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  1. I think that's a great idea, and it would give us a chance to discuss starting our own WSGA chapter. There may not be picnic tables at the site, but then again an old time picnic really didn't need them anyway. I just wish Howe Farm had a larger parking area, because it would have been a better choice based, on it's ease of access and it's proximity to Seattle and Tacoma. When All Else Fails, RTFM! [This message was edited by Fledermaus on July 03, 2003 at 12:49 PM.]
  2. RE: Ammo Boxes You can go to the surplus store in Bremerton, located in the 900 block of Callow Ave. The small ones are about 6 buck and the larger ones are around 8 bucks. RE: Cache containers When and if you ever do the caches at Howe Farm, you'll find a very unusual container there for the fifth cache. I'll leave that as a surprize! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=69688 Fledermaus quote:Originally posted by Perrin:I've seen several different types of cache containers at this point. Altoid box, various sizes of tupperware, little bottles, some type of military issue pouch, pvc tubes/pipes, but by far my favorite is the ammo box. So what do you all use for cache containers, and does anyone know anywhere in western Washington that sells ammo boxes? Or what is the cheapest place to find them? Is there anything comparable? Signature? I don't need no stinkin signature!!!!
  3. Within the City of Bremerton, WA. I have permission and a license from the Parks & Recreation Dept. However, all other cachers, with one exception, have never considered it necessary to have permission within the said city. As for other areas in Kitsap, it's somewhat dependent on where it's to be hidden, but usually they are on Public lands owned by the county. I have access to a website that tells me whatever I need to know about who owns the land where I want to place a cache.
  4. What is it with some of the geocachers out there? Is it so difficult to follow instructions when common sence dictates that you to put a cache back where you found them? Furthormore, when returning a cache to it's proper hiding place, take the time to re-hide it equal to or better than you found it. To date, I have lost or had difficulty finding several of my own caches in the past, due mainly to others not doing there job of securing a cache properly. When a cache isn't hidden correctly, some non-caring non-geocacher might come along and rip it off. Each and every time I find a cache out of place, I will track down the culprit where possible. To date, I have over 40 caches out there for others to find and I take this hobby very seriously and have lots of fun. However, all it takes is one rotten apple to spoil the barrel.
  5. How about making an addition to each and every cache description page, allowing viewers to send a copy of a particular cache to a friend? It could be added just below the "Print Friendly..." function and would simply state "Send Copy To A Friend". By clicking on this line of text, provided you have signed in, a copy would be sent to your friend with your E-Mail address attached. However, if you're not signed in, you would then be required to sign in before the request could be completed. Otherwise, simply use the BACK button to escape and return to the cache page.
  6. I wonder how many people have placed caches near to or on military bases? A situation happened yesterday in the small community that may be of interest to those who have placed caches in such locations. For details, please go to the following web address: http://tv.ksl.com/index.php?nid=5&sid=11294 A geocache was mistaken for a bomb, when it was discovered under a bridge near the Hill AFB in Roy, WA.
  7. When using the Profile/Email function, there are two options to us after completing the email. I would like to see a third option added. Instead of just using the BACK Button several times, how about adding a new line allowing you to return to the previous cache page from which you came, hence the starting point of the Email routine? RTFM! When all else fails, read the book!
  8. I read somewhere that I can use the spare tag of an earlier TB for a NEW/Different TB. How do I go about doing that, since the tag has the same number as my other TB? If you have ananswer, please send it to me by way of my handle Fledermaus/Geocaching.com or send it to: kd7krh@qsl.net Fledermaus RTFM! When all else fails, read the book!
  9. Not all GPSrs are created alike. Some work better than others, depending on their design. I have been into Geocaching for a little less than a year now and have noticed something interesting. I have also created 20 caches of my own of various types and sizes. My GPS is a Garmin GPS-12 Personal Navigator and one of the reasons I bought it was one statement in it's advertizing that caught my eye. It is suppose to work "...under heavy tree cover...". Apparently there are many others, such as the little yellow Etrex ones that stumble and fall under those conditions. My point is this, if you're going to place a cache out there in the woods and there's a heavy tree canopy, use a GPS that was designed to be there, not one of those that works great on the water or the highway, since trees don't grow there. Furthormore, don't just take a quick reading, take several and then walk away from your cache several times and see if your GPS brings you back to the same spot. I prefer to use Statute Miles(for the moment) on the Hiway and Metric on the ground and walking. You can get closer to the cache in Metric when your partner is using Statute Miles. Try yourself, it works! If you think you are leading, but no one is following...you're just taking a walk!
  10. I had a cache that had been in place for only a few weeks before I had trouble with the location. The stump crumbled and became unusable, The next location was damaged by kids. The next place is where it's at now. I maintanied the same park, but in each case I changed the coordinates and posted a note regarding the change. My attitude is this: If something major changes within the cache description, it is my obligation to tell geocachers what's happening, even if it is moved, becomes a multi-cache or is simple removed from service. As for the policy of never giving credit to a person who has found a damaged cache to which he can not write into the log, I vote that that's up to the cache owner! If you think you are leading, but no one is following...you're just taking a walk!
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