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  1. Why not leave them there and copy the old cache page into a new listing, providing they were good caches? There are quite a few cachers in my area who seem to have known the CO, and these caches were archived well over a year ago. If any of them had any desire to give these caches new life, and felt good about doing it, they had plenty of time. Good answer and good action on your part. After a year there is no need to contact anyone about these caches.
  2. I don't mind passing up caches at all as a trade-off for an interesting route that includes some higher fave counts. The caches don't all have to be high fave counts but the higher percentage was nice. It was a good mix and I'm sure a lot more work to put together. I love the country drives and the ferry was a real nice treat. I liked the balance of hikes and drive-ups. It makes it interesting to have the hikes sprinkled about and we get to know the area better because of them. Walking across the railroad bridge to grab the cache on the other side, out of sequence, was fun. We got more time that way to see the Salem community enjoying the river. (And one-half of Team Sagefox really loves railroad stuff!) It is nice, too, to see local cachers do so much to help make the event go well - fixing caches and providing all the useful comments during the route adjustment phase. We ran into them a few times in the route and they were very nice folks. A memorable CM.
  3. I hear you! And I suspect the girls would much rather have the bug make "actual" cache visits and then be picked up by other cachers. It makes it much more interesting.
  4. Reading all the logs on this cache page tells me there is a problem with satellite reception or with the posted coordinates, or both. There was trouble originally and no one has found it since you updated the location. You also said that you didn't know why it was so hard to get good coordinates. You say the coordinates are accurate but have you tested it with a mix of gps units and smartphones? GPS accuracy is variable and changes by the hour and as the weather changes and smartphones can compound the problem. When reception is inconsistent and not reliable then it is usually better to place a bit larger cache that is more intuitive to find or add a more specific hint. I don't believe that you intended this cache to be so hard to find because the cache page says it should be a quick park and grab. But I have to say that it is confusing that this park and grab has a difficulty rating of 2.5. Your cache description does not say this. It would be very helpful to clearly state on your page that the cache is not beyond the no trespassing signs or that searchers do not need to trespass. The reviewers will want to feel confident that this cache is not encouraging folks to trespass. It is best not to expect that people will search through the logs for this information. Geocachers with gps units and PDAs often only have the last five logs to look at. I would suggest posting a Note that you are reviewing the site conditions for gps accuracy and to see if a more specific hint or more obvious hide might be appropriate. The reviewers mainly want to know that you are doing something about it and they will give you time to make adjustments. Good luck!
  5. It appears they keep posting new logs as the old ones get deleted (no edits). This morning the log was clean language and only one of the c/o's caches was logged. Still only one of the op's cache tonight but the language has changed.... Hold on a sec, now its two of op's caches and another BS log on a cache by a different owner. This dude is active. There are many logs on the op/s cache by very low find-count cachers. I saw a log by a cub scout on one of the other caches. I wonder if there is a group of very young people who have smart phones and one of them is running amok? Clearly the BS Kid is jerking the cache owner's chain. Hopefully Horn38 has reported it to gc.com.
  6. Technically, maybe not. But why do people think it is o.k. to hang on to someone's trackable for six months? I think it is abuse. I am reasonably certain that no one intended that a trackable to be hung on to by one person for more than a month, or two, unless it was to help it meet a goal (rare). Six months, nine months, two years? Who ever intended this?
  7. Yep. Looks like they got the idea and cleaned up their log on your cache. Their other log, quoted above, is good too. Nothing for you to do now unless they edit that log later or post a new one adding back the profanity.
  8. What are you checking the accuracy with? If you are using only a cell phone it would be good to get one or two people with gpsr units to confirm. It is not uncommon for cell phone coordinates to be off by a substantial bit.
  9. I posted a Needs Archived on this cache because the original cache may be missing and the CO is in no position to maintain it. I have no problem with your NA log. When the CO goes dark the cache is left to the mercy of the community. Sometimes others will maintain them (including throwdowns) and sometimes they get NM and NA logs. Not sure I agree with this. Throwdowns typically don't bother me unless the site is a litter dump or other objectionable site making it very questionable why someone would want to keep it active. Until the TD is, itself, in need of maintenance, though, I'm not sure a NA is appropriate. What definition are you referring to? Is it in the guidelines that a TD is an unmaintained cache?
  10. Are they the same people who say it is impossible to find 100 caches in one day?
  11. I got in at $59.95. I guess AARP isn't as cool as AAA! I tried the Choice Hotel phone app for the first time and they didn't even list the Rodeway.
  12. What? There is no reason not to take a trackable unless perhaps it has a note with it declaring a goal that we do not want to participate in. If OP had grabbed the two then they would have found out if there is a goal when they logged them. If neither trackable has instructions that they should stay together then the person picking up the trackables is free to separate them or keep them together for the move to the next cache.
  13. I like this. I am going to tweak it a bit and use it for our stalled bugs. I, too, check every few months, or so, and write to folks when they have had the trackable for a long time (two, three months, say).
  14. I see a lot of speculation as to what the TO might have been thinking which doesn't do you much good. If it happened to me I would probably just grab it back and put a note on the trackable page saying it is still in my possession. If the TO doesn't read English at least they would get the message it was grabbed. I would then wait a couple of days and if by then the TO doesn't grab it I would give it a REAL cache visit by placing it in a nearby cache. And while I have your attention maybe you could explain why you have held on to this trackable for nearly six months and have added all those pages of visit logs. I am truly interested in why people do this and your answer might help me understand why it is being done. It might even help prevent me from deleting great numbers of visit logs which I am considering doing on my trackable pages.
  15. Yikes! Just a few hours after your post I unknowingly archived the cache you listed for us (Snag It) after a 13 year run. We moved out of that state seven years ago so all our early caches are archived. Here is our next oldest active cache: MR Ducks Looks like we've found a handful or two of those caches. It was fun to go through the list and see all the familiar names. I will bookmark it and check back again as it progresses.
  16. Nice work Abby! I can't wait to see your 10k pin. (It will be another four years before we get ours!)
  17. Sagefox

    Cuz I can

    It is nice to get that 10-year pin, isn't it? We've got ours proudly displayed on the mantle over the fireplace. (Hey, wait a minute... we don't have a fireplace. And come to think of it, I don't recall ever receiving that pin. Who's responsible for mailing out the pins anyway?)
  18. ... does a TB owner have the ability to delete individual "visited" logs (or other logs, for that matter) posted by other cachers in his TB's log? If you do, the cacher's whose log you deleted will get notfied for each deletion. Yes, this will happen and maybe it will help visit happy cachers know that not all trackable owners want pages of visit logs. Yes, if they delete "discovered" logs which should not be done unless they are virtual (bogus)logs. Not so if they delete "visit" logs.
  19. Generally not for the hider though. When I get a couple of dozen cut-n-paste logs... Big-find days doesn't always mean c-n-p. I don't do cut-and-paste. But then I've never had a 100+ find day on a power trail so I don't know what I would do there.
  20. I've done a bit over 100 one day. Urban environment, good density, none were part of a trail, all were separately and uniquely hid although a couple groups were by the same CO. Carefully plotted route, checking satellite views first to find the parking lots to cross so I didn't have to go back out into traffic. Just planning and execution. This kind of planning sounds like fun and I will have to give it a try. I like to occasionally match cache finds in a day to my age and that means I WILL need better planning if I try it again this year. I want to mention to unicornivi that with no advanced planning other than to choose a cache dense area it is possible to find 60, or more, in a day by a single cacher, no power trails, no running, and including a mix of driving to easy caches and walking in parks to more time-consuming caches - 9am to 10pm. When you team up with others the numbers can jump even higher with more eyes and experience added to the mix. I enjoy a one-cache outing as much as I do finding several dozen in a day. Big-number days are just another element to this fun game.
  21. I've had my eye on Lee's progress for months in anticipation of 100k. I'm a bit disappointed that I can't be down there if there is an event. Would love to attend. I originally ran across his logs just after he got started. Our Northern California caching areas overlapped and it was easy back then to be aware of the serious cachers because the membership was low in numbers. I wrote to my brother in Seattle and said, "Get a load of this guy! 400 finds in just a couple of months." How was that possible? So I checked his stats to see if there were finds in different parts of the state on the same day - as in, was this a team of people operating separately. The routes checked out. This guy was the real deal! I've been following his progress ever since. Looks like it's going to be "100k" rather than "Bust". Good to see the time has come for this major milestone in our game.
  22. The Newcastle GSAK workshop this afternoon was very informative and it offered just what I needed to get more out of this fine program. Thanks to Abby and Rambudo for a very well organized presentation.
  23. Since that would negatively affect than stats of the cacher doing the visits I wouldn't hold your breathe. Visits don't show up on cacher stats pages.
  24. My biggest concern with the oft proposed name change is that I fear folks will be much more willing to post them. Whilst this might, on the face of it, seem like a great thing, I fear that this will seriously hamper our Reviewers from their primary task; publishing caches. I agree.
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