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  1. I have kept a spreadsheet of all our caching activity for the past 13 years. Our dnf rate has remained constant and never varied by a full point: 7% of total cache attempts result in dnf when the cache is in place and findable. 10% when missing cache dnfs are added in.
  2. Will do. It has always been quiet and sleepy when we've driven through Amboy but it has always been mid-day. This time I'm hoping to get a meal at Roy's cafe if the road closures haven't shut the place down.
  3. Thanks for the tip. This trip is primarily for visiting significant history spots along the National Trails Highway rather than strictly caching. I am bringing a bike along so I can get to some places that might be blocked to cars. Power trail caching on a bike is a hoot!
  4. A common comment here but I suspect abandonment happens independently of someone adding a log. The cache may have been abandoned long before the log was replaced. The question is not whether someone has abandoned their cache but whether the cache is viable. Replacing a log makes it viable. The next cachers will not know or care if the owner has quietly slipped out the back door because there will be a cache with a log to sign. If no one is interested in replacing the log then NM/NA will take care of it. I see no harm in replacing a log.
  5. Yes, I was aware that this traveler could disappear but was not worried about it. This situation was just too far over the top and I was planning to retire the bug permanently rather than have those visits cover up the "real" travels. Fortunately, the holder is highly skilled with software and removed all the visits with lightening speed so that won't be necessary. I am reasonably certain that people who like the Visit All option don't realize that many people don't want multiple pages of visits or that some finders detest paging through tens to hundreds of visit logs to see where that trackable has actually been or if it reached its goal. My active travelers have a statement that nicely requests no more than a couple of visit logs per cacher with no threats of deleting logs. That request is almost always ignored. Most of our trackables do get hit with pages of visits since many cachers don't read the TB goals. Periodically I review our trackable pages and delete visit logs but this one would have been impossible for me to tackle.
  6. Edit: Issue resolved. And quite quickly too. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the link on the Edit Profile page: "Your changes have been saved. View your profile" I will be finding this little addition very useful.
  8. My trip has been delayed about one month so maybe more road will be open by then. The SAGEFOX RV van only weighs 4750 lbs when loaded for travel so we would make the cut but I don't expect the bridges will be in place by then. I expect to be doing a lot of backtracking to get onto the road from different access points.
  9. That was probably Roy's in Amboy which is about halfway through the route. We stayed at the motel in Ludlow but the pointy roof was probably Roy's. I just looked it up...it was the Ludlow Cafe., I think it has a cache in front of it on some miming equip. Yes, I've got that mining equipment cache in my bookmark. I remember the Ludlow Cafe building now that I've seen the photo. We've driven by it several times over the past 25 years but never stopped in. Maybe I'll stop by this time for a breakfast. Roy's has a different kind of pointy roof - very early 60s-ish.
  10. Actually, it is quite a different issue. The husband and wife "team" are typically always a team and their account shows their team activity rather than individual accomplishments. Some couple-teams do a lot of separate caching and some only cache together. Either way it is easy to make the adjustment when viewing their stats.
  11. That was probably Roy's in Amboy which is about halfway through the route.
  12. It was a big rainstorm, especially for the desert. Goffs got two inches but Essex, in the power trail, is said to have had 5 to 6". With the road being closed along most of it's 109 miles the storm must have been wide spread. The bummer for me is that I will be in Goffs for the schoolhouse centennial celebration on Oct 12 and I was planning on doing extensive history stops along the NTH. I have a highly detailed book on the history of towns and homesteads along that highway and railroad line and I was going to stop at many of those sites with book and photos in hand and explore the ground. It was to include one night camped out on the NTH before moving on to Goffs. This was to be my great excellent adventure - a desert walkabout. Sure there are about 900 caches on that road but I was going to focus on history and benchmarks (historic markers) and then grab between 30 and 100 caches. (We drove the ET Highway last May, spent the night at the Little Ale Inn in Rachel and only grabbed 8 caches by car and another 13 on foot. We were on a different mission that trip. It could be a record for the most caches passed up on that highway! :o ) If the road sections are still closed when we leave town I will throw on the bike and see what I can do by peddling. I can access the middle of the power trail by an open north-south highway.
  13. I am posting here rather than in West/Southwest because most of the power trail topics seem to be here and because people travel from all over the country to do PTs in California and Nevada. Bad news for anyone wanting to visit the National Trails Highway power trail (a.k.a. Route 66) in the near future. I received an email from the Mojave Desert Cultural and Heritage Association in Goffs, CA that most of this highway from Ludlow to Goffs is closed and that the Highway Patrol is ticketing anyone driving around barriers. Best check road conditions before heading to this trail. My experience is that when bridges are washed out on this highway they can remain out for a long time. Here is a link to San Bernardino County Public Works. Click on the Road Closures to get to a Word document that lists all highway section closures.
  14. Hey, thanks! It's now on our profile. That looks slightly off for me in Firefox. Larry's looks perfect. Hummmm. I checked with two computers; one Firefox, one Chrome, and an Ipad and they all show the dnf box in the correct spot. Maybe you didn't mean me.
  15. You really don't understand age... but you will in the future! I am also 68 and I am about a 50/50 solo cacher also and I love it. This year I have gone places that no one of any age should go solo. Arizona forests, fresh bear scat on the long trail, mountain lion country with fresh sightings, a long night cache. And mountain lion meetings, bad neighborhoods, narrow log bridges to cross over raging winter streams. I don't do this because I am super cool. In fact, I am usually dealing with my fear levels, but there is a cache out there that must be found! You will be pleasantly surprised when you reach this age and discover that you don't feel as old as you thought you would when you were the age that you are now.
  16. Me too. And I love the ape event every year and I love the monster hiding inside! FYI it's 2.3 miles of ice cold , wet love. Oops, I knew that. 2.3 miles.
  17. I did love riding a bike through that 1.3 mile tunnel of fun. Incandescent lights work best.
  18. I agree that you should go back and get the travelbug and then move it to a known active cache. You probably figured out by now that it is not a good idea to put a trackable in an unknown container. If you are interested in a bit of sleuthing you could take a photo of the log and then compare the names with those on nearby caches or with the geocaching database (Find Another Player on the Your Profile page). This will let you know if it is a gc.com geocache. It could be a geocache from another listing service, though, and I suspect folks use their gc.com cache names at those sites too. Also check the dates signed to see if it is currently active. If there are gc.com cache names and the dates are within that past year, or so, then it could be a final of a nearby multi as mentioned above. This might encourage you to do those multi-caches and have some additional fun. If that doesn't work it might be a cache from another listing site or, if the dates are old, it could be an archived cache or an old letterbox. There is all kinds of fun to be had with this accidental discovery of yours. Good luck.
  19. I thought it was explained quite clearly in the quote above and in the links you provided. There were special circumstances. Why are you bringing this back? Do you have a grandfathered cache you want to move or know of one?
  20. I disagree entirely with your fanciful assumptions in this topic and stating them here is certainly not fair to etarace. If the family archived all those caches 6 to 12 months ago with no requests for containers to be collected or returned and they did not remove or have them removed then it is quite clear that they are done with them. That the friends of the deceased and other locals did not collect the container indicates the same. If only 30 to 90 days had gone by then it could be a bit dicey but after a year someone needs to do what you have done and there has been plenty of time for the local cachers, friends or not, old-timers or not, to take care of it. Don't be too quick to devalue your worth to the local cache community or to this game. Not quite believable to me that the locals would think this after a year. After all this time it might be possible that friends of the deceased might have a negative emotional response but it would not be fair to etarace if they did. This is absurd and totally unfair. We are a self-policing group when it comes to abandoned caches and we need to be because there is no one else to do it. Years ago there were topics in local forums where abandoned caches could be listed so folks would go out and get them. Thank you etarace for this service you have provided. It looks like you are enjoying geocaching and I hope the unwarranted negative comments here don't leave you feeling badly about the game.
  21. Nope, it is a good hide, not evil, and the coordinates were o.k. I found it this afternoon within one minute but that was due to luck and circumstance. It was totally out of sight when I sort of stumbled on it. I heard a clue while looking elsewhere. This hide will vary depending on how well the natural camo is put back. If only partially exposed it will be a 1.0 (D) but I would not call it a 2.0. For some people it will be a 2, maybe 2.5 but for most the 1.5 seems o.k. to me.
  22. I was planning on heading over there tomorrow, especially to check out the one with the dnfs. I have experience and I can dnf with the best of them. (526 dnfs to date where the container was in place - 7% of total container attempts!)
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