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  1. Be patient C.A., it's hard to have a lot of banter when basically it's just me, you and the Tandemanics up here It's kinda like talking to yourself! I suspect that things will pick-up when Springtime rolls around! Until then, keep throwing out your ideas and have fun!
  2. I don't want to cross over to the COIN threads, but I would REALLY like a Lemon Fresh Dog's Geo Bone . Hey B.R.A., is the LedgeHog gonna spend the winter out there??? Burrrrrrrrr...........
  3. I was in San Diego over Thanksgiving and found the caches on Coronado Island. I just LOVE the homes over there! I recently did maintenance on my caches here and placed two more. They are waiting for any visitors It is quite chilly outside and they are making snow at the ski areas. Hey B.R.A....I snagged one of your smashed pennies, but don't have the heart to part with it .
  4. Hi all! I would like to start a thread for those of us in the mountains and anyone interested in caching this area. Even though winter is coming, we have some awesome off-road and hiking caches. Last October, we hosted a fantastic event, so keep posted here for upcoming events and fun caches. Thanks a lot! Badgercacher
  5. pcfrog...i'm with you. just one rabies tag and a microchip for my pooch. but if more tags are required, i use the large plastic color-coded key identifier-thingys. you know, those round things you put on the end of your keys. they act like dog-tag silencers, PLUS they come in cool colors!
  6. Sorry Postkid, I did it a LLOOONNNGGGGGG time ago, too! As for the CD, I would have trashed it like all the other trash that collects in caches.
  7. I have also noticed that a late-online-log- FTF- cacher will log in on the date BEFORE so that they are basically logged in first. It works!
  9. If you have a "Cost Plus" or K-Mart (martha stewart garden stuff), I've seen bamboo sticks there.
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