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  1. ok what about this//are these custom made 2005 White Jeep,Jeep 4x4 Travel Bugs ,Green Jeep 4x4 Travel Bugs ,//My question is can i have a Travel Bug(TB) made with something else in mind such as for TB forBreast Cancer,or TB for christ or TB for the Hunger Crisis I am asking of this because i want to make as many of these TB like those above and send them out//just asking thks †
  2. i had gotten a cach's a few days ag0 and someone park across the street from where i was @ i simlpe took the cach with me i didnt try to hind it back --i drove around the block a few times and than they left and then i repace the cach;s sometimes i guess you have to do that??
  3. w0w i just found out about it and now its CLOSED ????
  4. I know that m0st people are on a buget such as me i bought the cheaper one ,and i didnt want to spend alot of money but after you get it or if that you get it you will have yrs of fun with it if that you have family or little 0nes they t00 will enjoy going 0ut on weekend or other days if it does not download the info that you need take it back and save ur money intill you have a enough money that you can get a Garmin of your choice it will be worth it in the long run trust me i have a great litlle device that make it so easy to down load the info to find the cachings,anyway good luck in and i hope the best that you can get Gps have a bless day †
  5. Hello dont worry i did the same thing as you did i bought the same model as you did and tryed to work it intill i was blue in the face i to0k it back as someone from this geocaching.com site said and i got a Garmin eTrex Vista its a little bit m0re money but well worth it `it downloads very very easy and i say to tAKE it back and get one that you can download what you need to have a family fun outings i say get the Garmin eTrex Vista have a bless day †
  6. This information is very go0d i like to try in the next yr to make something with God or Jesus loves you on it wit ha tracking number on it. †
  7. I recommend a Garmin eTrex Venture HC. Reliable, can display maps, high sensitivity, connects to computer through USB. Look for a second hand unit in the GPS Garage Sale forum. The eTrex H is even cheaper, but connects through serial port. You only need to connect to the computer is you're uploading waypoints (instead of entering by hand) or transferring maps to unit, or tracklogs from unit. I would get what he said I would get what i got and dont do like i did i bought a cheap one just thought i can get by with it///NO way i could not do anything with iti tryed to work it intill i was blue in the face it was good for a paper wieght thats all ,i to0k it back and got Garmin just as he said and i am telling you its all that you need it is a little bit m0re money but you will be happy †
  8. 0k i did get to TB topic and found //HOW TO LOG A TRAVEL BUG OR GEOCOIN, Instructions on logging. i did log my find and this thing moves around the people @Groundspeck knows how to run a great fourm i say to the Groundspeak people keep up the great w0rk : )
  9. i did find a few in tress and as the member stated before me walk around the tree first and do like i do lo0k for any broken branches that may lead to someone before you been there ~~your the hunter
  10. i have a question i pick up a TB on my outing and i know thta i am to drop it off in a different cachind place but am i to track it or how is a person to do this ?? me newbe so i ask this ?
  11. I will say this you a true person for being honesty as for myself i have to be honest because GOD is watching us
  12. it like being a pet owner you have to lo0k after it !!!
  13. also dont forget the geocaching creed see link in this post
  14. yea i got on-line and found a link that sell's great stuff to hide cach's check out the link in my post
  15. yup thanks because i was just about the ask the same thing: )
  16. have fun and dont forget the geocaching creed check link below
  17. dont forget the geocaching creed : ) ----↓ click link below
  18. we must also teach them about the geocaching creed ----↓ click link below
  19. 0000oooohh ok so its one of those kinds here say twisted words and add this and then add some m0re,its like the big fo0t thing
  20. godavid

    0 for 3

    go0d luck in finding it if it was me i would wait intill the snow melted like next yr (dont like cold )
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