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  1. CITO kits are a great trade item to drop off in the caches that you find, whether the area is trash ridden or not. Geocacher University has some really nice labels that you can print out and put onto your own kits here:




    One added bonus of using these as trade items is that you'll never forget a trash bag when you're out caching :D My daughter is three and she is a hardcore CITOer. The best part is that it isn't limited to caching, she picks up trash on our walks as well as at the park. I've also found that CITO sooths the sting of a DNF :D

  2. Hey Sue,


    Got my own GC in the mail today. I am still trying to figure out how to get the most out of it. Was this device supposed to come with the VantagePoint software because it did not. They also forgot to include my Monkey Geocoin, which I am annoyed about. I want to delete all of the preloaded caches and upload my own. so far I have only been able to upload one at a time, even though I check all of the boxes on a page. Sigh. One day I will stop being so technically challenged.


    If you open up the device like a drive (by double clicking on it from my computer) and then open the Geocaches folder you will see the GPX files where the caches currently on the GC reside. The largest file is the 999 popular caches that are included. You can outright delete them or move them off the GC and save them for later. As for getting many caches loaded onto it at a time, the easiest way to do that is Pocket Queries which requires a Premium Membership.


    Hope that helps!

  3. I just got my Mothers Day present today... a Magellan GC, so far I just LOVE it, paperless caching and easy navigation rock!


    I found my cache on it but no attributes or picture show up in the cache description, even though both are in my cache listing GCT6RT. Is there something I need to do in my cache listing to have it show up in MGC?


    Also, is there a way to load "my previous finds" into the unit so I don't have to do it all by hand?


    And my serial number is 00000000010. Does that mean I have #10 to roll off the line? :ph34r:


    Congrats! It's definitely a very nice handheld.


    I'm sure you're using PQs, and to get attributes you need to go to view/edit account and then change preferences and change the GPX version to 1.0.1. As far as I can tell the only way to get the pictures to show up on the handheld is use the VantagePoint software from Magellan to load your pocket queries onto the GC.


    As for previous finds I haven't found an easy way to get them to show as found other than doing it by hand or just having the PQ filter them out :rolleyes:

  4. Magellan's VantagePoint software will do the job as well. Once you've run the PQ you can log into geocaching.com from the program and it will download the information. Then you can sync the gps and the program. Also, once you've marked some caches as found the next time you plug the GC in it will ask if you want to upload your field notes.


    I haven't tried to do this any other way yet so maybe someone else can answer if all the pictures and attributes are included in the drag and drop method?

  5. In regards to problems with field notes, I've only done it once but I was successful in uploading field notes using VantagePoint. I've currently got Magellan Communicator and VantagePoint installed, not sure if that matters. This is also my first Magellan GPS, so all drivers were fresh installs.


    So far my only con is that there is not a full manual in the box. For those interested it can be found here:


  6. *Once you locate the cache you want to find and hit go, it stays on the same screen, you have to backtrack 2 screens then either choose "Map" or "Dashboard" to see it on the screen. On the D20, when I hit go, it went to the map track screen and I dint have to go anywhere else.

    When you highlight a cache on the geocaches screen or actually open the cache information if you press the stick left it shows it on the map and if you press right it makes it your destination and starts tracking.

  7. *If any of this info has been posted elsewhere I apologize


    Just thought I'd drop some of the stuff I've noticed as well as some impressions.


    After picking up a GC at Target last night I downloaded the Magellan Communicator and VantagePoint software and started poking around. I had ran my PQ during their installations so I could do the aforementioned "drag n drop" PQ method. Once I got the GC connected VantagePoint let me log into geocaching.com from the program and load my PQ off the site, rather than using the files on my hard drive. This included all information, hints, attributes, pictures, etc, for all 500 caches. After getting home from caching this morning I connected the GC to my computer and it automatically asked if I wanted to upload my field notes to geocaching.com.


    Another thing that I thought was cool is that I got badges for milestones. I got a badge for my first geocache (with the GC of course) as well as a badge for finding a cache in under 2 minutes.

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