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  1. QUOTE (ka6aru (Jim) @ Jan 7 2005, 04:26 PM) I have had people tell me that the coordinates of my caches are a ways off… ...70 ft off from a cache sometimes? Are you using a Magellan by any chance? What if someone is using a Magellan? Are that bad on batteries? Do you have to reset something every now and then. Thanks Bernie.
  2. Ok, I give up. I have a Mac with Photoshop 3.0 and I saved my bumble bee as a jpeg originally. Thought I could upload it in that format but no go. I then saved it as a tiff and still no go. I saved it using GifConverter 2.45 and still no go. I'm at the mercy to you follow cachers in creating me an avatar. What I would like is a half sleeping bumble bee with three captions above the bee. In the first caption I would like the letter "Z" in it. In the secound two "ZZ". In the third, you guessed it, three "ZZZ". My user name is alwaysbeezee which I am "always busy" doing something around the house, helping neighbors, and at work (well maybe not at work, can you say, sleeping on the job). So if you could help me, I would appreciatate it very much. Thanks, alwaysbeezee alias Bernie.
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