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  1. I think the support for this cable has been removed as you said. I reinstalled 2.40 software, and I can see the NMEA sentences coming in and that's it! No Satellite info, etc. I cannot do anything else like reading the software version, sending commands to the Colorado, etc. Hopefully Garmin will enable some kind of serial cable support. Can you Garmin?
  2. You can hook up with a USB cable and use Garmin's "Spanner" program to emulate a serial port or if you want more flexibility, Franson's GPSGate. Yes, I got this program Franson's GPSGate, but this is a program, it reads from the Colorado only, the serial cable is two way communication, it can send and receive. I am interested in sending commands to the Colorado. There are a bunch of them.
  3. I bought the Garmin USB to Serial Cable , connected it to the Colorado 400T, but the Colorado says that "This accessory is not supported" I changed the interface to Garmin Spanner, to Garmin Serial, etc, but the Colorado keeps saying the same thing: "This Accessory is not Supported." Per the Garmin Colorado FAQ at wikispaces.com step H11 says that the Colorado 400t supports this cable, this is not my case. Was this cable supported by the Colorado originally and not anymore? I have a couple applications that are looking for a GPS serial cable and not USB. Any idea any body?
  4. Here is a picture of the GPS cheap inside your Colorado 400T. Here are the specs: 1.Frequency:L1, 1575.42 MHz 2.C/A Code:1.023 MHz 3.Channels:14 / 32 <-- This don't match, Garmin is using 12 channels only. 4.DGPS:RTCM protocolWAAS, EGNOS, MSAS 5.Dimension(LxWxH):9 x 6 x 1.3 mm 6.Reacquisition Time:<1s 7.Hot start:1s 8.Warm start:33s 9.Cold start:36s 10.Sensitivity:Acquisition: -146dBm(Cold start) Reacquistion: -156dBm Tracking: -159dBm 11.Update Rate:Up to 5 Hz 12.Power Consumption:Acquisition: 37mA Tracking: 22mA 13.Operating Temperature:-30 ~ 85 14.Storage Temperature:-40 ~ 125 15.Operating Humidity:5% ~ 95%(no condensing)
  5. Yes, this is true. So far I have expended about 100 Dollars on batteries, charger, etc. I re-read 10 times the specs, and I could not find anything talking about that: Need to expend extra money on batteries!'
  6. Not sure if this issue has been addressed in this forum or not, but I read some place else about the Colorado timer running too fast, so I decided to run a little test between the Colorado and the Etrex. Take a look at this picture, in 32 minutes the Colorado is already ahead of the Etrex by 13 seconds! I think the same is happening with the Colorado odometer.
  7. I have the Colorado 400T, and I know this issue has been addressed somehow all over this forum, but I have not read anything about my problem. Take a look at this picture The blue arrow is where I am actually driving, however, the Colorado "thinks" that I am still on the freeway! It take forever to update my new route. I contacted Garmin about this problem, they told me to disable the TOPO map which I did, that improve my issue a little bit, but still happening. The same happens on the street specially the first time I deviated from a route. I have NT 2009 and the Beta 2.51 code loaded. On top of that, I have all the problems addressed on this forum, here are the most annoying to me: 1) Barometer does not work when POWER is off. 2) Jumping around infrequently and unpredictably. I have the Etrex Vista HCx as well, and this baby updates the route very quick!
  8. It sees the whole thing. It's a Transcend, got it a newegg.com
  9. I have a 16GB SD card, I decided to stick it into the Colorado 400T, and voila! The Colorado reads it! Not sure what to do with so much space in the Colorado 400t, anyway.
  10. My little thing Etrex Vista HCx re-routs very quick, much quicker than the SLOW Colorado!
  11. Thanks a lot for the finding. I was looking for this feature as well.
  12. Garmin Etrex Vista HCx in perfect condition, NT 2008 loaded in a microSD card. Asking $250.00 Bought the new Garmin Colorado T. If interested, email me at raxxal@yahoo.com.
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