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  1. i keep mind iwas at a event just last month and this lady had a three-or four key rings full of them i keep what i find (only path tags)
  2. Threaded caps on PVC pipes leak if they're loose enough to open without tools, and they require tools to open if they're tight enough not to leak. Plus, they aren't very inexpensive by the time you finish buying all the bits and pieces. I once priced making a container out of PVC and it came out to over $12. Hardly cheap, nevermind that I've never found a dry cache inside one. I do make some containers out of pvc and it cost me less than that i make mind about 1-2 inch pipes i buy a 12 ft piece and some caps and gule them and than paint them camo and place a log (paper) into them and they are ready to hind that easy//plus i buy my amo boxs for about2-3 buck$$///Iknow people that has an shop that has amo boxs for cheap
  3. Garmin,garmin,garmin,garmin,.....i belive you get it
  4. I t0 was out on a mission to hind some geocach's last weekend and came across a bench mark disk - survey disk,to0k pictures of it and am still trying to find in on Search for Local Benchmarks:→By Postal Code: i am trying to find it on geocaching.com before i can even post my geo cach's its holding me up but i belive come this weekend iwill be able to go 0ut and do some hunting than.I am reading FAQ and hope thta i can learn something from it thanks for making a post of this †
  5. I been thinking of a co0l one for the past few months it would be a life size dummy wearing blue jean,shirt,gloves,sun glass's,hat,shoes,stake to a tree,or have it standing up with a back pack on his back with the geocache it the pack.I would have to make it to where it would withstand high winds,and the weather and all ,any other ideal about this????
  6. w0w i remember a very long time ago(we was kids) my sister found a $100 bill at a food store she ran in to tell our mother and i told my sister if she did that than someone could say that they lost it and than she would have to give it back but mom to0k it and bought us scho0l clothes with it
  7. I agree with what your saying we as me and wife back 10ys ago did this very same thing with of local lakes ity was alot of fun free fo0d to those who did any clean up and the camp sites was free also we lo0k forward each yr in helpng with the clean up///every one wins
  8. dont do like i did i bought a Magellan at first and try to get it to work intill i was blue in the face and than these guys here told me to get Garmin i didnt listen i trade the Magellan in for a bushnell that didnt work!!! I than decided to get a Garmin //i now have have Garmin eTrex Vista,and as long that you do something with compass, and barometric altimeter. ... All that i know when i change Batterys i have to set the altimeter,and than walk in a circle to set the compass,
  9. I dont like to go about this wrong but face bo0k sucks!!! i dont post nomore than i have to on face book so many hackers and they use your info to use against you or miss use it how ever they wish,just like your birthdate on facebook they can find your social security number from your birthday so you been WARNED!!!
  10. I do find that is funny this web-site is more than what we deserve they do up grades on a weekly or montly base (Iam guessing) before that i ever place my first cache i did look and learn before 'I JUMPED RIGHT IN THERE" I also keep my words sweet never know when i have to eat them
  11. thats all i lo0k for is ammo boxes i dont bother with micros anymore
  12. i have with my tom/tom → http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e0-f6b453ea8679 it got me to 30 feet of the cache
  13. here is one/// ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ http://www.geocaching.com/ Dear _______: I'm writing to request permission to place a geocache in _______. If you are not familiar with the term geocache,Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices.A GPS is Global Positioning System receiver (GPSr) to mark the longititude and latitude of the geocache. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment. . This entails a person hiding a small container (the geocache), usually containing a log book and trinkets, then using a Global Positioning System receiver (GPSr) to mark the longititude and latitude of the geocache. The coordinates are then published on the Internet to allow others to find it. Geocaching is a fun, family oriented activity that has the benefit of getting people,and family outdoors and introducing them to areas of historic, natural, or scenic interest. Managers of many parks and nature preserves have determined that geocaching is a beneficial, low impact activity and encourage the sport on their lands. They see the additional visitors and increased exposure that geocaching brings as a plus. Similarly, geocachers often discover exciting new places through the sport, while getting exercise and gaining an appreciation for these areas. I believe that ________ is one of the special places that would be of interest to geocachers and would like to explore the possibility of my placing a geocache there. I will be calling you shortly to discuss this, or if you prefer you can contact me at _________. Thank You,
  14. iknow what ya talking about i have acoolbreez (cache) at my office i place all my own TB's there and on a daily base i go out there in the mornings at check to make sure that its still there and to keep it from being filled with junk and i have 4 tbs that someone to0k and out it,and out of the 4~` 2 have loged them so yea i can understand that it would up-set you but its only object that we can not take wit hus when we die so if that i lost ,or loose a TB so what i just get another and in hops that the next time it will be loged
  15. it would have to withstand wet/dry,and cold/hot seasons,and if a muggle found it than that info could be use to put on the internet and mis~used. †
  16. from today it will be 3 weeks away for the next Tb travel bug baja race to start → http://travelbugbaja.forumcircle.com
  17. you can see link → http://www.tb-rescue.com
  18. godavid

    TB Race

    well getting it back home would be the trick may need to check out → http://travelbugbaja.forumcircle.com #start any where /yes/ #first Tb with the m0st miles /wins/
  19. yea you should be happy that its moving i cant get noone to take mind i started in the Tb race and i cannot get moving → http://travelbugbaja.forumcircle.com
  20. //i ahave the echo → http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b3-3ce72258c9b1 i geo cache for the thrill of it i have already found all that i want to find in my town/city i have move from looking for the micro's to the bigger size cache's and i go after them for the thrill i love it when i find them,and most of all i love the ammo box's
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