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  1. There is a new update for the Colorado 400T. This is software version 2.80. I just ran webupdater, and installed with no problem. Raxxal
  2. I have a Honda Fit with the same navi. From what I observed so far, the only way is to use the pan button to move to where you want to go then you will get an address that the navi will ask you if you want to navigate there. You can also request by voice your current position (not sure at this time if in this option you might be able to enter a cord) I have not tried that, I mean moving the pointer to where I want to go, and get the lat/long or address from there, I will try that later on today. Oh well. Othere than that, the GPS works very well, I love the re-routing capability, very quick, don't you agree? My Colorado is VERY lazy regarding that feature. Raxxal
  3. Thanks for the reply. Too bad they don't add this feature to the dash-mounted GPS. Raxxal
  4. Does any body know how to enter the lat/long on a Honda Civic 2009 GPS? I read the entire manual and no clue how to enter the lat/long. Kind of odd because if you want to go to a place that you don't know the address but you can get the lat/long, let's say, from Google Earth as I have done many times, you cannot do that on this Honda GPS. Raxxal
  5. This means you bought your GPS and/or maps during the period after City Nav 2009 was announced. That is why you get the free upgrade. Also, its good for a month from the time you see the notice; thus the 22nd of October. Regrettably not everyone gets a free update. I know that there was a free update if you registered your maps after March 1st. I know this because I registered mine on leap day February 29th and they told me I was screwed and was not eligible for the update. ETA: I just checked and since I traded my Colorado in for an Oregon I do get the upgrade. Thanks for starting this thread. What procedure did you follow to get an exchange, if you don't mind sharing? Thanks!
  6. The California model is even much better, they say.
  7. Easy to use, touchscreen interface I am either an old-fashioned guy and refuse to learn new stuffs, or I am used too much to the Buggy Colorado, but touchscreen on a GPS device? Really, don't call my attention at all.
  8. How about icons for waypoints? How about recording barometer pressure changes when the unit is off? Advertised witht the Colorados, but it doesn't work!
  9. Yes, this is happening with my Colorado 400T. I have the firmware 2.54 installed. I will be calling Garming this coming week. I was expecting this to be fixed with the new firmware, but if this is a hardware issue, no firmware will ever fix this problem! By the way, this issue was not listed as fixed or improved with the new firmware.
  10. They moved or keep moving the link, this is the new link .
  11. Yes as of the new 2.54 update Cool! I will try it out very soon.
  12. Here in the UK we have 12,000 speed cameras. I am lost here. The Colorado did not have proximity alerts before. Does it have now? * Corrected behavior of proximity alarms in custom points of interest. <--- I guess they fixed that. I have to try it.
  13. I think the idea of having a GPS specially these days that gas is very expensive is obvious. For example, the other I took a trip, the route that I had in mind was 7 miles longer, since I have a GPS I just punched the address, and bingo! It gave me a shorter route.
  14. It happened with the 2.51, I was expecting this to be fixed. Take a look a this picture. It's really bad. This thing will lost you very quick!
  15. I think Garmin has abandoned the Colorados! Wow! No software update for a long time! Are they re-writing the whole thing again? If that were the case, how long does it take to re-write the software?
  16. May I suggest that you go back up and read post #9? Well, post # 9 is refering to how assisted GPS works. My garmin GPS works fine when I fly, I love to see speed, direction, the estimated time to destination(ETA), estimated distance to destination(EDD), etc. These assisted GPS phones will not work at 30 thousand feet up in the air.
  17. Believe or not, this phone is not a truely GPS, It's assisted GPS. Just read the Apple tech specs.
  18. We all know about the issues that the Colorado has, but this reroute issue bugs me a lot. The main reason I bought this unit is to help me drive around here in Los Angeles. This area where I see this problem, traffic is a mess most of the time, so I take a detour which I know very well. The Etrex Vista HCx finds the new route very quickly. Why not the Colorado?
  19. The unit was down in the seat. I called Garmin about this issue, Garmin told me to master reset the unit. The master reset did not help at all. My unit does the same thing, sometimes it find the new route very quickly but if I am on the street, this area where I see this problem all the time, it never find a better route until I am about a mile or so away from the original route.
  20. This issue bugs me a lot because this an area here in Los Angeles that the traffic is kind of crazy. This area is a place where two freeways merge, lots of traffic, if you miss an exit, you are going to be late at your destination! The detour I take has many turns, I have drove this are for many years, I know the detours very well, but this thing reroute until I am about a mile or so away from the freeway! My Goodness! If you don't know the area, and you take the detour I take, by the time this thing reroute you, you will be some place else. I thought that the idea of a GPS was to help you to find the best route for you and quick.
  21. Not knowing the Colorado (I've got a 60CSx) - here's a couple of questions: What map product are you using to navigate? What was your EPE at that point? Were you "locked on roads" ?? I am using Navigator NT 2009. No, I was not locked on roads. I have the Etrex Vista, and this little thing it reroute very quickly. Why not the Colorado. I called Garmin, they told me to unselect the TOPO map, but it did not help at all.
  22. Since the Colorado 400T is a GPS with auto routing capability, I want one issue to be fixed: Be able to re-route much quicker and more accurate. For example, If I am going to point A, and on my way to point A I take a detour, this thing take forever to tell me that I am not following the original route, some times it does not reroute at all! Take a look at this picture. I am about a block away from the original route! For navigation, this is unacceptable to me. Of course, there is the long list of issue that need to be fixed: the barometer not recording when the unit if off, shutting itself off, etc, etc.
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