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  1. throw them all in jail and lock this topic that will take care everything
  2. 000ooh yea but there is more fun to be had and always enougn ro0m for others to join to have fun on the way
  3. i have 11 ammo boxes i am trying to hind and i get mind ammo boxes for a little as 3 dollars or nothing at all but i rent moving trucks and so i make a deal with him and i get them ammo boxe for free
  4. he maybe went out in 05 and just now finding one give him another chance i forgive him
  5. i just pull geotraveltrailer every where
  6. I ask that you think about this ! i like everyone that i meet and or see i dont like tattoos ihate them i dont have one on my body!!and i will never have one.I meet alot of people everyday just because that someone has a tattoos on their body does not give a reson to hate them we are all equal on this earth you/me the other person and the rest of this world we all the equal.just because that you have found something that has religious,on it you can not change it and i have a TB] if someone did any change's to it i would get up set but on the other hand its only material things.Please understand that we are not up set but also remember the geo creed code
  7. i would also wait intill you found a few like i placed my first one after i found over 100 that way you know how well ur gps and make sure thta you dont place it and no one be able to find it and so how well do you know ur gps??would you hind a cache having buying a gps??
  8. well if that you miss this month race there is always next month race sign up get ur TB's ready read the rules its GOING to be "FUN"
  9. N0w thta i have all my home town geocaches found 0r most of them i went from micro finding to ammo boxe's only or i want to think med to large finds 0nly!!! i do g0 after the ones with TB's,and or coins i am in for the thrill to find those that i like to find ,and that would be med/large cache's
  10. dont f0rget the geocreed code
  11. I sure hope ur right i have one now waiting to be drop from a person and they had it 0ver a month
  12. I AGREE !!!!!! i only target the bigger cache's now and i go after the 0nes that do have TB's in them i do like finding TB's,and sometimes there is NO TB there so listen LOG them !!!
  13. 0ne week away t0 get ur (TB) travelbugs ready for the BAJA RACE Where will you go??what city will you land in??h0w far will you go??is your pit crew ready??got fresh snacks,water??how much gas is in your car,truck??got good tires on your car,truck?? Are ya ready to race ???
  14. i think what i am lo0king for is something without numbers like TB winner d0gtag that has a something with a picture behind the letters TB like this → [url=http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id= check the picture TB
  15. also dont forget the geocreed code
  16. w0w ok you make me some for this TB BAJA race i am doing i did check on some dog tags for the winners but i would have to buy a 100 of them and it cost $285 something plus shipping to have them made so i didnt buy any
  17. now that i found all that is in my home town i have made it my mission to just hit cache's that are bigger than micro and only focus on the caches that are small to large cache's and tag the ones that have TB(travelbugs) in them just like i went out this weekend and it was monday intill i can log them so yes its timing i did hit some that was to have TB's and there was none in there
  18. thks Eartha for the info and i just order 5 more TB's from http://shop.Groundspeak.com/category.cfm?c...ID=5&home=t for the BAJA race
  19. 0k TB(travelbug)BAJA is two weeks away get your truck,cars anything with wheels on it and get them ready → http://travelbugbaja.forumcircle.com all can enter
  20. I know that we all sin every day but when it gets bad when you (I) go to lo0k for geocache's but you lo0k @ females on the way and you loose your way on the way and than you need help finding your way back home??
  21. not finding anything is boring !!!
  22. get your cars,trucks ready for the TB travel bug race,and could Administrator edit the South and Southeast ONLY to something else like to sign up thks
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