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  1. Hi all, I have an answer for some of you. I recently started using my 60CS on a newly purchased motorbike in conjunction with a Garmin handlebar mount. My GPSr was turning itself off after varying intervals while riding. Having not had any problems while using it with a power cable in my car I changed the batteries etc but to no avail. I went to my Garmin service dealer (I'm a dealer in Australia) who told me of the batteries breaking contact problem and told me too check between the terminals for small black foam inserts. ( my unit was already fitted with them from the factory). He then told me of another problem that he had only seen once before. There are some internal gold plated springs (four I think) that act as contacts between the battery compartment and the circuit board. These springs can break contact with the circuit board due to the vibrations caused by motorcycle travel. The Garmin remedy was to take off the rear casing and slightly stretch these springs to provide more tension. I've yet to test the operation on my bike again but my Garmin people assure me this will solve the problem of my GPSr shutting down. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  2. OK. thanx for all your input. Much appreciated.
  3. I take it they are a bit hard to deal with?
  4. Hi all, Just a twist to the topic. but I've tried to explain the theory and practice of geocaching to and elderly man in my local town Here in Western Australia. He is one of the caretakers of a historical homestead at which I would like to place a geocache. So I figured I would explain how it all works to him then ask for permission to place the geocache. I think I must have scared him when I started talking about satellites because he still hasn't given me an answer about placing the geocache. Oh well I will just have to try a different approach. Any ideas?
  5. Hello ppl, I'm wondering where I can buy Travel Bug tags and other geocaching accessories. Preferably in Western Australia. Thanx
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    No. My brother was born in 1983 the day and hour that Australia won the America's Cup. He has only been In Kulin a couple of years. Thanx Nigel
  7. I would like to get hold of some coins when available. The quantity depends on the price.
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    Hi, Yes, my brother and his wife are geocachers near Corrigin. They live at Kulin and they placed the new multi cache at Corrigin recently. They are Team Magna.
  9. Hi all. I too noticed this mapping inaccuracy in the base map on my 60cs. I asked the Garmin dealer here in Western Australia what the cause was. I was told that the base maps are designed as a guide only.
  10. Hiya I'm in Australia and I have a Map60CS. I bought City Nav for my GPSr and it works great. I don't believe we have ever had City Select here in Aust but we have another product called MetroGuide. which I belive is less detailed than City Nav and non routable.
  11. Hi there, My first GPSr was a GPS12 (not even as upmarket as the GPS12XL). I started Geocaching with it and it was fine. The only problem I found was the screen resolution only went down to about 30 metres whereas my GPSMAP60CS goes down to about 5 metres, which makes it a little easier when you get real close.
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