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  1. Here in Tennessee we have the Ultimate Challenge GC130JB. You have to find a cache in 536 quads in Tennessee.
  2. Yes, I saw the update and had no problem installing it. We found three adventure labs today and it was nice that it was working again. When all our finds today are logged, I think he will have 900 more points than I although we should have the same number. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  3. I shared my husband's iPhone X and we logged into and out of our separate accounts to log two Adventure Labs. We had a problem when it got down to posting a review. Since we were using the same device we suppose, it only permitted one review. I'll see if I can get any more info on how this bug is affecting me. I do know that I have 800 points less than my husband for the current Reach the Peak month.
  4. I went to the App store on my iPhone 6, searched for Adventure Lab app. Under What's New, it says the most recent update is Version 1.3.9 installed 4 days ago. That is when I noticed the Adventure Lab app just flickered on and went off. The description is "Ongoing maintenance. The latest update includes small visual changes and bug fixes for a more consistent appearance." Scrolling down, it says under Compatibility "Requires iOS 12.0 or later. " It would seem they didn't intend for it not to work on iPhone 6, iOS 12.5.5 . Maybe they can fix it.
  5. I wonder if I can load a previous version of Adventure Lab. It automatically updated to that.
  6. I still have an iPhone 6 too and have the same problem suddenly. It flickers on, then goes off. I tried rebooting the phone, deleting and reinstalling the app several times. I have never had a problem with the Adventure Lab app before. There may be a new version of the app and it doesn't work with a 6 anymore. Very frustrating! Of course, I am on a trip in an area with many interesting AdLabs. I guess I will manage somehow and share my husband's iPhone and go in and out of the app at each location. l needed a new iPhone anyway.
  7. Congratulations, Perseverance Team on a successful landing! Thanks for letting us geocachers share in your accomplishment. I wonder if you will find evidence of life on Mars.
  8. I exchanged some trackables at GeoWoodstock last month and one of the coins I chose is not trackable at geocaching.com. It is trackable at Geotrackable.org. I found the site on the internet and logged that I picked it up and I suppose I will give it to someone else who will also log it and pass it along. But I haven't heard of Geotrackable.org before. Can anyone enlighten me about it?
  9. I've done the Note thing a number of times myself and placed a watch on the trackable to see what happens. Sometimes the trackable owner marks it missing right away and, believe it or not, sometimes drops me a message thanking me for letting them know. I think if a lot of people would take the time to write a note on the TB page that the TB is missing, the TB owner or the cache owner would mark TB's missing more often and the information on cache inventories would be more accurate. I don't write many notes anymore, though. There are just too many TB's missing or the TB owner or cache owner are missing themselves and never log onto Geocaching.com anymore or don't do anything for whatever reason.
  10. I am not getting a newsletter at all. What is the problem? What can I do? I want to see events coming up and make some plans.
  11. I remember riding a tricycle down my parents' driveway and hiding secret notes behind metal boxes on the telephone pole. I was very frustrated that my neighborhood friend wondered why I had to leave her a note, why not just tell her? I wrote some of these notes in invisible ink too. I guess that interest has gone by the wayside ... It sounds kind of crazy to me now but I created a compass rose on the bedroom floor and used to jump on each of the points with my eyes closed trying to develop my sense of direction. I must have been a strange little girl ... I started stamp collecting in the fourth grade and zeroed in on stamps that depicted maps. That may have been the beginning of my interest in maps and I read Totem Clan's post with interest because he described a similar fascination with maps and going to those places and seeing what they are really like and then what is beyond. I LOVED geology in college and it was largely that I liked learning to read topo maps and going on field trips. I accumulated a lot of topo maps that we first used on motorcycle rides when the point was to ford creeks and then later to plan white water canoeing expeditions. Then I began to collect antique maps from the civil war era and ones that depicted the US at various stages of expansion. Needless to say, geocaching feeds right into a lot of my apparently lifelong interests and I now collect geocoins that have maps on them.
  12. Joined: 11/8/11 Name received: 11/26/11 Card sent: 12/1/11 Card received:12/22/11 I got a very nice handmade card from the Netherlands today plus a coin that I have been wanting ever since it came out -- Sleepless in Seattle with Signal hard at work on a laptop that has a pear with a bite out of it. Love it. Also, my son graduated from college in May and somehow Bruno in the Netherlands figured that out and sent him a Geograduate coin. It is an owl which just happens to be the mascot for Rice University where son went to school. Thanks, Bruno!
  13. My current goal is to solve and find 100 puzzle/mystery/unknown caches, whatever you want to call them. I am at about 83, I think, and there are several new ones nearby that I can probably solve pretty easily. Once I have reached 100, I'll try to find the old style challenge cache in the next state over. I am also trying to complete an interesting old style challenge we have here which is to find 25 Fraternal Order caches -- ones that are placed near Masonic Lodges. I am at about 17 there. Once you reach 25, you can go to the Grand Lodge and go on a tour. I don't think they are going to reveal any secrets or anything to me but I am very curious about it and have really enjoyed seeing little towns and finding the Masonic lodges each seems to have. I am gradually working on the Jasmer challenge and need most of the oldest caches which I will try to get when I visit my son in Seattle. I am kind of working on the Delorme challenge and a county challenge for my state but I haven't really made a big effort on those yet. And lastbutnotleast, I am working on the 366 day challenge. Only six days to go there.
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    Love the red and green.
  15. Joined: 11/8/11 Name received: 11/26/11 Card sent: 12/1/11 Card received:
  16. Joined: 11/8/11 Name received: 11/26/11 Card sent: Card received:
  17. I recently read a couple of comments that messages sent through someone's profile are often not received by them, that it is a very unreliable way of communicating with other geocachers. What about it? Does it not work well?
  18. It would be fun to adopt one of your coins. I'll take good care of it for a while, let lots of people see it and then set it free to explore the South.
  19. Email sent. Joined: 11/8/11 Name received: Card sent: Card received: Thanks for organizing.
  20. The Blorenges solution is a good one. I hope you can find a way to get it working.
  21. I am also very sorry to read your post. He must have been a thoughtful person and a lot of fun to be around.
  22. Just wanted to add a comment that the bride and the wedding looked lovely and amazing and jpbarr's son is adorable. I had a lot of fun getting my mission together and receiving a box full of things I love. I'm up for another mission now.
  23. Lots of goodies inside! You can see that I love maps. Many thanks for the geocoin that is a map of Tennessee (my home state now) and everything else. It's a good thing that I took the picture before I tasted the chocolate. Many, many thanks, Luvbassn. I luv it!
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