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  1. Tell me a cache where the coin should travel to and I'll send you the adoption request. Thanks! Here's the cache info: GC2XPP5. Happy caching!
  2. How far down the list am I? I requested adoption about 3-4 months ago I think.
  3. Any chance I can get added although I have an adopted on floating around right now (it over shot me and went from the east coast to Colorado...right under Indiana...odd eh?)? Would love to keep 'em moving.
  4. Saw the show too. My wife and I were trying to figure out how that process could even be patented for ALL trackables. It doesn't seem like something that could be.
  5. Try seing if anyone can locate it through a rescue. Here's a site that let's you put in "rescue" requests: http://www.tb-rescue.com/resc_map_all.php5.
  6. On the next update can we get a "Messages" tab like the one eBay has? Some members apparently don't check their emails often so responses tke forever although I notice they have been on the site since and email. Would greatly enhance communication between members. Thanks! Happy caching! []
  7. I'll adopt another one or 50! I have one stuck in colorado right now. It overshot my request, but am hoping it finally arrives next summer. Regardless, I'm happy to adopt and redirect coins. Feel free to email me an adoption invite for however many coins you are willing to adopt out! )
  8. Tennessee: I'm happy to adopt it. The one I got from paganfrog is stalled, but in the hands of a very active cacher so that's good at least. Happy to do the same for your little guy.
  9. There are actually idiots who put up activated coins and TBs on eBay. I bought a lot of swag on eBay and it came with a coin and a bug! Contacted the owners to see about adoption and they asked me to send them back into the wild. I did. The coin is gone again; the bug was at least picked up and logged by someone. Went to all the caches in my area of Indiana to locate all trvelers to move them to Louisville this weekend and I only found 2 out of 12 in area! TWO! I noticed a bunch of signed logs by people either not registered. You know those are gone! What are the chances of making all caches that can hold trackables "premium member-only" caches automatically? I'm trying my first TB next week. It will have a specific goal of getting to a specific cache in Portland, OR. It's a birthday present for my BiL. I'm hoping TBs have better luck escaping theives than do coins!
  10. I can no longer click on the larger cache location map and get a larger, interactive one. Now I get a slightly larger inset that's not intereactive of useful. Why have both maps on the cache pages now? And, why can I no longer see the number of caches found by friends? Now I have to do 2-3 clicks. Just yesterday, I could click on Friends and there they were, stairing me in the face with ther cache counts. No longer.
  11. I try keeping an eye on travelers in my area and snag them when I know I am going somewhere. Otherwise, it seems my area is a TB/GC blackhole. Time stops here. I hope yours all start going soon!
  12. I actually bought two activated coins in a bnc of swag I bought on eBay! The guy had them for 2-1/2 years!!!! Contacted the owners and I got them on their way again. I don't get the reason for keeping something you know someone else wants to move.
  13. Thanks! It's my first adoption! It'll keep going. Once I get it to my area (soon I hope) I have a great idea for it.
  14. Does that mean you have 20 new ones up for adoption?
  15. I discovered a couple coins in some swag I bought on eBay. Had hoped to adopt those, but I was asked to re-release them into the great outdoors again. If there are any coins that need adopting still, I am happy to oblige and send them on new adventures, to boldly go where no coin has gone before!
  16. Is there a way to register your FTFs? I am a premium member, but I can't seem to find a place to do that. I found my first FTF today; that's why I wonder. Or is there some program that I can upload to geocaching that will track stats like that? Thanks!
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