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  1. Ever heard of the saying: "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!"? Someone, whoever you are, is responsible for the following E-Mail message, and he/she has wasted their time and monies on something that is of no value to me. ==================================== This is an automated message from Geocaching.com Greetings from Groundspeak. Thanks for supporting the Geocaching.com web site! This is a quick note to let you know your premium membership has been activated. Unlike PayPal Memberships, there is nothing you need to do to set up your membership. You can now visit your "my cache page" and start using Pocket Queries and other premium member features. Let us know if you have any questions or issues. Cheers, The Groundspeak Team ==================================== To bad you can't get a refund! The only benefits to this "upgrade" are functions that I do not use now nor plan to use in the near future, i.e. bookmarks, queries et cetera. I am quite happy plodding along with my antique Garmin GPS and printing my caches. BTW! If you thought that I could not afford to pay for my own "upgrade", then you are sadly mistaken. As a matter of fact, I bought my home with cash(no mortgages), all the things in my home with cash and all my bills paid with cash every month. Furthormore, I don't have to "work" anymore and my time is used in whatever manner I choose. Money is not an issue! I will not be returning to this forum in the near future, since there are still those out there that find it necessary to find fault with anything and everthing that doesn't fit into their narrow interpretation of what they think a (geo)cacher should be. /\/(°w°)\/\ P.S. Attention Moderator: You may close this thread at your own discretion, or leave it open for the FLs to rant, rave and ridicule as they do so well.
  2. FORUMS: A great place to openly discuss many diverse topics. However, there are too many "Forum Lizards"(as I call them) who have nothing better to do with their time than to demean others for their own personal gratification.? FORUM LIZARDS: Since some of you FLs find it necessary to look up someones GC Profile before answering legitimate forum questions, the following is directed towards you: QUESTION: Is it possible for you to actually provide an honest answer to an honest question without bringing into play the questioner's entire caching history, forum activity or even the question itself? SUGGESTION: The next time you feel the need to answer someones question or explain something to them, no matter who they are, try leaving out your personal attacks, rants, raves, rhetoric et cetera! It appears that, for the most part, I have once again wasted my time coming to this or any other forum to ask a reasonable question regarding subjects not be addressed in the GC guidelines and etc. Due to the unnecessary and overwhelming negativity by a few of the PMs and/or FLs out there, Who seek out every opportunity to level an attack on someone, for whatever personal gratification they may obtain from it, I am asking the Moderator to terminate this and any other thread that I may have generated in the recent past!
  3. For some time there has been a cache in my area containing ONLY a "CODE WORD"(which the finder must send to the cache owner). This cache also does not have a logbook in it. A friend of mine once had a cache of this type and was told by a Reviewer(in accordance with new guideline at that time) that all caches must have logbooks in them. I remember GC once allowed this sort of cache, but I also remember the guidelines being changed. Can anyone tell me the official date GC changed the guidelines for this type of cache? Then I can compare that date to the cache publication date. If it was published before GC changed it's guidelines, should this older cache now have a logbook in it? If afterwards, the cache must have a logbook in it, right? Last question! Should I or anyone else really care?
  4. Every (geo)coin has two sides, just like many other aspects of real life. On the surface, there appears to be several types of GC caches, i.e. Traditional, Multi, Puzzle, et cetera. However, based on the fact that there are only two types of GC cachers, i.e. PM(Paid) and Non-PM(Free), there are really only two types of caches out there. The first type of caches are those that everybody can find, PM and Non-PM cachers alike. And the second type of caches are those that can be found Only(?) by PM cachers. Since PM cachers can limit some of their caches to Only PM cachers, then why can't I limit some of my caches to Non-PM cachers? Furthormore, if I were to create a Non-PM cache, would it be fair for me to delete the "Found It" claim or other comments from PM cachers, unless they are accompanied by a Non-PM cacher? And finally, does a PM cache owner have the right to delete the "Found It" claim of a Non-PM cacher on a PM cache, based solely on the fact that the cacher is a Non-PM cacher? /\/(°w°)\/\ Fledermaus (GC-NPM)
  5. I was able to log onto the site and even go to My Account and view several of my caches. However, I was unable to add notes, disable a cache or even edit one of them. The Frog must be having a bad case of hiccups or swallowed a bad bug!
  6. To Whom It May Concern: I guess there's no such things as "privacy of communications", as far as some of you are concerned. Now that my private message has been "leaked" to the public, i.e. the GC Northwest Forum no less. Keeping that in mind and assuming that this would be repeated, I have circumvented that occurance to make the following comments. I have noticed that a few of you have come to the conclusion that the Non-Premium Members(NPM) do have a right to participate in the (newly updated)KCC, provided a Premium Member(PM) assists in the filing of a "Bookmark List"(a PM function). I'm sure that participating NPMs will appreciate the help. As for those of you who get their kicks at criticizing others for the fun of it, "take a chill pill" and "get a reality check". In any case, you have managed to overlook(or disregard) one aspect of the challenge, that being the fact that all approved KCC finds have to be on or after the inception of the KCC itself. I see no reason for me to galavant around the county, wasting precious and limited resources buying costly fuel, just to hunt caches I have previously found. If my past cache finds are totally ineligible and/or out of the question, then you can still COUNT ME OUT! BTW, I have been in contact with at least a dozen other NPMs and PMs alike and coincidentally they also share simular concerns for the aforementioned limitations of this KCC. As for the use of my caches for the KCC, since they have no real value or bearing on the completion of this challenge for it's participants and until I hear otherwise, I see no reason to change my previous decision. BTW, I will no longer monitor this thread, so comments directed specifically at me, insulting or otherwise, will go unread. Happy Hunting and Have A Nice Day! EOL / 30
  7. I would like to suggest either Island Lake State Park or Illahee State Park, provided there is a large enough covered area and parking suitable for the needs of the activity. As for either, you might check out the required use fees. At Island Lake there is a fully enclosed building(at the South end) that might be available. There are no campsites within this park. However, there is a kids' playground nearby, not to mention a lake with a sandy beach area for swimming. At Illahee Park there is also a kids' playground and there are camping available. The waterfront here is not all that good for swimming, but it is great for boaters. However, all picnic structures are open to the weather.
  8. Sorry, accidental double post and the second has been updated.
  9. To date, I have had very little, if none what-so-ever, use for the benefits gained from being a "Premium Members". I use an old fashon GPS(must be 10 years old), don't own a PDA and I still print my caches on paper the old fashon way. Heaven forbid that I tell you I use Windows 98 and a FREE "Dialup" internet connection. I don't know a "Bookmark List" from a box of apples, but I do know this: If I am required to "buy" a GC "Premium Membership" in order to do this challenge, then you can COUNT ME OUT!!! FINI/NNNN/30 /\/( )\/\
  10. With regards to "Missing Jeep TBs", I have a friend who owns a cache and the cache page shows a RJTB on it. The problem I suspect is, some "JTB collector" has probably returned to this previously found cache and taken it without so much as admitting to it in any manner. Please don't tell me that it was probably a "Newbie", or it's been lost or something like that, because it's been "missing" for several months now. Furthormore, I suspect there IS a "JTB collector" around here, because several other JTBs have simply vanished without a trace. In addition, I have a cache of my own that shows a GJTB and it's not there. I put a notice on the cache page, not the logs, to warn cachers not waste there time coming to the cache for that specific reason. Any hints of how to remove the JTB Icon from these pages or any other pages suffering from the same problem? /\/(°w°)\/\
  11. I think you need to put it in a CODE block to see it here: _ _ _ | | (_) | | | |_ _ __ __ _ _ _ __ | | _____ _____ | __| '__/ _` | | '_ \| |/ _ \ \ / / _ \ | |_| | | (_| | | | | | | (_) \ V / __/ \__|_| \__,_|_|_| |_|_|\___/ \_/ \___| hmmmm... still not quite right -- it strips out multiple spaces. The standard HTML "SPACE" can be represented by this: ?nbsp; Substitute the Ampersand(&) Sign for the Question(?) Mark. Remember the Semi-Colon. It may also work in BBCode as well, but I haven't tried it yet. In HTML it can be used as many times as you want. Also, It is self-adjusting according to the SIZE of the FONT.
  12. Thanks for the inquiry Ray. Hope I can answer your questions. RE: Q3. Map 533: Also has a portion of Bainbridge Island on it. Look at the left page of that map number. Map 453: Also Includes the Kingston area. Look at the left page of that map number. Map 500: It has land on it between the Hood Canal and Sub-Base Bangor. Look at the right page of that map number. Thank you for clarifying the issue as to whether individual pages(left separate from right) or pairs of pages(as in two pages per map) will be the method used for this challenge. You didn't really say it, but from what I can gather, it will work with maps and not individual pages. That pretty much cuts things in half. Thank you! Since you both have everything under your control, I will "wait and see", as you so plainly put it. In any case, I have a better things to do with my time anyway, with lots of projects going on around my new house and property. /\/(@w@)\/\
  13. After buying the latest Thomas Guide for Kitsap County at my local Costco in Silverdale, WA. for $9.99, I quickly looked through it. I am now curious about this challenge and how it will work. I realize that it is still in the early stages of developement, so I'll be patient for whatever answers come about in the next few months. Having found a great deal of the caches throughout this county, I would be interested in knowing how my past cache finds or cache ownership will be considered for this challenge. Will they or won't they be considered? If not, why? It appears that there are two pages for each map. As for the number of maps, I have not counted them. Q1. What types of caches will be allowed(ammo-cans) and what types will be excluded(micros)? Q2. What about pages that do not have pre-existing caches within them? Will there be new ones placed? Q3. What about pages with only water(533), with possibly only a sliver of private(453) or inaccessable(500) land? Q4. Is there a projected date as to when this challenge will be in affect? And, what is the reward for completing it? Q5. What help, if any, is wanted/needed by local Kitsap County cachers for the assemblage of this challenge? Q6. If any of my own caches are part of the challenge, are there any changes I must make to them? Q7. As an owner of lots of caches, do I get any credit for claiming one of my own caches within a specific area? /\/(°w°)\/\ Fledermaus
  14. With regards to the following statement found on every geocache page: " X user(s) watching this cache." Why is it necessary for GC to maintain the "secrecy" of who is watching any particular geocache page? Furthormore, I have have no quams about knowing who is watching my geocache pages. Do you? Perhaps an "option" to this "secrecy" should be made available to cache owner and not to the watcher. /\/(°w°)\/\
  15. This is probably not the first time this subject has been mentioned and probably won't be the last either. But a trend seems to be occuring in my area and I think it needs to be brought to a halt ASAP. I wish some of you "Newbies" out there, as well as those of you who believe themselves to be "Experienced" cachers, would understand, once and for all, that when you visit a cache and place a Travel Bug into it, that does not give you the right to take out a "Trade Item" in exchange for it. Travel Bugs are NOT Trade Items! They are to be moved from one cache to another, without regard to what else might be within the cache. If you want one of the "Trade Items" in the cache, then trade something for it(of equal or greater value) and just leave the Travel Bug as a bonus for the next finder. By placing Travel Bugs into a cache and removing "Trade Items" in exchange for it , you will be contribute to the ultimate depletion of "Trade Items" within the cache, subsequently turning it into an empty box with just a log book. Is that what you want to find? BTW, I hate it when people can't take the time to log Travel Bugs into or out of a cache, both in the log book and on the cache page. If you are a "Newbie" or anyone else and that don't have a clue about what Travel Bugs are, you better read about them before taking one from a cache. If you don't know about them, then leave them in the cache for someone else who knows what to do with them. Too many Travel Bugs are M.I.A. or are lost for long periods of time, simply because you don't understand what to do with them, not to mention the owners not having a clue as to the whereabouts of their Travel Bug for weeks and/or months on end. /\/(°w°)\/\
  16. For those of you who want to write their own HTML web and cache pages, I would like to recommend "CSE HTML Validator Lite". For a copy of the FREE program(no strings attached), download it from here: http://www.htmlvalidator.com/lite/ It's FREE and it does just about everything for the beginner & experienced. I have been using this program for several years now and have had no problems with it. It sure beats the pants off of programs like Front Page and other "cheater" programs. If you have the time, check out some of my colorful & graphic cache pages. When creating your own cache pages, as stated by "Prime Suspect", only submit that which is BETWEEN the <body> and </body> tags, excluding these tags as well. There are several HTML tags/commands that GC does not allow, for the sole purpose of protecting their web site from "hack attacks". BTW, my personal webpage was written with it: http://www.geocities.com/kd7krh/index.html /\/(°w°)\/\
  17. I am relatively clueless about how to go "paperless" caching. Therefore, I am asking for guidence of what to buy, both in hardware and software. I do understand that there are several brands and models from which to choose, as well as different software programs. I would like to know what you bought and why, to include the things you don't like about your own PDA or any others. Any and all feedback(especially E-Mail) will be greatfully appreciated. /\/(°w°)\/\
  18. WANTED: Redneck GPS Who has it and How Much?
  19. If you can't find a reasonably priced GPS that's within your budget, you might try this one: I'm almost positive you'll always know where you are, even when you really are lost.
  20. OFFICAL NOTICE FOLLOWS: Date: September 3, 2007 Contact: Dori Leckner. Kitsap County Parks & Recreation Phone: (360) 337-5350 No. 07-62 Howe Farm Closed for Construction PORT ORCHARD, WA—Howe Farm will be closed from Sept 4th thru Dec 31st for park development. Development includes adding a parking lot, fencing, restrooms and other amenities. For an alternate off leash dog park use, please use the Bandix Dog Park in Olalla. For more information please call 1-360-337-5350. ==================================================================== NOTE: All Howe Farm caches should or will be Disabled by their owners until the park re-opens. If you have maintainence issues with your cache, now is the time to perform them. ====================================================================
  21. I have recently acquired a Xircom REX-6000 MicroPDA, along with it's USB Docking Station(driver is downloadable). I have found out that it can work with W98(se), 2000 and XP. For the record, I use the archaic W98SE at home and I do not have a laptop. I took notice of the fact that it has some limitations, according to what I have found out in a couple of reviews of the product on the internet. What I want to find out from other cachers, especially those who have had one or know of it's usefulness, is can it be successfully used for geocaching and be compatible with GC's functions. Please send your comments to: fledermaus98310@hotmail.com Or send them through GC's E-Mail system by way of my profile. /\/(°w°)\/\
  22. I have recently acquired a Xircom REX-6000 MicroPDA, along with it's USB Docking Station(driver is downloadable). I have found out that it can work with W98(se), 2000 and XP. For the record, I use the archaic W98SE. I took notice of the fact that it has some limitations, according to what I have found out in a couple of reviews of the product on the internet. What I want to find out from other cachers, especially those who have had one or know of it's usefulness, is can it be successfully used for geocaching and be compatible with GC's functions. Please send your comments to: fledermaus98310@hotmail.com Or send them through GC's E-Mail system by way of my profile. /\/(°w°)\/\
  23. Does anyone in Kitsap County want to adopt these caches? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...0a-21428e44eaf6 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8c-d348a9639ee2 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2e-d557ef93f8ae http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e7-f3244128a859 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...20-8336986343fb http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d5-0dffefe87865 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8a-f6bd4b030610 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...9e-9acb91189875 If so, please log into GC.COM and contact me through my Profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=61...37-1fc87f603ba6 BTW, I reserve the right to make the final decision regarding the approval or denial of your adoption request. I have moved out of the immediate area and want to open up a few locations for "Newbie" and other cachers. Please consider keeping each cache as it is. However and if necessary, you may change it to whatever you want. Fledermaus /\/(°w°)\/\
  24. N47° 31.740' x W122° 42.475' Here is a Sneak Peak of the GeoPoker Run 2 cache page. Hope to see you there! /\/°w°\/\
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