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  1. Having read through this thread it seems most participants are objectionable to the new icons; I would like to add that personally I find the new icons (and mapping) to be lacking quality with inferior functionality. Furthermore, the appearance seems child-like and unnecessarily so, and I would like to see at least an option to use the original icons - which I would take up immediately. The point has been raised in previous posts about the functionality of smartphone and laptop screens - and in particular how it's a technological impossibility to expect to be able to represent on a 9cm screen what one can represent on a 39cm screen. Whether the intention here was to make the website mapping more compatible for smartphone users or not, that certainly seems to have been the outcome. It would be interesting to know how many cachers use a smartphone as their primary device currently, in comparison to dedicated GPS units; for this fundamental percentage breakdown will surely drive future development and design of not only icons / mapping but the very direction that our hobby is heading in. I still feel that the Premium Membership fee represents excellent value for money, and I won't be cancelling my subscription any time soon, but in the meantime I'm off to ProjectGeocaching to use their mapping..............
  2. Chrisgun Personal Geocoin arrived safely in UK today. TOP banana, Cache On!
  3. Thanks to st3phan for his useful suggestions. Tried reducing the number of caches on map page down to just unfound caches - still unable to access cache pages; and a similar result over at projectgeocaching or their maps - although in their defence, they do point out that their maps are still very much in the development stage and that what you are accessing is just a ''sneak preview''. I'm now going to submit a ''help'' email to Groundspeak, as I believe this situation is unacceptable and needs explanation. It's such a basic staple of cachers globally to access caches via their maps, and if enough of us ask for help hopefully we may receive some.
  4. Having the same problem too. Private Browsing / clearing caches, history has no effect whatsoever, and the usual ''fix all'' compatibility mode change has returned a blank too. The good news is that like others, my maps ARE working FINE if I switch to Firefox. For the record, I'm using IE11 ( Let's hope that this gremlin gets sorted soonest
  5. Yep! Up for this thanks for organising, email sent.
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