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  1. Anyone know how I can upload a word file for someone to verify that they were at my virtual cache Philadelphia Street Pholley? I did have a link that would open a password protected word file that was the certificate. Now you can only upload image file to the link. I know I could link it to an outside site but Flicker etc doesn't support text files. Thanks, Rock 33
  2. I just got my eTrex 20 and had no problems downloading and viewing caches from Geocaching but I'm new to paperless caching so I can't compare it to anything. Wish there was a way to delete caches tho. Basecamp looks like a good thing to try. Is it complicated to use?
  3. Spring gobbler in PA starts statewide this weekend with the Youth Spring Turkey hunt. The regular season starts May 1 and runs until May 29. Hunting hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise until noon. If you are caching during this time it would be a good idea to wear fluorescent orange.
  4. If I am not on the list please add me.
  5. When I'm hunting I don't have a problem sharing the woods with anyone but with close to 1 million license holders its better to leave the caches in Pennsylvania State Gamelands until Sundays during the hunting season. Be carefull caching in safety zones. Hunting is permitted with the permission of the occupants. Also be aware that you could (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) be cited for littering if you leave anything behind in state game lands. Spent casings, shells and maybe even caches?
  6. Nicely put Team Willow, but I probably should be the top candidate for the “hall” seeing that I have been around since November of 2001 and am not a charter member. For me it’s not about money, membership or the total number of finds, it’s about helping to promote a game/sport that I really enjoy. I don’t think I need to be a premium member to do that.
  7. I like the idea of a one day event. A lot of people can't tie up their whole weekend. Organization is a great idea but some needs to have the time to make it a go.
  8. I can help. I have a cache close by.
  9. The Indiana County Bicentennial Celebration started on 3/30/03. There are 9 caches in the Tour and the coins are placed in 7 of them. The other 2 are micros. Ttepee we do have rentals available.
  10. There should be plenty to go around. Last week they put, in the park director's words, "10 to 15" in each cache with the exception of the micros. I think they are the wooden coins but I’m not sure.
  11. Indiana County in PA is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary this year. Indiana County Parks along with the Tourist Bureau asked me if they could place commemorative coins in my Tour de Parks caches. I felt the NE forum would be a good place to let everyone know about this.
  12. When I was in my teens we used to go to Gravity Hill, Becky's Grave in Cambria County and a few other weird and supposedly haunted sites. I vote YES it would be fun to relive that. Maybe even a multi involving these places
  13. Not only does the Game Commission use the monies to buy land but it is use to maintain SGL and improve habitat. I thought all of the Commission’s changes were subject to legislative vote. But I may have been mistaken. House and Senate Bills of Interest to Pennsylvania Game Commission has many House Bills waiting for action.
  14. Rich “the substantial percentage of the sales of certain sporting goods” you are referring to is called the Pittman-Robertson Act. It is a Federal not a State program enacted by Congress on September 2, 1937. Funds are derived from an 11 percent Federal excise tax on sporting arms, ammunition, and archery equipment, and a 10 percent tax on handguns sold in the the United States. The funds are collected from the manufacturers by the Department of the Treasury and are apportioned each year to the States by the Department of the Interior on the basis of formulas set forth in the Act. Appropriate State agencies are the only entities eligible to receive grant funds. Funds for hunter education and target ranges are derived from one-half of the tax on handguns and archery equipment. Each state's portion is determined by a formula which considers the total area of the state and the number of licensed hunters in the state. The program is a cost-reimbursement program, where the state covers the full amount of an approved project then applies for reimbursement through Federal Aid for up to 75 percent of the project expenses. The state must provide at least 25 percent of the project costs from a non-federal source. The commission is eligible for 75 percent reimbursement of expenditures made for approved game lands habitat improvement and maintenance projects. The Game Commission's apportionment during federal fiscal year 2001 was $7,047,696 Also, even though the Game Commission is “entity entirely on their own” the State Legislators vote on the bills that are introduced by the commission.
  15. This is pretty close to what I have in mind. Thanks
  16. Thanks for the responses. Eeyore/Shadow I will be contacting you seeing it not to far for you to go.
  17. I have been asked to do a presentation on caching for the Friends of the Parks in Indiana, PA. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions that can help me out? Thanks
  18. The purpose of this cache was to get the cacher to a site that he or she may not normally visit. Yes, you are correct. There is one caveat and that is the $6.00 charge if you choose to search at night. There is no admission to the park during the day, as it is a county park. The nominal fee goes to a not for profit lighting of the festival for the following year. The mentioning of the festival of lights was an additional tidbit of information if cachers chose to search for the cache at night. This is normal size cache hidden in a place that is conducive to its surroundings-no different that any other cache that has been hidden. The coordinates do take the cacher to an actual physical site. The cache is to be permanent, but the festival of lights is a temporary added attraction. True, the wording could be a little different. I will edit the site and resubmit it. Thanks for your input.
  19. How come I can view the page? Anyway here is the contents: NAUGHTY or NICE ??? This cache is accessible during the day but prime caching hours is evenings 5:30 to 10:00 Thursday through Sunday, November 28 through December 8 or nightly, December 12 through January 1 Located in Ernest, PA the Festival of Lights features activitues for the whole family. The park is open during the day but for good family fun it’s highly recommended to cache at night. You must pay a $6.00 a car charge unless you have this coupon to receive $1.00 off your admission. This is a holiday season theme cache. Be honest when signing the log. Were you naughty or nice, remember Santa always checks his list twice. Try to be discrete more than Santa may be watching. Have fun and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Rock33 and Topogirl. ALSO THE PARK IS FREE DURING THE DAY YOU ONLY HAVE TO PAY IN THE NIGHT FOR THE FESTIVALK OF LIGHTS.
  20. I tried post this cache yesterday. I was told since it fell under the guidelines of commercial it couldn’t be posted. You can cache during the day but if you choose to go at night there is a $ 6.00 charge ($5.00 if you print out the coupon). All the money collected at the gate goes back to the Indiana County Parks for next year’s festival. What does everyone think? It starts tonight. Thanks
  21. Thanks for the replies. I am going to submit it.
  22. I am looking to place a theme holiday cache at one of our parks and do have permission from the park director. The cache can be found in the evenings only from Thanksgiving Day to New Years eve. There is an admission fee $6.00 per vehicle to access the park during this festival. All the monies collected help the park out during the year. Over 25 community groups volunteer to staff the festival entry gate and greet visitors. Would this cache be allowed? I know the $6.00 admission may deter a lot of people but I would let them know of this in advance.
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