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  1. Can anyone out there solve these three puzzles? BTW, they are not to be found anywhere on GC! If you can really help, please reply by E-Mail only! PUZZLE #1: cblz xrdls onr zlyon lc onr cdf-dkur ebmgla, wrrb elsa onr dragon lc onr cblao, drco skag. elsa onr nkdd, fly skdd irr m wmon drmekag msmf kaol onr obrri. gl ol ko, mae clddls ko lyo, yaokd qyio ko brmtnri m iobrro onmo erme raei. iolw. oyba mblyae. irr onr rdmxlbmor tldyzai srdtlzkag cldui ol onr wmbu, lar la rmtn iker lc onr obmkd? snmo fly irru ki xrnkae onr drco tldyza, yaerb onr tlatbror onmo iywwlboi ko. m dlag idrrjre inkbo lb gdljri zmf xr yircyd--onrbr mbr onlbai ka onrz onrbr xyinri! PUZZLE #2: JXZH LGF HZPLG ZKMF CUCBK, JZDDZQ LGF XBUGL, JXZKL QBKU LZ C XZMT CL LGF FYUF ZJ LGF HCKBMPXFY UXCEE. AZP TKZQ QGCL LZ YZ. PUZZLE #3: WcV bhEi fX vOC fLlJEjHq QfxWlCqQfk qCwHEm eDccI vDhjQ hXs eFxvjXrC rUNvdChT vF vOC lJnoBfxC bdjSwC. lDft voC lHd cXs, Vhic HxfVocD vKcQyC nVcuN bCmfXs Jv, VoCx LfqqFk h nJsc VdHJq fX VoC dJwOv, hXs VrDx kJWoV hWhJX Hv VoC DfeI vF H edCcInJsC yJcK. hOO, SfcNx'v VOhv xJeC lqHv DfeI QffI QjiC h XjeC UqhEc Vf Njv sfKx HxS DcnV? fL eFrDnC jV SfcN, hXS kOJqC Mfr CXpFm vOC NfrXs fl Voc VdjEiqjXw KhVcd, dCheO BheI bCOjxS VOc DfEi HxS UrQq FrV vOC lJnObfxC bDjSwc qCvvCdBfz. Thanks for whatever help you may provide! Fledermaus
  2. With regards to Packanack's comment "there is a code that says you don't go on the forum and ask for a solution to the cache puzzle". The encrypted text I presented is not and never has been part of a geocache or letterbox!!! Thanks for assuming something not in evidence. Do you remember the definition of the word "assume"? In summation, I would like to add that someone out there, and you know who you are, was kind enough to provide information by E-Mail. thus being indirectly instrumental in my finding the proper decryption routine to solve my mystery. No further information is requested! NNNN/30/FINI /\/°w°\/\ P.S. Gone Letterboxing Atlas Quest: http://www.atlasquest.com/
  3. Suffering from "Brain Freeze" as well, or maybe it's "oldtimer" disease setting in! Can any of you "Puzzle Freeks" break the following encryption: DWSPD - KQBIT - PRLSP - QATOS - OVSQQ - SRBIV QLQBI - SUDSQ - DLKAO - LTMDW - SPSKS - UDSQD LKJIR - BSKER - SKVSR - OIWJI - JEIOQ - LLNZN It was provided to me without any sort of clues. I have tried some of the routines within "Code Book on CD ROM" and failed. I tried variations on Ceaser's Code, aka: ROT (from 2 to 26) plus Atabash, and no luck. Obviously, it is written in a 5 character group format, but that's about as far as I have gotten. I'm working on a Frequency Analysis of the letters used and hope to obtain some success that way. /\/(°w°)\/\
  4. So far, none of you have respond to the following: "On the other hand, if you want to "plant" your own box or cache, it's much harder to list a cache than a letterbox. Geocaching.com has a very rigid, bureacratic system, and even if your cache is listed it may take weeks. Good luck. Letterboxes have almost no listing rules and you are on your honor, with the box being listed instantaneously. Interestingly, I have not noted any quality differences between the two systems." There's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm not telling! Can you see it? 11:17am Channel 4! Gimmie me a break! Now I've heard everything! Giving geocaching credit for helping a soldier discover a hidden IUD! What ever happened to his common sence and military training? A rock, where it should not be, imagine that! Why move it by hand anyway?
  5. For what it is worth and to those who are poorly or uninformed, Here is a website with what I believe to be a fair comparison of: Geocaching versus Letterboxing http://borntoexplore.org/trails/letterboxing.htm
  6. The principles of Letterboxing have been around for 150 years and was introduced into the US in the late 70's or early 80's, about 20 years before anyone thought about geocaches! IMHO, the first person to hide a geocache probably got his idea from Letterboxing, but added the twist of using a GPS. It is highly unlikely that the two activities evolved separately. Everything you want to know, to include historical facts, can be found on these two websites: http://www.atlasquest.com/ http://www.letterboxing.org/ Letterboxing has far less Guidelines, Rules & Regulations. You actually get to use "Common Sense", which is a rare commodity now-a-days. BTW and for the most part, no reviewers either. The biggest advantage to Letterboxing over Geocaching is the fact that you don't have to go out and buy a 300 to 500 dollar gadget that tells you what to do and where to go and how to do it. If you have the time and the interest, or you have "cached-out" your area. Don't be an Osterich with your head in the sand! Take the plunge and get involved. /\/(°w°)\/\
  7. Letterboxing has two websites and their links are listed below: http://www.atlasquest.com/ http://www.letterboxing.org/ Letterboxing has far less Guidelines, Rules & Regulations. You actually get to use "Common Sense", which is a rare commodity now-a-days. BTW and for the most part, no reviewers either. The biggest advantage to Letterboxing over Geocaching is the fact that you don't have to go out and buy a 300 to 500 dollar gadget that tells you what to do and where to go and how to do it. If you have the time and the interest, or you have "cached-out" your area, take the plunge and get involved. /\/(°w°)\/\
  8. Is it now common practice for reviewers to "lock" caches, after they have been reviewed and/or approved? Furthermore, do the cache pages remain "locked" after they have been published, thus preventing changes?
  9. Everyday I go outside and put a Letter or two into my mail Box. And, I think I have found the ultimate solution to all my GC/GS pains. However, it's over on another website and it's link is forbidden over here. /\/(°w°)\/\
  10. Fledermaus


    NEWSFLASH --- NEWSFLASH --- NEWSFLASH --- NEWSFLASH --- NEWSFLASH --- NEWSFLASH --- NEWSFLASH Information has reached me from a very well known, reliable and experienced geocaching source. Someone out there in the Puget Sound Region has an agenda of spreading rumors regarding my caches. He or she is saying that I move my caches around, after I have initially hidden them or re-hid them after they have been found. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Benjamin Franklin once said: “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” The only time any of my caches are ever moved is when and if they are either damaged and/or destroyed by "Mother Nature" or "stolen" by muggles! In such cases, the coordinates are usually adjusted accordingly, provided the distance moved is greater than 20 feet. Your GPSr usually isn't much more accurate than that anyway. Your accuracy of finding any cache is, for the most part, dependent on your GPS. If you can't find a particular cache, is it really necessary to blame the cache or the cache owner and not the GPSr's accuracy or your ability to use it? For example and just recently, one of my caches was hidden in a root-ball and a nearby tree fell upon it. So, I replaced it and moved it a total of five to ten feet West of it's original location. In an earlier case and for a different cache hidden in a stump, another tree fell and crushed the stump, in which was hidden my cache, thus burying it and making it unrecoverable. Here are some words of wisdom from the poet William Shenstone (18 November 1714 – 11 February 1763): A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, And ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood. Have you tried Letterboxing lately? No GPSr Required or Batteries Included! /\/(°w°)\/\
  11. Start with getting this: "The Code Book on CD-ROM" - By: Simon Singh. Here's the URL: http://www.simonsingh.net/ NOTE: I downloaded it to my computer and it works great. ========================================== http://www.simonsingh.net/The_CDROM.html NOTE: Go here if you want to have the actual CD-ROM Disk. ========================================== Also, try this website: http://binary.soapinmyeyes.com/ And this one also: http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGrou...ary_To_Text.asp And this one too: http://www.purplehell.com/riddletools/ ===================================== Sometimes I take liberties with these encryption routines by evolving them into my designs. /\/(°w°)\/\
  12. This may or may not apply to the Project Ape cache container, but it does work for the smaller ones. For those who want to secure the lid of their ammunition cans, try this: 1. Remove the lid from the can and set it aside. 2. Find a healthy pair of pliers or vise grips. 3. Grab a hold and remove (by twisting and pulling) the can's hinge pins and set aside as spare parts. 4. Re-mount the lid to the can so that the hinge is properly aligned. 5. Replace the pins with just one or two 16p nails or a single solid steel rod of the correct diameter. 6. Weld the nail(s) or rod on one or two ends or in the middle, so that the lid still opens and closes properly. 7. Paint the hinge assembly to prevent rust and add WD40 after paint has dried. 8. Modify as need to fit your own needs. I had concerns for one of my caches, after the lid and the cache contents had gone missing as well. Using the above procedure and with the can locked by a steel cable to a tree, the lid and the can aren't going anywhere or anytime soon! /\/(°w°)\/\
  13. I'm looking for a T-Shirt that has the Geocaching logo on one side and Letterboxing or Terracaching logo on the other. But my dilema is, which side for which game? In any event, how much and where to find it is another problem!
  14. Maybe you could be the middleman for get Bill Gates and Jeremy Irish by getting them into the same room, work out a contract deal between them, to include a transfer of funds, and a reasonable service fee for yourself? Can you imaging the headlines: "Microsoft goes Geocaching!"
  15. Targeting only McD toys and not BK toys could be construed as discrimination. I smell another lawsuit, but mine is still at the cleaners. And, please send those middle-aged ladies my way, but not their hubbies, for I'm single and in need of the personal attention, i.e. cooking, cleaning and the occasional snuggling.
  16. How about a"Power Road" or "Power Highway"? Just cram as many caches along it as you can get away with, say about every 600 feet or so, until a reviewer complains and says you are creating a "Power Trail". Then carry on to another road or highway.
  17. So when, if ever, is GC going to recognize the existence of: * Nanos (A dozen of these fit inside of a Micro, each with only a strip of 1/8 in wide logpaper) * XLarge (A 55 gallon oil barrel full of McD and BK toys and miscellaneous candy wrappers, used and worthless lotto cards and anything else of no value) * Automobile (You should see the GC crap in it to understand)
  18. How about "MUGGLER" (muggle & burgler), as in one who is uninformed of the hobby and thus "steals" your cache because they can, more often than not, attributed to youngsters and teens.
  19. Oh No, How tragic! Now my kid won't have anything to cut his teeth on. Even worst, the dog won't have new to chew-toy either. I quess, both of them will just have to fight over the doggie biscuits as usual. I'm going to miss that occasional crunching noise in the wee hours of the next morning, when I'm going down the stair to breakfast. I can't image having to find a cache without my favorite rotting and grungy McD and BK toys? I wonder if all of the McD and BK toys will become collector's items and be sold on eBay? Maybe I should immediately run out to all my caches and quickly gather them up before somebody else snags them.
  20. I am going to wade in deep on this one and wait for the inane comments to be hurtled at me from the far corners of PMerhood. BTW and for those you who may be concerned for my safety, I am wearing my personal floatation device and I do have my puncture repair kit handy for any leaks that may occur. OOOPPPSSS, too late...SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! NOT True! "Cache Maggots" come in all Types, Shapes, Sizes and Membership Levels. GC promotes itself through advertising fees from various businesses, along with the products they convince you to buy. Could it be a way of "spying" and/or "harrassing" fellow cachers? Or, maybe it just gives you the feeling of control? That is so very true! And, even if the cache is limited to Premium Members, you can still log them through: Boulter's Express Logger website. I seem to recall Jeremy Irish making the following public statement in one of the forums: ======== START OF QUOTE ======== jeremy Moderator Posts: 1094 From: Bellevue, WA, USA Registered: Oct 2000 posted 02 June 2001 07:41 AM "I, Jeremy Irish, CEO of Grounded, Inc. will never make this a pay to play web site for Geocaching. It is in the best interest of all players that the game remain free and the non-commercial sharing of these coordinates through the web site." "Not that I'm planning for anything, but in the case that there was some sort of gambling cache (who knows, weirder stuff has happened), I suppose that would be in essence a "pay to play" cache. But the traditional game will remain purely free." "How's that?" "Jeremy" ======== END OF QUOTE ======== If I ever become a PM, it will be for the extra functions attributed to the use of a PDA and other simular devices and/or programs. Furthermore, I will never "segregate" any of my caches, so that only a select group of cachers can or cannot find them! /\/(°w°)\/\
  21. What does anyone know about this PDA? Can it be used for storing geocache pages etc.? It came with the charging stand, power & USB cables, manual and disc. The only thing it needs soon is a CR3032 backup battery. I found this working PDA at a local garage sale for $20.00. Was it worth it or did I waste my money? Suggestions about how to use it will be greatly appreciated. /\/(°w°)\/\
  22. With regards to XML, HTML & XHTML, as mention by someone earlier in this discussion, here is the story about CAPITAL LETTERS, according www.w3.org: According to this link: http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/#h-4.2 XHTML documents must use lower case for all HTML element and attribute names. This difference is necessary because XML is case-sensitive e.g. <li> and <LI> are different tags According to this link: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_elements.asp HTML Tip: Use Lowercase Tags HTML tags are not case sensitive: <P> means the same as <p>. Plenty of web sites use uppercase HTML tags in their pages. W3Schools use lowercase tags because the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends lowercase in HTML 4, and demands lowercase tags in future versions of (X)HTML. So, why do so many people insist on writing their code with CAPITAL LETTERS? Probably has something to do with a lack of education or those who use a program such as "Backpage" (a cheater program in my book) to write code for them. So what do I use, you ask? I write it from scratch, to include templates of my own design!
  23. Mr Keystone, I beg to differ with you. What you should have said was something like this: Most Premium Members don't care if a Regular Member signs the logbook of a PMO cache. In any case, the fact remains that one PMer in my area made a Big GC stink about that very issue, deleted my log entry(witnessed by a very well known WA. caching friend of mine), I re-posted it and it was deleted again. Subsequently, the PMO cache owner contacted one of GC's Lackies (named withheld). According to that GC-L, a cache owner can delete whatever logs he chooses. So, I guess I can delete your name, if it ever shows up on one of my cache pages, right? The bottom line is simply this! I don't care how you, or anybody else for that matter, tries to disguise it, restricting any caches to a select group of people, based on the "Pay to Play" principle, is Discrimination. I will not sit in the back of the GC Bus nor will I "Pay to Play"! All GC caches should be open to all GC members. Money should not be a dividing line for having fun! EOL/NNNN
  24. I found this on a website some time age and thought that it would be appropriate for all of you who claim to be "Tree-Huggers" out there. For a special encounter, go to a quiet park, forest, or woodland area in your neighborhood. Walk the trails among the trees until you feel comfortable in their presence. Amongst all the nearby trees, there is a special one just for you to discover. Gently and kindly touch the different kinds of bark textures with the palms of your hands and your fingertips. Smell the scents of the various types of woods. One and only one of them is awaiting your open arms. Absorb their life's energies as you look upwards to the sprawling branches overhead and the shade they provide. Find the perfect tree, the one that fits your mood. You will know which one is just right for you. How to hug a tree: 1. Vertical Tree Hug: Encircle it with your arms, while gently pressing your cheek to the trunk, being careful not to scratch your face. Squeeze tightly. Sigh deeply and be one with your tree. 2. Full Body Tree Hug: Sit upon the ground, wrapping your legs around the base of the tree, and at the same time embracing it with your arms. 3. Up in the Air Tree Hug: Climb a tree, sit upon a strong limb and straddle it with your legs. Bend forward and place your belly against it, while wrapping your arms about it.
  25. You can fool some of the people all of the time, And all of the people some of the time, But you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Abraham Lincoln, (attributed) 16th president of US (1809 - 1865) But "they" keep trying! BTW, when is someone going to realize that it's NOT fair to the geocaching community, as a whole, to have a "segregated" type of cache, accessible to only a select group? In Jeremy's in own words: "I, Jeremy Irish, CEO of Grounded, Inc. will never make this a pay to play web site for Geocaching. It is in the best interest of all players that the game remain free and the non-commercial sharing of these coordinates through the web site. How's that? Jeremy".
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