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  1. I hope no one objects to my promoting the activity of another website devoted to a simular hobby called "Letterboxing". The said alternative to the "caching" hobby has become quite large in the Puget Sound Region. If you are interested in visiting the Letterboxing Mini-Gathering Event in Tacoma, WA., please use one or more of the following links. The 1st link doesn't require your to be a member. However, the 2nd link requires you to Register with a Username & Password. {Links removed by moderator} /\/ \/\
  2. Thank You ClioMouse for the update! Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will visit Pendergast Park and attend to my own caches. Those that are found missing will be filed under the heading of The Twilight Zone. /\/@@\/\ Fledermaus
  3. I am seeking information about how usefull the Magellan GPS 3000 is for geocaching. A couple of days ago, I found this at a garage sale(w/case) for $15. Yesterday, I downloaded the manual from Magellan. 82 pages of instructions are great for telling me how it works, but that doesn't tell me it's accuracy in the field. I'm hoping that someone out there is familiar with this unit and can give me a few clues! /\/oo\/\
  4. I have not nor have I ever been interested in "Paperless Caching" in the past, until now. Therefore, forgive my ignorance, if it is showing, about the usefullness of PDAs and such. I recently acquired three D.O.A. Palms(Palm M130, Palm M515 & Palm IIIx) and accessories(fitting the Palm IIIx series), such as a large docking station/keyboard, computer interfaces, carrying cases, software, manuals and more. I have already tried to charge them, as well as reset them, but they seem to be unresponsive, except for back-light on the IIIx. Rather than throw them all away, I would prefer to use what I have, along with a New or Working Used Palm unit. My requirements are that whatever I buy must be equiped with dependable version of Cachemate or other geocaching related software and that it operate on removable batteries. It is my understanding that those with internal battery packs can be somewhat pricey for replacements. Any advice you may have will be greatfully appreciated. /\/oo\/\
  5. Since GC has guidelines that very strongly address the permission issue, prior to the placement of a cache, perhaps you might want to read MY POST over in the general area. BTW, if you place a cache on private or company land and have permission from the owner/manager to do so, doesn't that person have the right to know who you are and what you are there? The last I heard, there was no real way to tell a geocacher apart from a trash dumper, unless one of them has a GPS in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, and not carrying a large black garbage bag or leaving behind a wrecked care.
  6. 1. How many of you actually take the time to ask permission before placing a cache into a city, county, state or federal park or any other public lands such as DNR, BLM and etc.? 2. Do you just take it foregranted that because it's public land and you pay taxes that you can do anything you want on public land? Apparently, GC thinks that asking permission is a very important issue! 3. Did you know that many of the parks governed by cities, counties and states have what are called "Use Permits", which in many cases involves fees appropriate to the activity planned? If you know all of this and still say that "I don't care" or see no need to ask permission, then how come the GC Guidelines specify the importance of have permission of the land owner and/or manager before placing a cache? See the following: GC Guideline: "By submitting a cache listing, you assure us that you have adequate permission to hide your cache in the selected location." I personally took this guideline to heart when I went to my local city parks & recreation department and acquired a permit for the paulty some of $10.00 a year. This allows me to place caches into any of my city's parks, and that's a lot of caches. If my city really wanted to, if given justification, they could remove all of those caches for which there are no permits on file and even charge their owners with a fine. So now you are probably wondering why am I making a "big deal" about this subject? Well, it's because it's important to respect the public lands, for they are there for all of us, not just geocachers. Also, read the following example that I hope never gets repeated. A True Story: In my area several years, there was a cache placed within a local state park and it was there for several months. The Park Ranger became aware of the geocaching hobby, after hearing about it from another Park Ranger and his superiors. He checked out the GC website and discovered a cache was in his park and he took a very strong action and confiscated it. It even got into the local forums and the sparks were flying! A few years passed and I come along and apparently ask the very same Park Ranger/Manager for permission to place a cache. After setting up an appointment and a latter discussion with him and his assistants, for about 30 minutes or more, I was able to convince him to allow a new cache in the park, and with permission from his superiors, he waived the Use Permit fee of $25. Every year I have to renew my written "contract" with him and there are still no fees to be paid. The bottom line is, I busted my butt to do the right thing and each and every cacher out there should be doing that as well. I just hate those that have the attitude that "I pay takes an I can do anything I want on public land". NOT SO!!! Ask and yee shall receive, you hope! Don't ask and you might get burned! /\/oo\/\
  7. Does anyone out there live in or around the Port Gamble / Little Boston area? If so, would it be possible for you to stop at the Little Boston Kitsap Regional Library and acquire the coordinates for the front doorstep? Also and if you have the time, would you acquire the coordinates for the entrance to the S'Klallam Tribal Center / Museum, which should be nearby. I am planning a cache for that area, as part of my ongoing Fahrenheit-451 series. The said coordinates may be sent to me by E-Mail. /\/oo\/\
  8. Forgive me for "beating my own drum", but I was one of the "Founders" of caching in my area, but credit must be given to W7WT, aka Dick, who came before me! For he, a fellow Amateur Radio Operator, was the one who put me onto the path of geocaching and for allowing me to "take the bull by the horns", thus kick geocaching into high gear for this county. BTW, additional credit should go to "TravisL" of Tacoma, WA. for enlightening others from out of this county and his famous "Cache Machines" ideas in and out of state. 1. Do you know how many geocaches were in my county when I started? Probably not! How about 5! 2. Do you know how many there are now? Probably 200 or more, I lost count a long time ago! 3. Do you know how many geocachers were in my county when I started? Probably not! Perhaps about 5! 4. Do you know how many geocachers there are now? Probably 100 or more. Thereto, I have lost count! 5. Do you know how many geocaches I have created for others or for to find? At least 100 or more! 6. Do you know how many geocaches I have archived so others could have a place to hide their own? Again, I have lost count! In summation, I watch my area closely, as to where GC/LbNA/NC/TC geocaches are placed and when I see something that isn't right, I take exception to those who ignore the "Guidelines", no matter who they are. If I make a mistake in the placement of one of my own geocaches, I have to "pay the piper" by correcting whatever errors exist. We are all human and we all make mistakes! If you make one, appologies are usually in order to someone! For the most part, your "pointed remarks" will go unanswered. No, I am not a member of the mythical "Caching Police" nor do I think I am a "Caching Diety", just someone who has taken this hobby to heart, in lieu of a family and associated group outings. Being retired, my time is my own, to do with as I please! BTW, I also enjoy the geocaching experience on several other geocaching websites, hence the little blurb place at the bottom of my initial forum message. Heaven forebid that I mention on GC that I am a proud member of TC / www.terracaching.com system. /\/oo\/\
  9. Since when is it appropriate for a geocacher to copy picture(s) from one person's cache page to their own and for their own purposes? I created a cache in my home area and have now discovered that one of the several pictures within my cache page has been copied(without permission) and used in another person's cache page. I do not have ownership of the picture, but my friend does and he took the picture on my behalf. Should I or my friend request that the picture be removed from the other cache page? The picture was not stored on GC, but on an offsite photo storage website under a username & password to which I have access. Where do you draw the line regarding outright theft? Just for the record, a unique photo can legally be considered as personal property.
  10. Since I have little to no knowledge of PDAs, I would like to know what the "average" geocacher is using, while on the hunt. In order to clarify my needs, I will explain that I do not have lots of "money to burn". Therefore, I am looking for a reasonably priced unit that doesn't necessarily have all the "bells and whistles" in it. All it has to do is download cache data and display it as if I were reading a cache page, and whatever else it should do for a simplistic unit. A Color unit would be considered, if good reason can be given for it. Otherwise, I would be happy with just a B&W unit. There seems to be so many suppliers out there on the internet and such a variation of prices. Also, who fixes it when it goes "TU"? Any and all clues as to what, where, who, why and how much would be greatfully appreciated. /\/oo\/\
  11. I understand that "Cache Placement Guidelines" are not Rules & Regulations and they may be adjusted for certain "unique" cases. So, when are they litterally thrown out the window? I have several examples within my area where the guidelines appear to have been ignored. Guess what happens when I unintentionally violate the "Guidelines"? Example #1. There are two caches in the same park that are less than 200 feet apart, both approved by different reviewers and at different times. Example #2. There are two more caches within another park that are 4.0 seconds away in the Latitude and 3.0 seconds away in the Longitude. My GPS doesn't measure less than 0.1 miles. Example #3. There is a virtual that is less than 100 feet away from a regular cache and were approved within 24 hours of each other by different reviewers. Example #4. There are two more caches elsewhere, one that is GC and the other TC, and they are almost on top of each other. The TC cache was placed first and the GC cache was place last. A reviewer refused to ask the owner of the GC cache to move it. Example #5. There is one area that has a lot of caches in it and there is room for another cache. However, an attempt to place another cache in that same park(in excess of 0.1 miles from any other cache) was denied. I have more examples, but the foregoing are the primary ones to which I have issues. So, what should I do, go away and lick my wounds? If I have to play by the "rules", then I expect others to do so as well, especially if they are GC Representatives. More ways to play the "Caching" game: GPS Games Letterboxing Navicache Terracaching
  12. At the bottom of each and every cache is the following: Logged Visits (## total. ) This shows on all caches pages, whether they are printed with or without log entires. If I print a cache page without the log entries, then no "Last Found" date is available. It is my belief that this little tidbit of information might be of value when out on the hunt. My suggestion is this: Logged Visits (7 total. ) - Last Found: ##/##/## or Last Found: ##/##/## - Logged Visits (7 total. )
  13. Sorry, I don't know how to do the non-proportional fonts in the forum or anywhere else. I did what I could with what I know. Spelling out numbers takes more decryption time. I have used that method, but it would still be nice to simplify the entire process. Numbers and words("multiple hints"), needing to be maintained in clear text such as numerical listings, can be placed within brackets: [1]. Clue/Hint text goes here. [2]. [N47.000000 x W122.000000]. [3]. vs [Three]. ad infinitum I like "Cashew Nuts" idea! This is not much of a departure from the original. Sometimes progress requires changes that have dramatic consequences. Forgive me for "thinking outside of the box"! It must have been due to a weak moment and/or lack of sleep. It won't happen again! Time to go back to my cave.
  14. The following was found on the www.gpsgames.com website: A B C D E F G H I J K L M 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 Take note that the Numbers are encrpyted as well. Can a variation of this be done over here?
  15. UPDATE 12/27/05: Regarding "KREW" I received the following message from "KREW" today. That message is as follows: I hope this will resolve any questions you may have regarding your TBs and their disposition at this time. I will keep you updated, as needed, of any future changes. /\/oo\/\ Fledermaus
  16. Regarding "KREW", formerly of Tacoma, WA. In October he came up to Bremerton to pick-up my "Lamborghini Murcielago" TB(destination: Italy) and two others from The Seabeck Tribe(destination: Germany). At that time he was involved with packing his belongings for shipment, selling his home in Tacoma and shipping his vehicle to Germany. He was scheduled to be in Germany on or about November 15. He said that his car would arrive about two weeks to a month after his arrival. Therefore, he should already be in Germany. Whether he has his car or not is another matter of which I am not aware. After Christmas, he plans to travel to Italy and enjoy the New Year with an old army buddy who is living in or around the Rome area. He is suppose to drop-off my TB somewhere in Italy, so it can travel to a cache near the Lamborghini plant. He told me the above time frame, so I would know what the delays would be for my TB placement. However, I was unaware that he had collected so many TBs. Please don't ask me to be your message conduit. I have too many other things to take care of. I have not had E-Mail communications with him since October. If I hear from him or my TB gets placed, then I'll know what's going on. Interestingly enough, TravelingViking has already gone from Germany to Seattle and back to Germany, taking lots of TBs with him, to include one of my TBs, which is already on the move over there. I wish I had waited a few weeks and passed on my Lamborghini TB to him instead. I just hope that he keeps his word. /\/oo\/\
  17. There are lots of brands/models of PDAs, with lots of different options. I am totally clueless and still stuck in the "paper zone"! I have no other purpose for a PDA, just GC/TC/NC/LbNA usage! Q1. What do you use and why? Q2. What do you recommend for the old-timer/old fashion cacher to buy?
  18. Q1. What differences are there between the Garmin GPS 12(no letters) and the Garmin 76(no letters). Q2. Is a Garmin 76(no letter) worth $50 to $60? I own the GPS-12 and a friend wants to selling his spare 76? Q3. Do the power and computers cable interchange?
  19. IMHO, you are Absotively & Posilutly correct! When someone has the power to rate a cache, without having "Been There, Done That", he might as well have the power to determine the color of your house and/or the brand of your car. If you live in NYC or Miami, you haven't a clue about what caches are like in Seattle or any other area in which you have not visited. Keep this in mind the next time you read a cache page description. There are things that you can and will encounter, when hunting for any cache, that cannot be accounted for in words alone. Sure, the cache comments may give you a clue of what to expect when at a cache or cache site, but you still are only guessing when you judge it from afar. To K.I.S.S., if you don't like it, don't do it. If no one goes there for long periods of time, that should tell you that it either sucks or it's very hard to get there! Judge not, lest ye be judged! Don't worry about me, for I'm just batty and I hang upside down. /\/oo\/\
  20. Fledermaus

    Real Deal

    This coming Saturday, 29 October 2005, will mark the 1 year aniversary of the passing of a very dear friend and fellow geocacher. He will be forever missed by his friends and family! For those that didn't know him, he was a dedicated family man with two young children. He made a name for himself in the Military, Local Law Enforcement and many other endeavors throughout his shortened life, and last but not least a locally known and well respected Geocacher. Even though he only had four of his own geocaches, three of them still exist as he designed them, which have been adopted by new caretakers. They're names are: "Mission: Afterburner"(Fledermaus), "Guillemot Cove"(Belleterre) and "Children's Park Beach Cache"(The4Grays). Whether you knew him or not, if you would like to send a message to his wife and children, I will be happy to pass them on to his family. In Loving Memory of ~~~~~~~~~ JERALD B. DEAL ~~~~~~~~~ Born: February 11, 1963 Passed: October 29, 2004 AKA Geocacher: "Real Deal", R.I.P. ============================= ~~~ MISS ME - BUT LET ME GO ~~~ ============================= When I come to the end of the road And the sun has set for me, I want not rites in a gloom-filled room, Why cry for a soul set free? Miss me a little, and not too long, And not with your head bowed low. Remember the love that once we shared. Miss me - but let me go. For this journey that we all must take, And each must go alone, It is all a part of the Master plan, A step on the road to Home. When you are lonely and sick of heart, Go to friends we know, And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds; Miss Me - But Let Me Go. ============================= He seeks a treasure of which we cannot dream! /\/oo\/\ Fledermaus
  21. I have two TBs that need to go to Germany. One of them is mine on it's first trip out of the nest and the other came from Germany, on it's return voyage home. If you are able to transport them to their destination, or at the very least across the Atlantic Ocean, please send E-Mail to me through the GC.COM system.
  22. Now, now children! Don't you think it's time to grow up and stop playing little games? Your perception of a personal attack is understandable, but that was not the case. Younger minds are usually quick to judge and seldom deliberate before digging a hole and jump into it. FYI: I have two local requests to use the WJTB "Stem" and they do plan to use it as it was intended, to enter the contest and etc. However, it is unfortunate for some of you that it will be returning whenever they are finished with it. Are you going to now harrass them as well and suggest a plan of action to them? Racking up all those false miles is another form of cheating and/or breaking of the rules, don't you think? Most of you, who are participating in this madness are adding to the perceived problem, not helping to correct it, if it needs to be corrected at all. Cooler heads need to prevail. So, once again I say: Reality Check on Isle 5! No more words will be forthcoming from me, but rest assured there will be more inane remarks from the rest of you, as you continue your game plan. Some of the locals around here might have a few things to say on the subject as well. Jumpon them as you have me,and have to fun,if that's what you call it. In summation: You have been subjected to the Biggest Rouse that I have ever planned and you've been suckered into it big time!!! 30, NNNN, TTYL, TA TA, BYE BYE, Hasta Luego, Chow!
  23. WOW! That's what I thought, when it was on top of my desk too! Gee, one of those TBs is REALLY REALLY close to my house also! I better go get it and hide it in my TB collection box that's UNDER my desk or else put it on top of my monitor to keep the other one(s) company!
  24. Way ahead of you on that! The number has been shared, with favorable results too! As for the "borrow" comment, are you suggesting that one geocacher betray the trust of another? And all this time, being in this hobby for nearly five years now, I was led to believe that all geocachers were trustworthy!
  25. That's a GREAT idea! On the front of the shirt it will say: "I'm the Lord of WJTBs" and on the back it will say: "It's Mine, Not Yours!" or "Proud Owner of One!" I should be able to sell at least one to each of the WJTB hoarders out there, right? The only problem that remains is: How much to charge and who will print them? I'll go to my local Chamber of Commerce right away and get a business license for my new business: "JTBs R Me". I'll be glad to sub-contract the WJTB/YJTB Buttons concessions to anyone interested? And now, over the PA system I'm hearing: "Reality Check on Isle 5"
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