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  1. Signed up: July 22, 2011 Name Received: Aug. 13, 2011 Mission Sent: Sept. 2, 2011 Mission Received: Sept. 10, 2011 I received a treasure chest in the mail -- what could be in there?
  2. Signed up: July 22, 2011 Name received: Aug. 13, 2011 Mission sent: Sept. 2, 2011 Mission received: So glad to get it sent! I have had it ready for a week but not been able to get to the post office -- too busy getting the kitchen cabinets out before the electrician came and doing all the other things that go along with a kitchen remodeling. We haven't even had a chance to go geocaching and several new ones have been placed nearby. I hope my geopal has a little bit of fun with what he/she gets ...
  3. Signed up: July 22, 2011 Name Received: August 13, 2011 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  4. Signed up: July 22, 2011 Name received: Mission sent: Mission Received:
  5. Sept. 24th is my birthday too. I think I will have to participate just for that reason. Let me think about what I love best.
  6. One of my travel bugs traveled a bit, then was picked up by someone on vacation who logged it but did not log the cache or any other cache. I eventually sent a polite email and asked to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for them to send it back to me. I received my little bunny back yesterday! I wonder how many times that happens. There are nice people in the world.
  7. Someone picked it up there in a swap for a trackable he/she brought in. Presumably they will log it out of Geowoodstock IX and place it in another cache for someone else to find and move on. It's probably too early to assume it is missing because it can take a while for people to log all the caches they found that weekend plus all the trackables they retrieved or discovered. And, of course, some people will never get around to logging it out or placing it. But again, don't give up hope yet.
  8. I don't care a thing about the souvenirs and not much about the icons but I really did enjoy going to the APE cache last summer. Washington State is very different from where I live and I thought it was beautiful going up to Snoqualmie Pass. We got drenched in the parking lot after the hike and stopped at a cafe on the way back to grab something to eat and change clothes. We walked in and saw a woman taking a bunch of cherry pies out of the oven. She was setting them out on the counter to cool off and they smelled and looked so wonderful. Nothing to do with the cache or Planet of the Apes but all part of the experience of going there. I guess everyone has some kind of story about their trip there and you can read some of them in the logs. Last winter I went to a geocaching event in London and talked to a German geocacher. He didn't speak much English and I spoke no German but we managed to have a conversation about the APE cache. Not some other more interesting cache but the APE cache, and thousands of miles away from it. I notice that Mission 9 has 728 favorites right now. It really is completely obvious that it is (or was) a special cache to a lot of people. I hope it is resurrected in some form. Mission 10: Resurrection.
  9. Yes, I realized right away too that sometimes the trackables listed were in the cache but most of the time they weren't. I don't bother to look and see if there are any listed in any of the caches we intend to find on a particular day. Either I find one or I don't but it's fun when I do. It's a great idea to add to the supply of trackables out there, especially if it's not going to bother you when they go missing. I do think, though, that posting notes to the bug owner and in your log so the cache owner can mark them missing is a good thing to do. If more people did it, the info would be more accurate.
  10. I too have noticed a severe lack of trackables in caches where they are supposed to be. I've begun posting a note on the TB/coin page to let the owner know it's missing from the cache. Some people mark the TB/coin missing and some people have actually thanked me for posting a note. That has led to some pleasant emailing back and forth so it was worth doing for that reason alone. After reading some other threads here, I think I will start noting that some TB's are missing on the cache page so maybe the cache owner will mark them missing if they clearly are. I had not known the cache owner could do that until I read it here.
  11. That's the one. I'm thinking there's one to the east or west of Birmingham, but I'm not finding it at the moment. You may be thinking of a smiley face series starting with GC24M57, AWSS#1
  12. We did the Hang 'Em High on Highway 51 in Louisiana. There are about 144 of them -- see GC20GR1. You must wear boots for that series. It was about 105 degrees when we did it and I saw an alligator. My idea of fun, though. We also did the Halleujah Trail which is 35 caches in a loop in scenic, rural Northern Alabama. See GC2C89R for that.
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