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  1. I would start with Take a Hike. I think that cache actually passes all of the active caches on the mountain. Although the recently placed caches seem to be on a newly marked trail. We haven't made it out there yet. I believe T32 has visited all of these caches, and of course, NB44 and Magoo have placed or visited all of them too. Oh yeah, Watch out for the yellow jackets.
  2. No only that, but I make you CITO and pick up garbage before you get food. Then you have to shimmy up a tree to log the event as a find.
  3. Share your (or other's) tales on the insane effort put into finding (or preferably, not finding) a cache. Leave it to Tom. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...ce-63063b37fe25
  4. Curiously enough, I asked this specific question to the NJ States Parks Department and the WMA several weeks ago. The general answer was (I did not get a specific answer): The area is designated for specific activities; hiking, hunting, etc... These signs allow a maximum enforceable penalty especially regarding dumping, cutting down trees or removing/damaging plants or off roading and dirt bikes. I followed up my quest by hypnotizing if the local PD or State PD caught me hiking or walking on the lands, would I be ticket, or arrested and put into a cell after relinquishing my wallet and belt. The answer to that question was; it depended on the mood of the officer, but most likely they’d tell me to skadaddle. In short, the signs are there for a reason … what reason is for the superintendent and lawyers to figure out. BTW, unless otherwise posted these properties are open from 6am – 9pm
  5. You'll be glad to know that, this morning, Bood and Guts (AKA. Iron and Stone) was solved.
  6. Should be right around here N40° 17.165 W075° 08.262
  7. This is true. I really appreciate the efforts the Dave puts into the event. Even if I sounded like a cranky pants earlier. For us, the event has always been about getting to new places and plotting the best course of navigation between stages. Turning lemons into lemon-aid, this years approach will be to visit each site and explore the host park in question to it's fullest. Our current goal is to complete the hunt in five weeks, visiting 2 stages a weekend. Hopefully, the stages will remain that long. If Geoman needs use to retrieve the stages as we go along we would be glad to.
  8. That would be awesome, even if not approved by GC.com
  9. This recent log caught my eye. No GPS, first cache hunt, let's try for a puzzle multi. How's that for ambition?
  10. Why a different story? Think about it. It is still a needle in a haystack for the first N-1 stages if all the intermediate stages are micros. Its different because they aren't usually placed with the intent to make them hard to find. ... and I think that's the whole point of the conversation. If a hider can hide a multi stage in such a way, why can't the final stage or single micro be hidden the same way? True, and those cache are fantasitc! Since the tough part is finding the first stage, your reward is found at the second stage, a short walk away. I can do caches like this all day ... wait, I think I have To comment on some previous post. Brian, you bring up some great points. Finding a nice size "prize" does give a bit of a trill. But micros arean't going to go away, it's important the we all cache responsibly, tearing up the area around GZ is just plan wrong. I wont do it. I rather say I took a nice walk, then to leave with a smilie at the expense of trampling the ground cover, or evicting a family of newts and toads from their home. But, I’m preaching to the choir here. I too agree, I much more enjoy reading about cachers who find our caches than cachers who searched for an hour and came up empty handed.
  11. There is a good loop of caches on Baldpate Mountain near Pennington and Washington's Crossing SP in NJ. Start at Abandoned View and head to the J cache or Sphere's of the World. Sourland Mountain near Hillsobrough has a series of caches that essentially works as a loop if you start with Take a Hike and end at Romeo. The Copper Mining Series in the Watchung Reservation works as a small loop. There are a couple off-shoot caches you can hit on the way. One of my favorite loops is The Four Horsemen of Hamilton. This one will only get you 2 smilies, but it's a great walk and a lot of fun.
  12. Indeed, Stone LivingRoom, JennyJump, Ten Mile Lock on the D&R and Let the Be light are all caches that come to mind where cachers have found the LetterBox while searching for the GeoCache. I used Acrobat to harvest the website and DL to my PDA. The only problem is 25-50% of the LBs in NJ a mystery types and the actual location is unknow until you do a little detective work to find the correct town, historic location or park. This is one of the aspects of LBing that I like. You need to do some detective work just to figure out where to start. Actually, are Geocaches much different? I've heard there are other sites. What's nice about GC.com in the virtual online community. I always get a kick out of reading seekers logs, and the instant gratification that someone found our cache.
  13. So, for use southerners that haven't been to Harriman in 15+ years ... I know there are tons of historic and abandoned sites in the area, what are the "must do" caches in the area?
  14. Rumor has it there is an Aqua Event brewing in the Pine Barrens sometime this summer. There has also been thoughts of Night Time Cache and campout extravaganza in the Pines. Anyone up for camping in Cheesequake. Mopar? Hart?
  15. Not much to hit from just off the exits of the Turnpike. But once you get to East Brunswick ... The Green Cache and Butterfly Park </Shameless Plug> are both caches where the park and walk to the cache are worth the trip. The Lair of Bob the Bear and Hunter's Hunt, in Six Mile Reservation are nice hunts and walks also. Any cache along the D&R canal is probably a good bet. Once again, the walk along the canal is worth the trip. If you're looking for a concentration of multiple, above average in quality caches; You can head east to Cheesequake State Park and get a day of caching in. You can easily entertain yourself for a day w/o getting your feet wet. I liked Let's Play Dominos and 3 Steps Beyond a lot. Head West to Sourland Mountain or a little farther west to The Sourland Preservation Twenty miles NE will get you to Watchung Reservation, Try the Copper Mine series. If you feel up to the challenge, you can try a puzzle cache by one of the local cache cuckoos. <Yet another shameless plug>
  16. I haven't seen them in the Princeton area yet, although I am anxiously waiting, and the NY Times had a article stating they are out! We did run into plenty of the little buggers in Virginia last weekend, we things seem to be a week a head of us.
  17. Not that I'm trying to derail this thread. (Pun definitely intended) I recently ran into this thread about the Ogden and Edison Mines. As for marking the mine shafts, I see Jonboy's point. Waypointing the locations of old mines will only benefit those that really care, the two college kid with a six pack would not benefit from this. However, this doesn't mean we shouldn't mark the points anyway and get them on record. I would also contact the Central Jersey Grotto, I know that several years ago some of the members marked a bunch of mines in North Jersey.
  18. Hey, I remember this thread. I read about caching in the Feb 01 issue of Games magazine. The nearest cache was like 100 miles away. My old Maggie 2000 could barely lock on to the sats. (Only 4 channels) It took me a couple shots to catch on to the concept of waypoints. Imagine watching the location screen waiting for the number to get close to the posted coordinates, all while wandering around aimlessly through stickers and mud. Duh Sometime in fall of 2001 the Star Ledger ran an article on Geocaching. Anyone know where that one is? I think that pretty much did it. I remember looking at the site some time after that and thinking, "wow, that StayFloopy guy found over 50 caches!"
  19. Yes Brian, Just to echo everyone else, thanks for adding so much to the geocaching community. Your wit and wisdom is much appreciated in the forums. We'll make it up north to visit some of your caches.
  20. Hate it when it snows, or rains, or when it's too hot ... don't like caching when it's windy either. I'm not a big fan of swamps or long hikes and especially hikes that require any type of incline grade. Duh! Seriously, the only problem I have with the snow is; it's harder to sneak at for a long lunch at work and snag a cache, I had big plans for slacking off on Friday []
  21. Now I'm showing my age ... at least in computer terms. I guess no one remembers the BFG from Doom. First word BIG, third word GUN, I'll let you fill in the middle word.
  22. Now I'm showing my age ... at least in computer terms. I guess no one remembers the BFG from Doom. First word BIG, third word GUN, I'll let you fill in the middle word.
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