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  1. In my contiued saga of upgrading. I have narrowed it down to the Garmin 60CS and the Meridian Color. Let's here some last minute points for each. I also want to hear the problems people have had as well as what features make or break each unit for you personally. One of the two will be coming home. I don't want to base my decesion strictly on the color screen. thanks
  2. Thanks for the replys! I wish I could demo the units where I'll be using them but I am sure none of the retailers would be game for that. I'll have to depend on the feedback from the forum. I have held all three units (60CS, VistaC, Merdian Color) and I honestly like the VistaC the best because of its compactness. Although if it dosen't have the reception capability of the others I don't mind getting a bigger unit. Reception and accuracy are the primary issues. My Colortrak is huge but it has never been a problem carrying it in a daypack which is what I would do with either the 60CS or Meridian Color where as the VistaC could be placed in my shirt pocket. The next question: Which of the units has the more accurate Topo support programs?
  3. I'm looking at upgrading my old GPS (Magellan Colortrak). I've been checking out the Garmin 60CS, Garmin VistaC and the Magellan Meridian Color. They all look to be solid units good. I've heard that some of the Garmin's have issuses when in heavy tree cover? Currently I use my old Colortrak during hunting trips in the fall and hiking in the summer. This is almost always done exclusivly in heavy cover and I usually don't have too much trouble tracking down a decent signal, some times it takes longer then others but it has never left me without the way back to camp. Has there been enough improvments in GPS technology that results in any of the above units getting a better signal? or am I merely just updating the case around the technology? I'm leaning towards the Garmin 60CS just because it's pretty. The problem is that the current deal on the Meridian Color includes:MapSend® DirectRoute™ software, 64 MB Secure Digital (SD) card, Vehicle mounting bracket, 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter/data cable, PC cable, and 2 "AA" batteries. The 60CS doesn't have any xtras and is more money. Is it really that much better? and is the screen on the Meridian really as bad as some on the forum say when compared? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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