC interface cable only uses a serial ports (no USB). All new laptops do not have a serial port so you can only download your maps from a home desktop. This is very inconvenient if trying to download maps while on the road. The Belkin serial port/USB adaptor is highly unstable and works only about 30% of the time. For a few bucks more, you could get a brand new unit with similar or better features. --------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  15. Whiz, I had similar "lock-up" problems with my 60cs. Then, the power button completely locked up and wouldn't operate. I couldn't even get the unit to power up. I sent it back and am now waiting for a new unit. If I have problems with the new unit, I'll post. Then.........I'm trying a different model or brand. Thanks for you diligence and pursuit of this issue.
  16. Almost the same thing happened to me on Christmas Day. I got a brand new 60CS. I played with it for about 2 hours when the Power button began to malfunction. The power button would no longer activate the backlight and it would not shut the unit off. So I changed the batteries and did everything I could think of. Once I took out the batteries, I could not get the unit back on. Luckily, my wife ordered it from Walmart.com. I could have exchanged it at a local Walmart, but none of my local stores had one in stock. So, I am sending it back tomorrow with postage paid by a label printed from Walmart.com. Walmart.com was very helpful on the phone. It is frustrating, but I should have another one in about a week. Has anyone else heard of the power button malfunctioning on a 60CS?
  17. I am the same person, and yes, I cross-posted on this forum and Backpacker.com. This post also appeared on Summitpost.org by a different person. I posted because I think it is important for the outdoor public to know what has happened and how it may affect us. My source is the bill itself and the real fact that the rider was passed along with the major appropriations bill. No, I'm not hysterical. I just have a genuine concern about access to areas which I'm already paying taxes for. Any threat to that concerns me....and should concern you. I am involved in many outdoor activities as you may want to note on my website. I am new to GCing and I don't want that to also be affected by some stupid fee imposed by some idiot congressman. I have first-hand experience on how the government can take away or limit access to outdoor recreation areas. If you don't think it can happen, you should check out the Access Fund website (for climbers) who battles access issues every day (www.accessfund.org). This new bill is yet another example of the government curtailing access to public lands through fees which we already pay taxes for. If you don't think this will affect free access to public lands, then that's fine. I hope it doesn't. If I have offended you or anyone else on this site by my post, then I apologize. My intent was only to inform and make aware of a very real situation. No.....this is not a "rant" as described by the less-appreciative reader. Alan Ellis ---------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  18. An Ohio congressman has forced a measure through Congress to implement permanent access fees for recreation on all land managed by the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Reclamation. Ralph Regula (R-OH) succeeded in attaching his bill as a rider to the giant Omnibus Appropriations Bill recently enacted in the lame duck session of Congress. The bill was never passed by the House and was never introduced, given a hearing, or voted upon in the Senate. Omnibus bills are considered “must pass” legislation because of the potential for a government shutdown. Some members of Congress use riders attached to them as a way of getting funding for pet projects often referred to as “pork.” Regula’s bill, HR 3283, allows the federal land management agencies to charge access fees for recreational use of public lands by the general public. The Regula bill will go into effect when Fee Demo expires at the beginning of fiscal year 2005 unless the new congress acts to derail it. Its key provisions include permanent recreation fee authority for all National Forests and BLM land. Failure to pay the fees will be a criminal offense punishable by up to $5,000 and/or 6 months in jail. Drivers, owners, and occupants of vehicles not displaying either a daily or annual pass will be presumed guilty of failure to pay and can all be charged, without obligation by the government to prove their guilt. The bill also establishes a national annual pass expected to cost $85-$100 initially. THIS AFFECTS ALL NATIONAL FORESTS, BLM, WILDLIFE REFUGES, WILDERNESS AREAS, AND OTHER PUBLIC LANDS. BEGINNING OCTOBER 2005, ACCESS TO THESE AREAS WILL COST AT LEAST $85.00/YEAR PER PERSON. THIS BILL WAS SIGNED BY GEORGE BUSH ON DECEMBER 6. IT IS A DONE DEAL. THE ONLY THING TO DO IS TO WRITE, FAX, OR CALL YOUR U.S. CONGRESSMEN TO RESCIND IT IN THE NEXT CONGRESS. This is the bill: H.R. 3283
  19. I've used a Garmin III+ since it first came out. I've been using it for backpacking and mountaineering for several years and found that it was not very durable (antenna). The accuracy is questionable and it doesn't do well on the dash due to its weird shape. The worst thing was that my laptop didn't have a serial port so I had difficulty downloading maps via the Belkin adaptor while on the road. Now, I have a 60cs and all problems are solved. The unit itself is what got me interested in GCing because of the GC feature. Before that, I didn't know Geocaching existed. Thanks Garmin! ----------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  20. Mmmm....not that I would do this, but wouldn't this be an easy way to let someone "borrow" your Mapsource software without purchasing it? Seems like it should be more difficult than that. Just thinking....
  21. Alan Ellis

    Best Gps Unit

    Neo... Thanks for the links. I had no idea you could create your own maps. Alan
  22. Speaking of the locks and codes for Mapsource...... Are the "unlocks" for the entire CD or can you specify a certain area? Also.....When you download a new map, is there a way to keep the current maps on the unit, or are they overwritten every time? What I want to do is keep my local city map on my unit all the time and occasionally download different maps depending on what new place I go to. Thanks for the help. ------------------------------------ www.JackieandAlan.com
  23. LICENSE? We don't need no stinking license! Although a license is technically "required" for GMRS, very few people get one. However, I felt guilty and bought one. One of the reasons you need a license is that the GMRS radios use privately owned repeaters. That's how they get the extra range that the FRS radios can't get. It can sometimes P-off some of these owners if their repeaters are being used. However, I've never heard of anyone having a problem with it. The license is $75.00 for five years. GMRS Information -------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  24. I agree with getting the Motorola brand. Get a GMRS with at least a 5 mile range. The T5000 are a good model at about $40 bucks a pair at Walmart. I highly recommend getting radios which use AAs or other replaceable batteries instead getting the rechargeable type of radio. That way, in the field, you can change your batteries if the radio goes dead. My radio uses AAs because that's what my 60CS uses. Then, I only have to carry one type of extra batteries. ------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  25. Thanks for the advice. I plan to look for my first cache this weekend.
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