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  1. Garmin GPSMAP 60CS for sale. I'm upgrading to the CSX to I wanna sell my 60CS. Included is the USB cable, manual, and original box. I've had the unit for 2 years. It has experienced a few "lock ups" which was easily remedied by turning the unit on and off or removing the batteries and reinstalling them. Otherwise, it works perfectly. $100.00 includes free shipping. Payment through Paypal or U.S. Postal money order. Send PM or email to alan@jackieandalan.com
  2. Here is the direct link for the 1/24 maps of Colorado: http://www.abovethetimber.com/GPSmaps.htm I purchased these maps a few weeks ago and am very pleased. The software loads easily into Mapsource and are usable exactly like Mapsource. Roger (the owner/designer) provides fast customer service through email if necessary. My only complaint is that the maps are only available for Colorado, but that is probably because Roger is from Colorado.
  3. Agreed. However, if they now have it on the 376c, what is to stop them from developing a hand-held weather unit. I would like the weather on a hand-held because I do a lot of stuff outdoors in addition to GCing.
  4. I read somewhere that they were developing a hand-held unit with weather capability like the Garmin 376c has. However, it was a very vague and untrustworthy reference. Even so, it would be a nice to have a hand-held unit with real-time weather radar, etc.
  5. Just got a Forerunner 301. Not much good for GCing, but it is outstanding for running, biking, and other fitness sports. I'll stick with my 60CS for GCing. ---------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  6. New products: Not much there that I'm interest in. Heck, they are still trying to work out the bugs of the 60 series. Sounds like they are trying to compete with Magellen rather than introduce new units.
  7. I have had very good price, service, and selection from www.gpsdiscount.com. -------------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  8. The same thing happened to me but happened after only one day of use. I sent it back to the dealer and got a quick replacement. --------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  9. It appears you have the Russion version of the 60CS. Call service. They are quick and helpful. AE ------------------------------------------ www.JackieandAlan.com
  10. Here's another Easy GPS question: When I download the waypoint from GC.com to Easy GPS, I can't get more than one waypoint at a time on the Easy GPS list. Thus, I can only send one waypoint at a time to my unit. When I download more than one waypoint from GC.com, it puts the waypoint on a separate Easy GPS page. What I want is for all the downloaded waypoints to be on one page so I can send them to the unit all at once. Any ideas? Thanks. -------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  11. You have to change the waypoint symbol to the geocaching icon (treasure chest) on your unit or save them as geocaching (treasure chest) icons on your mapsource software before downloading them. All geocaching (treasure chest) icons will show up when you use the "Find Geocache" menu of the "Find" page. Once found, you have to manually change them to the new icon (open treasure chest). The same with using Easy GPS software. You must change the icon to the little treasure chest (before downloading) if you want to use the Geocaching mode of the unit. The 60CS recognizes the treasure chest icon and automatically puts them in the proper folder for viewing in the "Find Geocaching" menu.
  12. Learned about it while researching to buy the Garmin 60CS. ------------------------------------ www.JackieandAlan.com
  13. Is the $20 upgrade a download from the Topo site? <Looking at Topo site> AE
  14. I must be missing something with my National Geographic Topo (Colorado) software. I cannot seem to download waypoints/routes via USB to my 60CS. In the setup mode, I can't find a USB option. I have version 2.6.4 Does NG suppport USB? Is there an update or USB driver I can download? Thanks. Alan ---------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  15. Mine worked fine too until I installed 3.9. How do I erase 3.9? I emailed Garmin and explained the problem. I'll post their response when I get it. AE ---------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  16. The map page of my 60CS sometimes locks up when I am in the "Off Road" mode of "GO TO". I turn it off, then back on, and it works fine. I recently downloaded 3.9, so I have all the updates. Any thoughts? Thanks........AE. -------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  17. Thanks for the replies and the help. AE ------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  18. Some of the things in the caches are interesting, but I mostly enjoy just finding the cache. I really don't have a desire to take and leave anything. I did take a TB once because I plan on moving it along. Otherwise, that's it. Is this OK or am I expected to take and leave something every time? Thanks........AE ----------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  19. Mountaineering, skydiving, rock climbing, RV travel, sippin' Wild Turkey, thinking about retirement in exactly four years and 16 days. -------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  20. Howdy, I'm a lurker on these boards, but I've posted a bit on GPSr threads. I didn't even know GCing existed until I read about the 60CS features on the Garmin website last year. I recently hurt my back (herniated disc) and decided I wanted to give GCing a try because I couldn't do some of my other sports. But now that my back is better, I still wanna GC. Anyway, hopefully, you'll see me post a little more on these boards once I learn more about the hobby. So far, it seems that there are some great people on this site and everyone is passionate about GCing. See you at the cache... AE ------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  21. Ladycatcher: Will they make your coins with sequential numbers? What company are you using? Thanks. AE ------------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  22. Mountaineering, rock climbing, skydiving, RV travel, sippin' Wild Turkey. ----------------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  23. Sorry, I'm using a 60CS and Mapsource. Is there any other? Thanks for the help. AE ------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  24. Out west, especially in Colorado, the hundreds of mine symbols on the screen are annoying. How do I get rid of them so I don't have to look at them on the unit screen? I know how to reduce the detail of the display, but that also gets rid of other symbols which I want. I was looking to get rid of only the mine symbols. Any ideas? Thanks. AE ----------------------------------------- www.JackieandAlan.com
  25. why would they give out maps for free? Not the maps for free....only the updates. In other words, I already purchased the maps, but they soon become out of date with new roads being built etc. Why can't they provide a yearly update via a quick download?
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