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  1. hey thank you. thats exactly what i was looking for!
  2. got my first dirt bike a few weeks ago and it has become my number 1 hobby. i was looking for some caches in area that require a dirtbike. let me know if you know of any. thank you.
  3. if you want to plan a trip, i'm not much of a planner, ill go half on gas and we can take my car or what ever. i don't mind rain or snow as i have all the right gear for that, i was a carpenter for awhile, i just have a tendency to get lost .
  4. i am young. 25. i see what your saying but the problem i was having was this, i wasn't running into those positive cachers, untill now lol.
  5. as soon as i can formulate a plan lol. i want to goto ironman more i just figure ring most people havent done. i was told i shouldn't go alone and i dont think my muggle friend wants to do these.
  6. ^^ HAHAHAHA EXACTLY!!!!!! waiting for ironman and ring of fire are 2 caches in washington that are really legendary and should not be attempted alone i guess. wrastro im sorry too. im just tired of all the fun nazi's really. i just wanted to get some good people talking and i did. all i had been running into was fights and stuff. i'm just trying to have fun and was looking for a group of people that are down to earth and just cache for fun. i'm finding more and more people i think are in that catagory as this "debate" goes on lol. nypaddlecacher im really jealous, i've been out of my state like 3 times, if you ever come to washington and want to hit all the major cache i'll tag along!
  7. ring of fire anyone? possibly waiting for ironman?
  8. i'll take a black nickel, my favorite!!!!
  9. i'm trying to goto these caches and was wondering if anyone wanted to tag along? i drive a geo metro so i get really good gas mileage if you want to hitch a ride with me otherwise i'll meet you there!
  10. still looking for people to go with to "waiting for ironman" and "ring of fire" !!!!
  11. can someone please translate this post from <inappropriate language removed> to something i can read?
  12. untill now a camera and service if you dont have a droid x or other data sharing gadget.
  13. i met a guy awhile ago, but he went mia, he asked me to go to a few good caches around me like iron man and some others but since then i've met new cachers but but they are people i run into ftf hunting or big wigs that are cool and talk to the little people at events. forgot to say, what has two thumbs and likes bunnys with pancakes on their heads....THIS GUY!!!!
  14. narc you missed it lol. everyone's posts, minus yours have changed the way i felt last night. and im not focused on other people if you read right before that it states who i was focused on.... nypaddlecacher your post is what i was looking to hear. thank you. i realized there are far more people that want to have fun vs. the elitists. i was feeling over whelmed by elitists and number crunchers.... from what ive seen i'd say its about 5 out of 7 wanna have fun and the other 2 just want to be right up high on their really high horse......
  15. i've gotten a few emails reguarding the coins, but i'm looking for someone that has no geocoins, no kid accounts made yesterday and the parents have 5000. if you know someone or are someone with not a single coin to your name PLEASE PM ME!!!! lol. thanks. ****update**** found one person. still some left if you know someone in need!
  16. lol ive seen way busier. 1.top left 2. top right.
  17. as im looking for something interesting i came upon this thread and have to say one word.....BOOSH!!!!! thanks smile is on my face.
  18. missed the issue. dave's vision..... hide something and have some one find it because slick willy said we could.... and as far as geo politics its not even the forums i'm addressing, IT'S THE LOGS I'M POSTING AND READING.... in a nut shell i'm tired of elitists and number crunchers. i was hoping some people would say "yeah i am let's just go grab some caches and HAVE FUN...." and i could meet some cachers i actully would like to go on some of the legendary caches with but i guess thats not possible. i'll just stick to my muggle friend.....
  19. What happened to just going and finding some random container with little coins and what-nots in it and logging happy things? Is anyone else tired of all the "Geo-Politics"? It seems like everyone just argues over logs and has formed hatfields and mccoy situations. I wonder if this was part of dave's vision?
  20. if you know someone without a geocoin or new to the geocoin world i have an extra or two laying around. send pm i rarely keep up on forums.
  21. IT'S BEEN FOUND!!!!!!! 10 seconds after i made the grab fozrock was right there. will post pic in a few minutes. P.S. he's only got one leg i hope the other isn't still attached to the tree lol.
  22. lol noticed that too. waiting for #10 to appear as i love night caches.
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