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  1. 37 minutes ago, Keystone said:

    Complaints about the review process or the actions of Community Volunteer Reviewers can always be directed to Geocaching HQ by writing via the Help Center and selecting "Appeals" as the category for your correspondence.  All inquiries sent to "Appeals" route to the Community Volunteer Services (CVS) team, who oversees the volunteers' work.


    In this case, an appeal would not make a difference, as the Reviewer pre-cleared their course of action with CVS prior to their communication to you.

    The 4th Reiche has spoken! BTW, am I being accused of something? Sounds like the Prosecutor went before the Judge to get a predetermined course of action without notification or trial by my peers! No great loss! All my mystery geocaches, to the best of my knowledge, now have the dreaded "native" and not so greatly revered GC Checker anyway.

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  2. At what level am I allowed to create difficult puzzles? Shall I make them so simple/generic that an average geocacher with an IQ of 100 can find it, or is 130 to much or as high as 150? Are Mensa puzzles permitted? Who draws the line of simplicity vs complexity vs difficulty? Is there a GC commandment/guideline that spells out a specific number? What if a reviewer is unable to solve a puzzle? Does that mean that the mystery geocache will not be approved? Here is a quote from a fictional someone to who I can relate: "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested!" Take that for what it is worth! When you try to solve some of my puzzles, you may need some migraine medication. Ask those who have been successful and those who have not.


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  3. 8 hours ago, baer2006 said:

    Instead of ranting in all-caps in the forums, you have better options:

    • Ask the reviewer, why should do this when there is no public guideline saying so.
    • If the reviewer doesn't reply (or you disagree with his answer), contact HQ about the issue.

    are you willing to reveal a phone number or an alternative email for filing such a complaint against a reviewer.

    otherwise, calling hq is pointless because they have no phone-in menu option for doing so.

    is their an actual "oversite committee" through email, where real action is slow to slower in responce.


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  4. 1 hour ago, StefandD said:

    Still, I totally dislike the "native" checker due to the reCAPTCHA process, which requires me to select (parts of) silly pictures every time I use it, and prefer Certitude at all times.

    I cannot even use my favorite browser, i.e. TOR, without encountering the dreaded reCAPTCHACRAP.

    It probably doesn't matter what you like, it is what tptb like and what makes the registers go ching ching ching!

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  5. 1 hour ago, MNTA said:

    Finally! Its the caches that don't have a checker that are the problem. So glad.


    Think about it. They are going to reference their database in the checker. Eliminates problems and more importantly no checkers.

    Please explain in a little more detail as to "referencing their database in the checker" and to what problems are you referring?

  6. What is next, the outlawing of Certitude.org, Geocheck.org etc.???

    GC did the same kind of action, when they "pushed out" the independent websites providing attributes of geocaches.

    There is a "Rat in the woodpile", over in this area and I will ferret it out!


    Just for the record, I was told by a Reviewer the following:


    "Because you own a lot of mystery caches, we will give you a month to get them all up to date with the checker and make sure it works with all of your puzzles. If you finish sooner than that, let me know and I'll check them, and there will be no need to bother you about it in a month's time."
    Thank you,
    Geocaching.com Volunteer Reviewer

    Reviewer's name withheld.





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  8. On 2/26/2023 at 12:13 AM, Donutz90 said:

    yes this its nice.


    and other like this: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6RRDM_milano-foro-bonaparte


    there is no a site for some examples or generator with code and visual side by side?


    Visit this website for everything you want to know about HTML & CSS coding of web pages and geocache descriptions:



    You will also need software that is is specifically designed to write, edit and validation your coding. I suggest you locate and download the FREE program entitle: CSS HTML Validator Lite (any version of v16 or later) from the following website:



    You may also use an Online validator at:



    P.S. With the above said validator program, you may run multiple files side by side within the same instance or even run multiple instances. I have had the occasion to run as many as 10 files at the same time and edit stuff from one file to another.


    /\/(*w*)\/\ - When all else fails, RTFM"!


  9. On 2/24/2023 at 1:10 AM, Donutz90 said:

    hello all i'm trying to create a description for a cache that has a nice graphical style. i usually just copy and slightly modify the code i see in other caches so i wanted to know if you know any other caches with nice descriptions or advice on where to find example of valid html code for this purpose, thanks!

    Perhaps one of the following links may be helpful.










    /\/(*w*)\/\ - "When all else fails, RTFM"

  10. I will not resort to lowering the quality of my geocache descriptions, for the sake of making them B&W. As for devices that cannot handle my color and/or graphics , perhaps one day they will catch up to the changes in computers of the last decade or two. However, what still puzzles me is the fact that when I create an HTML/CSS page that have been validated, either by an online service or a professional offline program, they seldom if ever, come out right after their submission to GC. Based on that, I can only assume that GC "plays games" with my code and/or corrupts them in some manner, i.e. text size and/or images included. Sometimes it takes two or three attempts to get a page to look correct in it's appearance. Sounds like GC only does what they want and it takes "an act of congress" to get things changed. By the way, the opposite of progress is congress (i.e. con vs pro). Just out of curiosity, I wonder how it is going, over on the other two geocaching websites now-a-days?

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  11. Perhaps I used the term "implementation" inappropriately. What I should have stated is the fact that in the past I have noticed certain HTML/CSS codes being rejected by the "input" box.


    Another thing that bothers me is the fact that when I encode a message or data into an image, the data seems to be stripped away. WHY? Does this also occur with "meta" data?


    Also, when I upload an image and/or a page description, do I still retain ownership right? If I am not mistaken, there is a category of law known as "Intellectual Property", right?

  12. This message is directed to those within GC and /or others who are familiar with HTML and CSS.

    Over the last decade or so, I have become self-educated with regards to HTML and CSS, more the former than the latter.

    However and in recent times, I have been updating my HTML and CSS skills.

    What I would like to know is how complete is GC's implementation HTML-v5 and CSS-v4.

    And of particular importance, what codes does GC allow and/or does not allow at the present time?


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  13. 13 minutes ago, Moun10Bike said:

    The link that Max and 99 supplied above is available from the dashboard here:



    Thanks "Old Man"!

    I did not think to look along the Dashboards sidebar under "Community".

    I must be getting old and forgetful in my 20+ years of geocaching!



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  14. On 10/20/2022 at 7:13 PM, arisoft said:


    If you want a VPN you should use a VPN. TOR browser is something else than a VPN. It is tool to disguise your identity. That is why you are asked about cookies every time etc.

    Detecting wether you are a robot or not is not depending your login credentials, it is based on data collected from your prior activities that are non existent when using the TOR browser. This does not happen when using an ordinary VPN solution.

    So, what your saying is, I am not allowed to be on GC in an anonymous mode and must reveal my past GC activities. Well, so much for anonymity and or privacy. Now that the TOR/VPN issue has been resolved, more or less, how about some information leading to a "free" VPN, if such a thing exists? BTW, I don't care about cellphones, just computers being used in public areas and the like. One more thing! What if anything does Premium Membership play if the anonymity/VPN game?

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  15. On 10/14/2022 at 1:18 AM, Hynz said:

    Out of couriosity: Does using a TOR Browser ideed reduce *security* issues with websites? Or do you use it as synonym for *privacy* issues?

    As far as I am concerned, multiple VPNs vs. a single VPN improves both privacy and security issues, due to all the carp and viruses running around out the on the web!

  16. Ordinarily, I use Slimjet, [Version (based on Chromium 104.0.5112.39) (Official Build) (32-bit)] for most of my internet access.

    However and due to security issues that may occur on various questionable websites,

    I have started using the TOR Browser, since it uses multiple VPNs.

    So, why do I have to go through a myriad of Robot/Image testing, after properly entering my username, password and allowing cookies.

    Is this a problem with GC, the TOR Browser or what???

    If this is a problem with GC's login process, then I hope they get it fixed!!!

  17. I know of two geocache that have been in existence for the last 22 years.

    The owner moved away and a friend of mine and I have maintained them for the last 5 plus years

    It is in a heavily wooded area that is becoming more and more traveled and the geocache may turn up missing again.

    Can I or my friend adopt it?

    If so, who should be contacted and what are the odds of saving it?

    If not, why not?

    I seldom visit the forums!

    So, it would be best for you to send E-Mail about what to do?

  18. On 5/31/2022 at 3:26 PM, Keystone said:


    It absolutely is.  The content was added after the cache was reviewed and published.  I trust that the OP will remove this type of thing from any cache page to which it was added.  Otherwise, I can send OP's reviewer a link to this thread.

    Will I get punished for waving the American flag and it's colors within the framework of a geocache design as well? Where do you draw the line? Why should you?

  19. Just how complete is GC's implementation of HTML5, when combined with CSS attributes.

    I uploaded a geocache page and it turned into "garbage".


    Here is an example (in German):

    <div style="text-align:center; border-radius:10px; border-style:dashed; background:#FF0000; padding:3px; font-family:'trebuchet ms', arial; font-size:27px; font-weight:700; color:#FFFFFF; font-style:normal">Passen Sie die Einstellungen wie unten gezeigt an:</div>


    Here is an even more complex line that does not work:

    <div style="text-align:center; text-shadow:8px 8px 0px #000000; padding:5px; background:#FF0000; border-radius:10px; border-style:dotted; border-width:15px; border-color:#FFFFFF; font-family:'times new roman', 'trebuchet ms', arial; font-size:48px; font-weight:700; color:#FFFFFF; font-variant:small-caps">This Is A Theater Style  Marquee!</div>


    According to CSS HTML Validator 2019, both lines are validated line and also correct according to the W3C website.


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  20. What's up with this?

    Another Basic Member rippoff or what?

    When using the Message Center function, I tried to send a different personal email address to another geocacher, but the following message popped up:


    "Only Premium members can send third-party links via Message Center. Please remove all third-party links to send your message."


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  21. On 5/29/2022 at 4:51 AM, niraD said:

    Have you read the Help Center article HTML in cache pages?


    Don't get too wrapped up in the fonts used in your cache description. A lot of folks will read it without your fonts no matter what you do.


    Most, if not all of what is on that entire page, is like comparing a toothpick to a forest of trees. ERROR: <hr color"GREEN"> should be <hr color="#00FF00" /> (take note of the space and slash mark). Beginners use "words", but experienced HTML users use HEX, i.e. "#00FF00" , which allows for more shades of colors. I will simply say this, GC's implementation of HTML, or even XHTML, for geocache pages is seriously lacking in so many ways. I will let my geocache pages, to a small degree, speak for themselves.


    I suggest you go to this website and read about HTML: https://www.w3schools.com/where_to_start.asp


    Підтримка та захист України від російської агресії

    Поддержка и защита Украины от российской агрессии

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  22. I create my geocache pages using the "CSE HTML Validator" program, which has the ability to correct HTML errors.

    LINK: https://www.htmlvalidator.com/

    So, when I know that my geocache pages are correct, why does GC keep changing things, so the text sizes and other stuff gets screwed up?

    Furthermore, when I use common FONTs, GC seems to ignore them or substitutes ones that are generic instead.

    Is there a list of FONTs that GC accepts? If so, where is it?

    I would also like to know what TAGs are acceptable and what TAGs are not and why!


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